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View Poll Results: Overall Critique of Gundam AGE
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9 out of 10: Excellent... 5 6.17%
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7 out of 10: Good... 7 8.64%
6 out of 10: Average... 24 29.63%
5 out of 10: Below Average... 19 23.46%
4 out of 10: Poor... 4 4.94%
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Old 2012-09-28, 14:50   Link #21
Se7en Sabers
Join Date: Jan 2011
If you find AGE and Unicorn this good, I don't understand how you cannot enjoy 00 which has a better quality, OST and writing
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Old 2012-09-28, 16:11   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Se7en Sabers View Post
If you find AGE and Unicorn this good, I don't understand how you cannot enjoy 00 which has a better quality, OST and writing
I have more problems with people thinking WING is the best Gundam ever

In my mind, that series created a very bad precedent. I am very pleased with Unicorn, because it brought the franchise back in terms of its original intended depictions of warfare. Of course, massive nostalgic points help tremendously, too.

- Tak

I am not to be held responsible for anything I said or did before coffee.
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Old 2012-09-28, 18:26   Link #23
The legendary dragoon
Join Date: Oct 2004
so what the new show called ? i kid i kid
i gave it a 6/10
its a mech show/gundam so i just had to.
for the most party i was WTF (not ina good way) most of the show
still think they should have made the show into 3 seasons about 40-50 each
was not to impress with the gundam design, but hey said it was for younger people.
my fav charactors came from 2nd generaton in the 3rd generation, Asume and Obrit FTW
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Old 2012-09-28, 20:23   Link #24
RES-01 Perses Gundam
A Contradiction Beneath
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For me, the 2nd generation arc packs the most realism, especially Asemu's struggle to surpass his dad and his friend. Nowhere near the ideals that Kio preached, which in my opinion Gundam should stay away from.

The plot for the 1st generation arc for me was actually ok. The events that culminated in the revelation of Vagan and the atrocities of the Fed for me added much needed complexity to the show. The producers could have at least maintained such a standard, rather than simplifying matters by making Zeheart turn rogue and foisting unto Ezelcant a plan that would only cause people to think of him as a madman and likewise for the Vagans.
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Old 2012-09-29, 01:54   Link #25
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Gundam Age Rant-views-what-ever

Initially ,considering that this the next gundam series after 00 i tend to compare this series with 00 as 00 is fresh in my memories. Though i tend to compare certain parts of the series with 00, i never really had high expectations for the show. I even thought that the 1st few episodes were pretty ok. And it is after watching AGE that i realized that i would have given 00 even higher ratings. Around 30+ episodes i pretty much got disappointed and stopped watching it on a weekly basis. Anyway back to my rants-views-what-ever.

Plot & Characters:
Many people have brought up issues with the characters so i'll keep it short. The concept of 3 generations was very interesting but in the end AGE has a really big problem in executing it. Many stories always have problems with dealing with previous series' protagonists appearing in a sequel. While the way AGE dealt with having 3 main characters wasn't perfect at least it didn't fall into the cliché of having the current main character keeps on saving the ex main characters. I'm surprised the director didn't keep on bringing previous generations' characters in later generations back. It's like they didn't care about using old characters to further improve on character developments. Not to mention it wouldn't hurt to know what previous generations characters were doing in the later generations. But then again some previous generations characters who were brought back didn't really contribute much ; initially i thought that having Unoa and Flit on the same ship would bring some really interesting family interactions but... Character wise, i can relate to Flit and Kio ( abit) in the final arc. Flit being full of rage was pretty easy to relate to and in some ways i can understand how Kio was feeling considering his age. But damn sometimes Kio naivety is very annoying , i guess he goes down as the most annoying gundam protagonist. Honestly i can't understand Asemu's decision to go missing and do all the stuff as a pirate. It feels like the writer didn't know what to do with Asemu's character . As for the plot, it feels like it doesn't make much sense. I used to write down a list of plot problems but after the 2nd arc i gave up and simply didn't really care that much. I see some people feel that AGE should be longer, however i think that it doesn't necessarily need more episodes ; there exists 12 episodes anime out there with good character development and plot .

Art & Animation:
I have no problems with the kiddy art . It is the inconsistency that's really hurting the art & animation. The animation & art was pretty bad at times, sometimes it did improve but overall inconsistent. Though there some pretty good art at the last few episodes.

Bad. Bad action choerography. Especially since AGE came out after 00, which i consider to have the best strategies in the gundam franchise. After watching AGE and thinking back i realized that over the years i must have set the bar too high for mecha action. Usually there is like at least 1 fight that i really like in every gundam show that i watch ; Freedom Vs Impulse in Destiny, Amuro's fight on earth in Zeta, Neil Vs Ali in 00 etc etc . But there's practically none in AGE for me. There were times when they tried to make certain scenes 'cool' like the conversation of Grodek and the Federation's commander in the fight in Ambat, but personally it feels very forced. Not to mention Diva's victory at Ambat was pretty hard to digest.

I didn't really like the earlier generations MS. Especially the Vagan MS , they don't look like Mobile Suits, more like obviously badly designed Tokusatsu monsters' suit. Though i suppose in the last arc it gets a lot better.

Overall: 5.5/10 ( rounded up to 6)
AGE has a serious execution problem coupled by bad action and inconsistence animation. Move over AGE, can't wait for the next Gundam series. On a side note did Akihiro Hino do any interview or say anything now that AGE is over?
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Old 2012-09-29, 13:32   Link #26
Join Date: Jul 2009
After watching all 49 Episodes of Age, I have to say it so bad it makes Gundam Seed Destiny looks like a masterpiece. But overall I would say the pacing of the show is downright terrible. Alot of characters are a waste of screen time especially if they're girls. Literally all they do is nothing except die or give birth to the next gen characters. I mostly end up watching it for the Gundam name alone and hope the show might get better, but it never did (gen 2 came close). Then the show got a lot of forced drama thrown in your face and that you're suppose to care for a character that have hardly any screen time, or the most ridicioulus random death ever.

Animation Quality: 6
Voice Actors: 8
Script: 2
Soundtrack: 6
Editing: 5
Enjoyment: 4
Emotional Involvement: 3

Overall 5/10
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Old 2012-09-29, 13:42   Link #27
Junior Member
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As much as I can enjoy it as it is, I think AGE would've worked better if it had been Kio's generation the whole way through. Sure, we wouldn't have gotten to see Flit and Asem grew up, but the time skips in between generations were long enough that cutting their younger versions off of the show wouldn't have been a big loss to the story. Asem being the pirate dad who neglected his family and Flit being the loving grandpa with a dark past would've been perfect character setups from the start of the show. Any addition to their past could be shown through brief flash backs. A bonus is that we won't see characters disappearing throughout the series.

So, in that regard, what was supposed to be the unique point of AGE, a multigenerational story, ended up hindering it a little in my opinion.
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Old 2012-09-30, 02:19   Link #28
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Or... they could have just left it to two generations. Asemu's character was already shaping up to be a semi-Vagan sympathizer (at least with regards to Zeheart). And most importantly, we are given a very solid reason why: the development of their friendship through Mobile Suit Club.

On the other hand, Kio comes along and in two episodes, completely forgets which side of the war he is fighting on, just because of a shoe-horned plot device known as Lu.

If they wanted to be realistic, all they needed was Asemu vs Flit. Hell, by the end of the series, Asemu just ended up on Kio's side most of the time anyway. We didn't really need BOTH Asemu and Kio to argue with Flit. Having a young adult Asemu and a Flit in his 50s would have made much better story-telling.
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Old 2012-09-30, 06:01   Link #29
Join Date: May 2012
Or they could just make Kio a better character.
Gundam Age > 00 + Seed Combined
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Old 2012-09-30, 14:09   Link #30
User of the "Fast Draw"
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Originally Posted by Blazer-X View Post
Or... they could have just left it to two generations. Asemu's character was already shaping up to be a semi-Vagan sympathizer (at least with regards to Zeheart). And most importantly, we are given a very solid reason why: the development of their friendship through Mobile Suit Club.

On the other hand, Kio comes along and in two episodes, completely forgets which side of the war he is fighting on, just because of a shoe-horned plot device known as Lu.

If they wanted to be realistic, all they needed was Asemu vs Flit. Hell, by the end of the series, Asemu just ended up on Kio's side most of the time anyway. We didn't really need BOTH Asemu and Kio to argue with Flit. Having a young adult Asemu and a Flit in his 50s would have made much better story-telling.
I completely agree. Could have been done much better with just the two generations and the conflict between Asemu and Flit. Kio was completely unnecessary except they really wanted to do this "3 generations, 3 destinies" nonsense.

Asemu really did set things up rather well. A time skip forward would have been fine if they kept the focus there. Heck, they could have turned the finale into an actual Asemu vs. Flit showdown with Flit still getting that scene with Yurin and the others.

Could have been good, but not meant to happen I suppose.
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Old 2012-09-30, 14:16   Link #31
Junior Member
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The reason why I chose to have Kio's arc be the only arc was to preserve all three characters at the very least.
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Old 2012-10-01, 15:18   Link #32
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Hehe, it’s me yall…

First off, as “bad” as AGE was or wound up being, it WAS NOT and IS NOT worse thaN GSD…Ok, even I can admit that…AGE was not a production clusterf**k by any stretch in comparison, so lets kill that comparison…

Spoiler for OVERALL:

While there were many things about this show that I didn’t enjoy I’d have to say the increased attention to fight strategy and fight choreography was so exponentially improved from the middle of gen2 and beyond I couldn’t help but notice. Some of the individual one v. one battles were ridiculously detailed from both an animation standpoint and strategy standpoint (Asemu v. Galette in the asteroid field comes to mind)

Another aspect of the show that was very enjoyable was the evolution of Vegan technology, specifically in the area of beam weaponry…Unlike Flint who whored the Gundam out for his family alone, instead of letting the tech be advanced for the entire army (and no $hitty Custom Clanche’s and those other crap EFF Mass produced suits don’t count), the Vegans Darwanized every class of their suits and tweaked aspects that became vulnerable to the Gundam (They had the REAL AGE SYSTEM)…

The evolution of the beam saber being a claw hand weapon to becoming a reusable dagger shot (as in the case of Galette’s supped up red mech) to the awesomness of the bits, which turned out to be simple bits of light that attacked the living $hit out of you (most genius $hit I’ve seen in a while in-terms of this tech)…

Gundam Legillis was just the cherry on top to a very imaginative catalog of G-suits that I will remember (I will give the Mecha Cicada final boss travesty suit a pass^^). With that said I was equally appalled by the lack of any ingenuity on the EFF side when it came to suits, except for Girard Spriggan’s awesome suit.

So honestly, at the end of the day, what I asked for came to fruition a bit. I was so incredibly critical of this show in the beginning with IMO was good reason (lack of expositions, character development, battle choreography, thematic presence, worldveiw), but I always said if you put diamonds in the dirt you’re shoveling, at least I could deal…And certainly the visual prowess of the fighting had picked up to a level so high at times that I did ignore the terrible storytelling and lack of anything even resembling a worldview…Also stealing basically the Desity Plan for the final stanza was ehhhhh too, but…

With that said though, I can’t with good conscious give the show a high grade, but I can put certain eps on a green DVD to symbolize that these are some cool eps to “toke up” to xD…

After giving gen1 a D/F, gen2 a C+, and gen3 a C, I’m compelled to give the series a C- with the caveat that it has mostly terrific action in the last 30 episodes…In numerical fashion, I give Mobile Suit Gundam AGE a 4.93 outta 10..With almost all of that going to the improved visual action of the show and Vegan tech…

It’s funny because even in the final epilogue, the show’s most glaring weakness was on display…As you see the statue of Flint (a man who cared about a single girl more than anything or anyone else in the story), a grown up Kio and equally elder Asemu, you realize more than ever this show only cared about AGE…And allowing us to see these characters age was more important than character development, exposition, or the depth that’s needed to actually care that the characters’ aged…I suspect as we age we won’t much remember this title much as it pertains to Gundam, but with age comes wisdom, much like Flint, hopefully…
Fly since ...

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Old 2012-10-04, 22:32   Link #33
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On the whole, it saw and Asem arc and Kio arc were able to be enjoyble.
The only exceptions are Frit arc and a three-generation arc. sorry, these were not able to be enjoyed although it might be only me. I liked the relation between Asemu father and kio.

I gave it a 6/10
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Old 2012-10-14, 18:18   Link #34
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Wished I watched it all in one go instead of waiting weekly.

The concept of the story wasn't bad, but the way it was executed was beyond terrible. Flit's arc had the most character development in the series and thus the only memorable characters outside of the big three (<3 wolf/grodek). But the pacing of the first ten episodes made me question if I should even bother with this series as it seemed more like random adventures. Once the pace picked up I was finding myself liking the story.

The Asemu arc was the best one imo, even though the way they ended that arc felt way too rushed. Watching Asemu go from being a selfish insecure brat to fighting with a purpose was done nicely. Having an actual antagonist who was older than six and a faster pace with lots of battles was what made this arc for me. But thats not to say this arc was perfect, they sacrificed character development for everyone besides Asemu/Zeheart, Romary had illogical moments and Asemu marrying Romary (seriously wtf?? lol).

The kio arc was trash. It started off well, but introducing characters and wasting time telling us of their past only to kill them off in an episode or two was so pointless. While our "hero" Kio cared more about the enemy than those who were fighting with him, he flat out refused to kill but when that kid he met on mars dies, he is ready to kill . So overall in this arc you have close to no character development (besides the diva captain), a pilot who causes more casualties to his side than the enemy, random characters getting focused on then dying and the worst ending imaginable. I'm not going to bother going into detail on what was wrong with the way it ended. Only saving grace for this arc was the Diva going out with a bang and a young Flit seeing his old companions, captain and mom.

Overall 3/10. Inconsistent and a horrible ending ruined a cool idea. Down there with the trash that was seed destiny.
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Old 2012-10-15, 02:17   Link #35
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Originally Posted by Se7en Sabers View Post
If you find AGE and Unicorn this good, I don't understand how you cannot enjoy 00 which has a better quality, OST and writing
I agree with you on that Gundam 00 has a nice story, action scenes, & OST from season 1 - 2. Gundam Age also has a nice story too.
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Old 2012-10-15, 14:47   Link #36
Joseph Defense Squad
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Having a slow weekend, I finally caught up with this show, after months of pretending it doesn't exist

I don't find it easy to rate this show, or say anything about it anymore (having been very critical until I dropped it), mostly because I am a compassionate loser and I feel bad for Hino, somehow. Wouldn't want to be him at the moment.

People have already summed everything up pretty well.
There were a few things that improved over the course of the show, including the fight scenes and, in my mind, the looks of the show. Now, this is probably mostly in my mind, but the characters and mech's went from looking like a joke in Gen 1 to actually looking more or less reasonable by Gen 3, be this due to dropping designs like Dique's and Grandpa's or slightly more attention to detail.

The soundtrack remained unmemorable though and so did the cast. I cannot grasp why they didn't even try to give anyone a sprinkle of depth.

There were one or two moments overall where I found myself mildly invested for a bit, but overall, AGE just kind of didn't leave much of a positive impression, nor will I want to rewatch it in the future and thus there is no incentive to purchase any material related, which is apparently the overarching sentiment, looking at DVD sales.

If anything, the show leaves a bunch of bitter aftertastes, including that horrific third ending with the girls and the final scene with Yurin- what on earth was that? As well as the very strange circumstances of Fram's death which were probably supposed to be a touching display of devotion or something I actually felt a bit angry, watching these.
Unfortunately, if the only emotional response a show could trigger was rage at its treatment and portrayal of female characters, that's not very good.

All in all, I rate the show a little bit higher thanks to the improved visuals and battle choreography, but very low for plot, characters, soundtrack: 4/10 overall I think, although I was tempted to rate it lower than that even...
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Old 2013-06-08, 11:29   Link #37
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I have only watched Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED destiny in it's fullest.
I like them, especially the 1st but just haven't found any of the others that good.
Am I missing something or are there any other that really is great?
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Old 2013-06-08, 11:48   Link #38
Rising Dragon
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... the hell does that have to do with Gundam AGE?
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overall series critique

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