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Kai really had to bring up the Paper Umbrella, huh? Though I guess if he wanted Houma to get serious…and Hyoma does land a punch, even if he’s still outmatched .

It’s weird watching this after Vinland Saga because Thorgil and Kai have the same VA (I think) .

Honestly I was not expecting this fight to end so comically with Itsuki easily defeated and Kai shocked senseless. I actually feel kind of bad for Itsuki…she’s weak but she tried her best !

Hyoma is weaker than his siblings? I can kind of see it the way they’ve talked about him but what’s this about Hyoma not using his actual weapon ?

I love how Botan’s club is desperate to recruit some hot guys while the one girl in a relationship just smugly mocks them for it. If only romance and relationships was so easy for Botan .

Botan may have activated the Paper Umbrella and gotten Hyoma’s siblings killed? I’m assuming that was the moment in the flashback where she let loose. Though it’s still just a theory .

You gotta love how Botan came to the Kadomari for answers because Hyoma was gone…and Hyoma just happened to be there because he was training. And Tsubaki only realized afterwards that she lost a prime opportunity to get an edge in on Botan over Hyoma. What dorks !

So Botan’s aunt Satsuki kidnapped her but not out of any ill intent but because she wanted Botan to live a normal life away from all the craziness she was wrapped up in. And for a brief period of time Botan knew what it was like to have a mother. She even got her hair clip from Satsuki .

Of course then the evil Tsukumogami caught up to them and killed Satsuki…and I’m guessing Botan awakened her Marebito powers and killed them all afterwards .

So for understandable reasons Botan can’t form deep, meaningful, connections with people or fall in love because she’s worried they’ll either betray her or die on her. She can interact with people normally but that’s about it .

But that makes Hyoma the perfect partner for her. He’s earnest, sincere, can’t lie, doesn’t plan to die any time soon, and is utterly dedicated to protecting Botan (almost as if a marriage vow). Just look at that bright smile on Hyoma’s face and the blush on Botan’s cheeks! These two are meant to be !

Of course they couldn’t resist leaving off on a cliffhanger with the Paper Umbrella looking pretty sadistic. Good thing we're getting part 2 this year .
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