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Old 2008-12-22, 23:45   Link #1
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Post your all time favorite anime

Don't "list dump" this thread.

Now, there are plenty of these threads but lets change it up. You may only list one. Yes, only one! I know I know it's hard, so many good ones, but just take a random one if you can't decide. Give it a brief description as to what it's like (a few words that help us understand the type of anime it is) and a short summary. Try to write more than you usually would for a review. The whole point of this is to concentrate on one in detail rather than just list a bunch.

You may choose a review, or summary written by you or post one you really like. Try to put pics that really capture the feel of the anime.

I feel this will be a good guide for people trying to find new anime. I'll start!

I recommend...

[Action/Medieval/Deep Characters/Mature]

The hero of Berserk, if you can call him that, is the appropriately named Guts. He's indeed messed-up, badass and not particularly endearing: a fearsome reputation precedes him as he dishes out his cold-hearted revenge on those who, for whatever reason, have wronged him.

This anime is very violent. But make no mistake, Berserk is a violent show that doesn't pull its punches. Instead of being violent for violence's sake though, it is merely painting a realistic picture of an era akin to Europe in the Middle Ages: the land is ruled over by rival kings and their armies so life for ordinary people is hard, painful and depressingly short. For sure, the sight of demons and a central character who possesses superhuman strength and stamina requires suspension of disbelief at times. As fantasy epics go though, it's pretty realistic: the battles are suitably brutal for the setting, the weaponry and attire look authentic and the politics are convincing too.

This anime has a heavy plot, satisfying "revenge scenes", and it's best trait... The character development is AMAZING.

I highly suggest to all of you.

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Old 2008-12-24, 22:20   Link #2
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Any1 else care to share?
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Old 2008-12-25, 01:07   Link #3
Shadow Kira01
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Location: PMB Headquarters
Just one?

Persona: Trinity Soul

It takes place 7 years after the events of Persona 4.
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Old 2008-12-25, 09:41   Link #4
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: America
Age: 25
Well I can't pick one so two isn't to many is it.

Grave of The Fireflies: So sad, don't wanna give away plot.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Funny, amazing irony, Good character development, amazing music, fanservice. The list of good goes on and on.
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Old 2008-12-25, 12:55   Link #5
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Seikai Saga / Crest of the Stars; Battle Banner of the Stars

Epic and well thought out story.
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Old 2008-12-25, 13:18   Link #6
Miko Miko
*Graphic Designer
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Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

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Old 2008-12-25, 13:56   Link #7
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Cardcaptor Sakura

The thing I love about CCS is that it has many levels of enjoyment. To me it's a "family classic" that everyone can enjoy.
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Old 2008-12-26, 07:46   Link #8
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Haibane Renmei

Originally, upon viewing Haibane Renmei, I was somewhat skeptical. Blurry animation? No fighting? No romance? Simple character designs? As I watched it, though I was drawn into a world rife with symbolism and meaning. It’s heart warming without being overly saccharine. And most of all it, it deals with difficult issue loss, sin, redemption, the very meaning of life and death itself. I often find myself saying, it’s the one anime I’ve seen that's quality stands independently of the fact it is anime.
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Old 2008-12-26, 13:55   Link #9
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Originally Posted by Telmah View Post
Haibane Renmei

Originally, upon viewing Haibane Renmei, I was somewhat skeptical. Blurry animation? No fighting? No romance? Simple character designs? As I watched it, though I was drawn into a world rife with symbolism and meaning. It’s heart warming without being overly saccharine. And most of all it, it deals with difficult issue loss, sin, redemption, the very meaning of life and death itself. I often find myself saying, it’s the one anime I’ve seen that's quality stands independently of the fact it is anime.
Haibane renmei was very good, its been a while since i have seen it.

"HSD kenichi" and "Ef - a tale of memories"

Couldnt get it down to one, 2 was even tough xD

"pale cocoon" gets a special mention for just being a pure awesome short OVA

HSD kenichi

Great martial arts development story, and still one of the most hilarious anime i have ever seen. I love the masters and there unique ways of teaching kenichi, my personal favourite being apachai ^^.

Ef - a tale of memories

a couple of romance stories in one anime here, lots and lots of stuff to take in and the artwork is stunning.
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Old 2008-12-27, 11:15   Link #10
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Chrono Crusade

My absolute favorite. The ending was sad, yes, but it shows us that lifes not all smiles Besides that i found it unfair that they died... but i loved the rest of the season. The way Rosette and Chrono cared for each other and everything else... just amazing Anime!!
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Old 2008-12-27, 13:14   Link #11
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Age: 29
It would have to be Honey and Clover. Not necessarily for the romance, but for the character development and themes of friendship. Very well made.

My Site - Reviews collection, Sheet music, and etc.
Anime reviews/blog, piano arrangements, Studio Ghibli..
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Old 2008-12-27, 13:19   Link #12
Kick reason to the curb
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Probably cliche and many won't agree with this, but my favorite series of all time is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Then again, I haven't seen that many series so my favorite could change but not much has come close to TTGL so far.
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Old 2008-12-28, 03:13   Link #13
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Fushigi Yuugi. I loved everything about it. It fits my tastes perfectly, from characters, humor, story, pacing, length. I wouldn't rate it objectively as a 10, but I can't rate it objectively, I loved it too much, so I do give it a 10/10.
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Old 2008-12-31, 11:23   Link #14
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秒速5センチメートル a chain of short stories about their distance

5 centimeter per second
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Old 2008-12-31, 15:11   Link #15
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
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I have 2

fav all time of all:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
fav comedy: Fruits Basket

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Old 2008-12-31, 18:43   Link #16
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Any Ghibli movie, specially those ones that are rarely mentioned like Ocean Waves and Only Yesterday.
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Old 2008-12-31, 20:20   Link #17
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Saishuuheiki Kanojo (aka Saikano): A drama overflowing with emotions in the background of an all out destructive war.
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Old 2009-01-07, 19:10   Link #18
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Probably Death Note

It had a really unique idea, combining morality, a cat and mouse chase, and a cool concept all together into one. It's only flaw IMO is the ending, and everything past episode 25 wasn't really necessary.
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Old 2009-01-08, 02:20   Link #19
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Only one huh.

Fine. If I can't dump list Kaleido Star, Fumoffu, Mahoromatic, Escaflowne, R.O.D., SHnY, and Cardcaptor Sakura, then based on what I've been marathoning for the past week, I'll have to second KholdStare's pick.

Cardcaptor Sakura is just awesome! On the surface it's a cheerful magical girl anime, but this multi-layered wonder is not for kids! Well, not for kids only! Beneath the quest to search for all of the magical cards that our heroine unwittingly disperses is an assembly of characters that are deep as to be really messed up.

It touches on some serious adult themes like homo-eroticism, father/daughter issues manifesting in a teacher/student relationship, incest, pedophilia, it can almost get darn creepy at times.

But the adventures and stories are fun, and we're treated to endearing characters, great music, interesting plot twists, fine animation, excellent character development of an important secondary character who had been the heroine's rival, and the second best supporting character in Tomoyo Daidouji.

It's so addictive that I can't get enough of it. I've lost count in the number of times I've replayed this series.

Sadly, it's out of print in region one, unless Funi does the right thing and distributes it also like some of the better titles from the Pioneer/Geneon catalog.
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Old 2009-01-08, 13:15   Link #20
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Slam Dunk
the anime that made me like anime in the first place. although its about sport, it has also has some action and a hilarious comedy, which is the genre i really like. still watching it till now, never bored of it.
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