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Old 2015-05-24, 00:55   Link #61
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Originally Posted by LevelSeven View Post

mhhh, i found it strange too, naruto should know if sasuke came to the village, the fact that he was absend for more than 10 years shouldnt be easily forgotten, maybe naruto met sasuke many times without the kids noticing therefore he forgot that sasuke never visited the vilage for such a long time...

actually, this would also explain why naruto knows about sasuke bird, i mean, if they didnt met until now the bird should be unknown,
but than the question would be asked: did they never talk about sasukes family? and if yes, than it shounds stupid that sasuke doesnt recognize her, on the other hand: if this sarada isnt the real one but instead the hooden man than his behavior would make sence but it seems unlikely given the way how sarada acts (it seems to "real") :/
When i think about it, i don't think its THAT strange for Naruto to forget just how long Sasuke has been gone from the village. I mean just think about my own life i sometimes have to be reminded of just how long ago certain events in my life were; I mean i feel like I haven't been out of school that long, but when i look at the years its been longer than it feels like. Some events still feel fairly recent, but then i actually look it up i realize its been a few more years than i thought. Sometimes the years just fly by. And if Naruto isn't active in Sarada's life then its gonna be even easier for him to not think about what her life has been like. Its kinda realistic that such things would slip his mind. I mean the thought going though Naruto's mind might essentially be, "has it really been THAT long since sasuke last visited home?"

Though y'know this does make me think of another implication here... a certain lack of contact between Naruto and sakura. I mean considering how Sakura is a friend i would have thought they would remain close. i would think they would have still been going on missions together until the kids came into the picture. And i would think there would be even the occasional friendly dinners. I would think that Sarada would be a bit more familiar with Naruto due to his close connection with her parents, but instead she acts like he's a stranger to her, like she's never really spoken to him before. He ofcourse recognizes her, but that's about it.
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Old 2015-05-24, 07:23   Link #62
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I think it's completely in Naruto's character to forget how long Sasuke has been gone. He operates on feeling much more than time. His best friend being gone for a month or several years wouldn't change his feelings about him, proven with Sasuke before in Parts 1 and 2 of course.
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Old 2015-05-26, 14:27   Link #63
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That Shin guy looks like an onion.... But anyway u guys know that Kishi is the king of trolling. The Sarada we saw could just turn into some unknown villain guy. Anything is possible in this manga random sharigans popping up and obitos justu being used. It could even be Kaguya who somehow escaped and wants revenge now far fetched idea but it could happen
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Old 2015-05-26, 14:38   Link #64
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Or Sasuke was talking to another person
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Old 2015-05-27, 14:03   Link #65
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spoiler out, though I can't post raw picture here.....

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