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This thread is for those of you with questions about the Love Live! anime or manga. There are many questions that don't need a whole thread to discuss them. A simple practical answer straight from the anime or manga without any speculation can solve these connundrums. If someone has such a question about Love Live! which can be solved by answering with facts from an official source, then please ask that question here.

Please don't post in this thread unless you are asking a question or answering one. Please remember that it only takes 1 person to answer a question. And don't speculate! You can only reply with cold, hard, merciliessly unforgivable facts. If you have to speculate, then please just tell the querrant that no answer is known, but here are some facts that might help him make up his own mind.

Make sure you use spoiler tags if your question is about the anime, manga, or any non-anime source. Untagged spoilers are risking a ban. There are two ways to create clearly marked spoiler tags, as shown in the following:

The easy way: By simply clicking on this icon which can be found in the Quick Reply or Reply to Thread template. This is how I create spoiler tags.
The macho way: By using those uber vB codes as shown in the following...

Spoiler Tag Example
[spoiler=title, i.e. your reason for the spoiler tag]Don't forget to use a title for the spoiler![/spoiler]
Spoiler for title:
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Originally Posted by bleue View Post
Hm, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I just wonder if I have to see Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+2) before I watch Love Live! Sunshine!? Will I still understand what's going on? I'm planning to see them, I just haven't gotten around to it yet, and I'd like to watch Sunshine! as it airs.
No you don't have to watch the original series to enjoy Sunshine, but it helps as there are a lot of callbacks to the original.
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