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Old 2015-05-15, 12:11   Link #41
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Originally Posted by kampfer91 View Post
Was half joked .

Because why they only target Sarada? And waiting for her to leave the village and leave her vulnerable ?

Boruto called Hinata " Kaa-san " . mamaboy confirmed
if my mother had the temperament of Hinata I think I'd be a mama's boy too lol, seriously you'd be REALLY hard press to writing wise find a reason Boruto could resent her (unless she's too busy to look after him but that would kinda be strange BOTH his parents aren't around and the fact it seems against her character, leading the Hyuuga caln or not)

"ugh mom stop being so nice! GAWD you don't understand me!"

"No matter how much pain we feel, we can't close our hearts to it"
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Old 2015-05-17, 04:33   Link #42
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Naruto is not a bad dad. He's pretty much the best dad he can leave multiple shadow clones at home and at work while you do your own thing. This is Micheal Keaton's multiplicity.

Anyways ch.3

Too much family issues on both camps. Is this turning more of a pairing? Liking the Bold and Sarada interactions here. Also Chou-Chou is being the secondary annoying girl which is facepalm worthy. Also Sarada targeted for a mate? This is The Last all over again! Anyways good chapter nice build up.
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Old 2015-05-20, 17:29   Link #43
milan kyuubi
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Spoiler leaked pages of chapter 4 in French!
Spoiler leaked pages
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Old 2015-05-21, 01:08   Link #44
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on ch4, wtf is this crap, this feels like a bad drama show
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Old 2015-05-21, 01:26   Link #45
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How come we haven't had the thread for chapter 4 already?

P. S: I'm still pretty damn hung up by how Naruto just ditched his son in chapter 3
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Old 2015-05-21, 01:38   Link #46
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chapter 4 is already out! at MP
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Old 2015-05-21, 01:39   Link #47
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chapter 4 is out. please make a new thread.

Sasuke is getting more worst than ever..
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Old 2015-05-21, 01:40   Link #48
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i thought it was pretty good! i love the drama!
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Old 2015-05-21, 02:10   Link #49
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lol that would be kind of funny... the ending of ch 4... if it wasn't so cruel to Sarada....
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Old 2015-05-21, 04:11   Link #50
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poor sarada
she rushing to meet her father
but sasuke doesn't recognize her
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Old 2015-05-21, 04:20   Link #51
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Spoiler for ch4:

Naruto...just telling it like it is...
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weekly spoiler discussion

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