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Old 2023-03-26, 13:01   Link #101
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A really nice isekai anime, this one was a jewel and it ended in a happy note like I always love. I can't blame lafanpa for crushing on saito, he became popular now.
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Old 2023-03-26, 17:22   Link #102
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Promising start, but got diluted trying to cover too many of its large cast in too little episodes. Pacing was also an issue. I feel that the Ninja arc and the wolf arc were respectively 2 and 1 episode too long.

The characters were fun though, even though the jokes were a tad too repetitive, like Morlock not remembering the Dwarf. Would have liked to see more dungeon exploring with different multi-party combinations.
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Old 2023-03-26, 20:00   Link #103
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While there were some interruptions I'll say it was a pretty solid finale. I think Saitou and Raelza got most things out into the open and that should be ok for now. No one is seriously getting between those two at this stage. Not even a temporarily enlarged Lafan. Though no doubt she's a powerfully cute girl no matter what size. Glad her heart only got shaken up a bit after she's spent so much time supporting Raelza.

Good for Saitou that he really found a place to be happy. For the time being dungeon crawling is their thing, but there is clearly a path forward beyond that. Which they'll almost have to face once either Morlocke actually passes away for good or Saitou and Raelza really settle down.

The skit style and jumping around was a bit awkward at times. But overall it was still a really nice show. I enjoyed seeing the group interact. And there was a feel good atmosphere to it overall. While also managing a few cool action sequences.

Pretty good. 7/10 I'd say.
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Old 2023-03-27, 22:19   Link #104
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It was enjoyable, I almost wish it was a bit more episodic like some earlier eps were.

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