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Old 2017-11-23, 14:28   Link #61
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Originally Posted by zalem View Post
Yeah, they were really naive running into the nous room like that. That's the one place I think there would be guards and it would be best to enter cautiously. But they don't really think suspiciously like that. Though maybe Lykos should have picked up on that sooner. Not that I really blame her too much, she's probably going to feel horrible enough as it is.
As far as I'm concerned that scene just shouldn't have happened. As soon as Lykos shouted "wait" the natural response would've been to immediately stop what you're doing because you're in a hostile environment and therefore cautious. Chalk that up to inexperience but I don't think that should've been a factor because I think it's just a natural instinct even animals have. Chalk that up to yet another example of how alien and different they've become but like every other piece of choreography, it still comes across as rather contrived and forced.

I think I'm just gonna drop this one now. You know things are bad when you're fast-forwarding through the episode in a vain hope that things will hurry along. The fact is, I'm not invested in any of the characters and have no interest in the fate of such an alien race and the villains are way too cliche. The only thing the show has going for it is the world setting and unfortunately not only has it been done before (Suisei no Gargantia/Shin Sekai Yori) but it's been done so well it's hard to believe Whales Calves could possibly top it (or even add to it).
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Old 2017-11-25, 14:34   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
Of course. But whether they realize it or not, those mishaps are because Chakuro's thymia is stronger than they think.

It also provides an important clue that perhaps Thymia and strong emotions go hand in hand after all.
When you put it that way, yeah I can see that.
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Old 2017-12-02, 01:06   Link #63
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That last scene with Ouni's group's silhouettes against the sea cave...looks like a hint to a tragic end for his group and him, since among them in that scene were 2 of his dead friends as well (the bald guy and red head guy). I'll be sad if this is true.
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Old 2017-12-02, 11:00   Link #64
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I don't think Ouni will die, but I do think Nibi is probably going to die.
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Old 2017-12-03, 21:36   Link #65
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amazing episode

curious as to why Olivines gave the Kokalo to Chakuro still although he didn't agree to her terms

and Ouni awakened his daimon powers, and maybe we'll find out how/why he suddenly appeared on Falaina
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Old 2017-12-04, 02:29   Link #66
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So sad

But epic

Why can't be more series like this?

With this Kokalo gift, Chakuro can raise Neri's love parameter lol
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Old 2017-12-12, 05:13   Link #67
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Neri/Ema received the gift and said Chakuro is the best

New faction showed up, seemed unable to use Thymia

Kokalo is the steering wheel
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Old 2017-12-24, 23:53   Link #68
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Spoiler for final thoughts:

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Old 2017-12-26, 23:44   Link #69
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This stuff is good but the setup took all season. Maybe season 2 begins the real story?
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Old 2017-12-28, 17:48   Link #70
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This sadly didn't live to my expectations I had when it began. The art and music were great, but writing and direction was pretty rough around the edges more than I would like despite intriguing lore. The character were somewhat of a mixed bag too, but were pretty decent for the most part. In the end however this feels like another show whose story was just really getting started since the end didn't feel like much of resolution unless you count the sudden plot point that came up in the penultimate episode after fighting off the empire. For all it's faults I did have a good time watching it for most of the run. Would watch a S2 if ever happened.
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Old 2017-12-30, 19:44   Link #71
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This show feels like it has everything a fantasy JRPG would have - including its flaws as well.

We are introduced to a group of characters in an isolated town that knows little about the outside world. Then, once someone from the outside is introduced, their world changes. Their town goes up into smoke because of conflicts well beyond the scope of their everyday lives, which compels them to travel and fight in an effort to defend their lives. Sound familar?

But just like how the majority of video game adaptations fall short, this show also does for having a video game-like setting. With no engaging gameplay or abundance of sakuga to keep the audience invested, we are left with a show that barely managed to finish its prologue or first chapter of the saga with the promise of something more grand down the line.

Is there anything that could been done to speed up the pacing while maintaining the integrity of the source material? Who knows. There may not be a clear answer.
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