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Old 2013-03-26, 00:28   Link #81
Akuma Kousaka
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If you ever thought a cour-long moéblob show at four minutes a piece could not accomplish anything, think again. Four minutes is all a simple story like this needs and it doesn't have to worry about thematically connecting segments that many of its kin are subject to. There's no wasted movement either as every episode develops the characters, their relationships, or both. The way it introduces its characters is a refreshing take on the four girls who do nothing cliché that also makes sense considering how one of the characters is.

Oh wait, these four girls are doing something: amusingly learning the dos and don'ts of mountain climbing and reaching a few summits themselves. But as surprisingly informative the show is because of its genre, true to the nature of a light story it never delves too heavily on its premise because it's only a means for developing charming character interaction. And their antics aren't charming for breaking new ground; they're charming for walking the beaten path in style. It's less churning out characters to meet a quota and more of a chance encounter that builds up for its own sake and for communicating the importance of friends.

Oh yeah, the environmental art is gorgeous.

Encouragement of Climb is proof that a show from any genre with any time allowance is capable of being good. It's surprisingly informative and a simply solid slice-of-life.
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Old 2013-05-10, 16:11   Link #82
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A preview of an unaired episode, set to be included in an upcoming Blu-Ray release, has been posted:


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Old 2013-06-03, 06:50   Link #83
Beyond the Fringe
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Yama no Susume: Kabette Kowakunai no

I never thought I would see such blatant fanservice in this series, yet, there it is in the OVA. I found it disturbing more than anything else. Just what were the writers thinking?
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Old 2013-06-03, 19:47   Link #84
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Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
I never thought I would see such blatant fanservice in this series, yet, there it is in the OVA. I found it disturbing more than anything else. Just what were the writers thinking?
It is the OVA. Writer has the right to put anything in it.

After all, you didn't pay to get it - They give it as the bonus for buying the BD.

There is always a fan who like a fanservice, also.
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Old 2013-06-03, 22:13   Link #85
Nekokota Festival
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Must say I miss this and some good fanservice at the end
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Old 2013-06-03, 23:53   Link #86
Sol Falling
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Haha. A little shower time is hardly particularly blatant. Of course, it was so softcore that I could hardly actually classify it as fanservice, making its inclusion a little questionable, but overall I don't think it hurt anything.

Rewatching the episodes in one shot from the BD, I noticed Aoi kinda has a foul tongue...badmouthing Hinata all the time (in her head), and even Kokona when they first met her. Still though, this show is like a pure, concentrated dose of moe/heartwarming...I definitely hope for more, and a second season of 3-minute episodes would be just fine.
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