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Old 2020-07-03, 17:27   Link #1
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Smile I want to make a Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist. Can you guys give me ideas ?

Hi everyone here on Animesuki. Nymene desu.

Currently, I feel a very very strong urge to play a Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist, but none have been made yet so I decided to create it myself.

I want to make a Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist paired with either a Japanese or White girl main heroine. Can you guys give me ideas ?

It can be an Isekai fantasy with the Black main character reincarnated or transported to another world. From there, he could get special powers and meet many heroines in his adventures.

Or it can be just set in our world in a school setting. I'm interested to see what would happen if our main character would suddenly be transferred as the only guy into an all-girls academy ( Ojousama Gakuen ), as this setting has never been done with a Black Protagonist before, so would you like to see this ? : D
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Old 2020-07-04, 09:59   Link #2
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I mean given the standards that count for isekai storytelling these days, it looks look you're pretty much set. It can be called: "I'm a black guy transported to another world but my shitty author has ran out of ideas already!"

But maaaaaan, if you're actually interested in storytelling then you're gonna have big problems if you're already stuck this early in the game. The principle problem is that you've put the cart before the horse: You're supposed to have the idea first. The methods that you use to tell the story come after that. You have to consider what core message or feeling it is that you want to convey and then you mould that into a story using characters and plot. You're not going to get those kind of ideas from someone else. Something that core to the story has to come from you. It has to be something genuine that you actually want to write a story about.

So far the only indication of an idea that I can see is your desire for the main character to be black. The question then is figuring out why you want your character to be black and whether you want it to be a defining core to your story. If you simply want to tell a story unrelated to the main character being black then you're back at square one. If you want it to be relevant then you have to draw from your own experiences. I'm not black so I can't give you any concrete ideas there. Does the main character's black identity involve ethnic origins? If so, does the black character get transported into a Western medieval fantasy? Does it matter if there is any kind of presence of an African medieval fantasy? If it does, would the main character feel any crisis of identity? If it's a visual novel, do they pick a side? Again, bear in mind that you don't have to write about black identity just because the main character is black. I'm just illustrating that you have to have a core idea of what you want to tell a story about and that's something you have to figure out by yourself.
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Old 2020-07-06, 09:00   Link #3
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Thanks for the advice and recommendations !

I have so longed to read both Light Novels and Visual Novels with a Black Protagonist, so I really have to get started on my Black Protagonist VN as soon as possible, as I have been reading LNs and VNs for a long time, but lately I just can't seem to have any appetite at reading any novels unless if it has a Black Protagonist, since over all these years, all of the novels I've read either featured a White/Caucasian or European-modelled or a Japanese protagonist, so I want to read one with a Black main character for a change, since I am someone who easily gets bored and tired of seeing the same things all the time and have always been an adventurous person who likes to explore new things all the time.

While I am not a Black person in real life, I have the ability to empathize with any human being of any race as long as he/she is a good person, so it's very easy for me to even self-insert as a Black Protagonist as long as he has the same interests and similar personality as me.

By the way, here is a Web Novel I posted on Narou which features a Black Protagonist I created :

I am quite shy to share it, but I want you guys to know how determined I am in wanting to see a Visual Novel made with a Black Protagonist too. I want to do anything I can within my power and ability to successfully make an Eroge with a Black Protagonist, so i hope more people can share their ideas here on how to make one with a story like that, as I am still an amateur writer.

PS : I am a very shy person in real life.
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Old 2020-08-15, 00:51   Link #4
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Experimenting with character designs is one thing, but making an interesting story with gripping plot is whole different matter.

It's very difficult to make a Visual Novel or Doujin Game when you're a complete amateur, but I will have to try my very best if I want to deliver a completed product featuring a Black Protagonist and a Japanese girl main heroine.
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black mc, jp girl, white girl

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