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Wasabi Penguin
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Originally Posted by EpicNaruto View Post
Name: Born: Wolf Kazeiki, Known: Wolf Echos, Other: Santos; Assassin Of The Winds.

Gender: Male.

Clan: Kazeiki (Litterally means "Wind Spirit").

Rank: Genin, Chunin.

Age: 16.

Village: Village Hidden In The Islands (My own village),
Originated From: Village Of The Vanishing Winds (my own again).

Team: Squad 6: Lillian (Lilly) Kizomay, Jake Kuruzu, and Shizune-sensei (no reference to Shizune (Lady Tsunadi's assisstant)).

Weapons: Senbon, Shuriken.

Keker Genki: Able to use any type of chakra nature.

Special: his lan, the Kazeiki Clan, are able to access the chakra of the Wind Spirits that dwells inside them.

Eye Colour: Jade green, black with neon green symbols inside the irises (stage 1 of the Wind Spirit's chakra), completely black with neon green symbols inside the irises plus spreading throughtout the rest of the eye (stage 2 of the Wind Spirit's chakra), eyes competely jade green with purplish black irises + pupil, that can change into a slit like a cat's eye (stage 3 of the Wind Spirit's chakra).

Jutsu Style: Main: Wind, Secondary: Lightning.

Jutsu's: WInd Clone, Wind Style: Senbon Hurricane Jutsu, Wind Style: Wind Claw Jutsu, Wind Style: Wind Cannon Jutsu, Reverse Winds Jutsu, Lightning Style: Lightning Blade Jutsu (that's all for now).

Unique Jutsu's (those which ony Wolf and/or the Kazeiki Clan an learn): Ancient Art: Vanishing Winds, Summoning Jutsu: Ninja Cat Keyzanai, Lost Arts: Demon Cat Revolution (Keyzanai must be presnet for it to work), Wind Spirit's Chakar Release.

Combo Jutsu's: Lightning Wind Style: Lightning Gale Blade Jutsu (i know its long sry).

Description: [IMG][/IMG]

Family: Doesn't know his mother or father, but he eventually mets his sister, Kera.

History: His Clan used to protect an ancient temple, that connects to the Wind Spirits. One day his village was attacked by an army of rouge ninja, but when the village was attacked the Wind Spirits came out and fused themselves with the members of the clan (the Wind Spirits r made of pure chakra) with this they stopped the attack but many lost their lives and the temple had been destroyed too, so the Wind Spirits couldn't leave their human bodies they fused together with, so the clan continued with the Wind Spirits inside them. Everytime a child was born he/she would contain the power from the Wind Spirits. When Wolf was 2 years old his village was attacked again, but this time they weren't so lucky andthe clan was destroyed but the attackers took in Wolf, who had the survived which meant the Wind Spirits transferedinto Wolf, from their pervious owners. The attackers that took him in trained him to become an assassin, which they named him Santos for cover, he was trained since he was 5 years old.

Hope that was good!

Awesome creation, but plz plz pleeease tell me what that character creator is? i found it once but now i cant find it :/

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Lancelot of the Lake
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Quiet, Cold,Maniac


Kekkei Genkai: Gate of Oblivion (hiden space-time jutsu that allow the user summons objects out of nowhere without moving a muscle)


* Blades Rain (Summons a bunch of swords and drop them above your enemy)
* Chain of Hell (Summon a blazing chains that bind your enemy)
* Blades stream of destructions (Summons five hundreds blades and shoot them at your enemy like an arrows consecutively)
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Hey, all, I'm back again. . .

Wow. . . All the work I did to try to get things going again, and everything slows down again once I leave. How long has it been. . . Holy crap!!! I've really been gone for a year?!!

I've gotta say I'm sorry. If I was one for excuses, then I'd start talking about how I lost computer (hardware failure and lack of money) and fickle internet (just plain lack of money) for the whole first half of last year, and that, when I finally got another computer at the latter half, I had college to deal with. But, I'm not (even though I just did exactly what I said I wouldn't), so I'll just try what I did before: I'll start posting characters and doing the character of the month contest until stuff starts picking up again. I'll try my best to do so, but life can be unpredictable. I wasn't planning to be absent for the last year, but I was. Who's to say that it won't happen again.

Also, there are probably those of you who don't have a clue about who I am. To those, just ignore me. I'll probably be rusty from all of the time where the only character creation I've done involved fanfiction, so my character creation will probably be spotty and not very good.
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ボイド・ウォーク ジャットサ Kumori fuukaku: garandou hokou
Shadow Style: Void Walk

The user of this jutsu beseeches the void, allowing them brief entry to and from the other dimension. Through this entry and exit, the user can move moderate distances in the blink of an eye, allowing a swift escape, avoidance of another jutsu, or an extremely effective ambush. Even being cornered can turn into a surprise when the enemy that is being pursued disappears into thin air and appears behind the pursuers. However, this jutsu carries a disadvantage in that the more it is used in somewhat rapid succession, the more costly it is for the user to use.
Silence... it is the true key to the art of the ninja. Kill unseen, unheard, leave not a trace. The true ninja knows how to kill without anyone knowing he was there. The Cause of Death is always natural causes with a true ninja.
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Originally Posted by Lancelot of the Lake View Post

Quiet, Cold,Maniac


Kekkei Genkai: Gate of Oblivion (hiden space-time jutsu that allow the user summons objects out of nowhere without moving a muscle)


* Blades Rain (Summons a bunch of swords and drop them above your enemy)
* Chain of Hell (Summon a blazing chains that bind your enemy)
* Blades stream of destructions (Summons five hundreds blades and shoot them at your enemy like an arrows consecutively)
Couldnt help but notice your Blades stream of destruction. It reminds me of unlimited blade works from fate stay night.
Silence... it is the true key to the art of the ninja. Kill unseen, unheard, leave not a trace. The true ninja knows how to kill without anyone knowing he was there. The Cause of Death is always natural causes with a true ninja.
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Rouge Ninga
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Name Kazuka
Appearance-Black eyes, Black hair thats long that goes down his back,wheres an akastuki like outfit, wheres headband around his neck, Has bandages wrapped around his arms, torso, and mouth

History-When he was just a child his parents were killed right in front of him. Enraged he went and killed the attackers without mercy. After this he had relized he had a thrist for blood and power. He made a fake name for himself, Kazuka. Through the years he learned a justus by only using bandages. He went on a killing rampage since he was 15. As he grew so did his power. Eventually he was foolish enough to fight the first Kazikage. Though by the end of the fight both were dieing. To prevent this Kazuka took the Kazikages life force to preform the mumification jutsu. This justu wrapped his body in bandegas preventing death to occur. He eventually made a shell of his former self to where over his bandaged body. He then went into hiding waiting to strike and kill again.

Rank- Rouge ninga
Head band-rain with a line crossed through it
Real name-?
Strangle Justu- Strangles you with bandages
Parisitc Justu- Wraps two bandages around you and sucks out your chakra
Bandaged Sword Justu- Creates a giant bandaged sword to attack with

Steel coffin jutsu- Out of the ground a steel coffin comes and traps an enemy inside
Mumifcation justu-Use this and your body will be wrapped in bandages and you will live forever (ONLY can be used once) its irreversable
Light Pyrimid Justu- A inpenatrable light pyramid forms. only releases if someone dies inside it, even the user


side note- when you see his bandaged body only red eyes show no skin only bandages
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First Name: Setsuko (which means snow child)
Surname: Setsuko is from the Yuki clan, who have the Kekki Genkai of ice style but doesn’t know his heritage.
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin
Background: Setsuko’s mother, from whom he receives his Kekki Genkai Ice Style, was raised in the Hidden Leaf after being chased out of the Hidden Mist because of her overpowering abilities. She met Setsuko‘s father in the Hidden Leaf and gave birth to Setsuko. Her powers were discovered and Setsuko’s mother was murdered and so too his father who died protecting her, leaving Setsuko to be raised by the village. He grew up in blissful ignorance of his village’s betrayal. He only realised he was different when he awakened his Kekki Genkai Ice Style. The village was scared of his power, and now aware of the murder of his parents and the recent massacre of the Uchihas he returned to the Hidden Mist where a new Mizukage had been elected, one much more tolerant of Kekki Genkais. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Hidden Mist as his affinity for ice techniques was noticed. He began training to join the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist and used his ice techniques to create his dual blades, Shiver and Shudder, formed from the hardest ice that are vital for his ultimate Jutsu. He continued training for the swordsmen until the harsh and cutthroat life that they live was revealed to him, he did not think he could betray his comrades, even for the sake of his village. He instead joined the Hidden Mist’s Kekki Genkai squad, a unique squadron sent on the toughest and most vital missions. When the Hidden Mist was taken over by the Akatsuki, he and his team are targeted as being the strongest shinobi in the village and are forced to flee and seek refuge with Setsuko’s father in the Hidden Leaf.
After the new Mizukage was elected and the Allied Shinobi forces were formed, Setsuko returned to The Hidden Mist and took up the dream to become the Mizukage.
The fellow members of his Kekki Genkai elite squad are:
Raiden, (meaning thunder and lightning) a user of the storm style formed from lightning and water chakra affinities.
Jouki,(meaning Steam) who is from has three chakra affinities, Earth, Fire and Water (same clan as Mizukage) generating the lava and boiling styles.
Setsuko’s Kekki Genkai enables him to meld wind and water chakra to utilise ice style ninjustu. This is a very rare and powerful Kekki Genkai only seen amongst the Yuki Clan
Rank: Genin 7, Chunin 10, Jounin 12
Summon: A snow wolf called Kouri (Ice) who can utilise ice mirrors and uses ice and ground techniques. He specialised in tracking and Taijustu.
Water Techniques
Water Element; Water Dragon Bullet
Water Element; Water Wall
Water Element; Water Prison Jutsu
Wind Techniques
Uses wind chakra to keep blades extremely sharp and to fire long range chakra blades.
Ice Techniques
Jutsu: Secret Technique: Blizzard Mode
Type: Taijustu
Effect: Setsuko freezes his swords onto each of his arms, his eyes turn bright blue, his hair freezes into spikes and he travels through the air at high speed by travelling through the water in the air. This technique dramatically increases Taijustu and enables a few highly damaging and powerful ice techniques. It enables 360 degrees vision by looking through small, reflected frozen vapour. While moving he mimics the look of a blizzard due to the snow whirling around him. It also lets Setsuko fly but that uses more chakra
Advantages: Dramatically increases speed and strength. Lets user channel chakra for ice techniques without hand seals, enables much higher mobility with swords
Disadvantages: Leaves user drained, can only be used for limited time, is less effective against long range fighters, can only use ice techniques

Jutsu: Ice Element: Glacier Prison Technique
Type: Ninjustu
Effect: By solidifying the water vapour around an area, one can freeze an area and all the people in it cryogenically imprisoning them for any length of time. The user can travel through the ice as though it is water.
Disadvantages: Uses large amount of chakra, easily predictable and dodge able due to air becoming cold, useless against users of space-time ninjustu.
Seals: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Hare, Monkey, Boar, Dog
Jutsu: Secret Technique: Reflective Ice Shards
Type: Ninjustu
Effect: Can only be used in Blizzard Mode. Similar to the effects of Demonic Ice Mirrors, except much more useful and versatile, this Jutsu uses ice to reflect objects. The difference between this and Demonic Ice Mirrors is that the Jutsu can transport weapons and others as well.
Advantages: Enables user to attack with almost unmatchable speed, Enables user to attack from impossible angles, Mirrors cannot be broken by Taijustu due to their ability to envelope and transport enemies, Can be used to trap enemies, can launch projectiles at super-human speed.
Disadvantages: Can be used to the enemy’s advantage, Mirrors quite susceptible to ninjustu, if mirror is damaged while user is inside it he is damaged as well. Can only be used in Blizzard Mode.
Jutsu: Secret Technique: Flash Icicle Storm
Type: Ninjustu
Effect: Can only be used in Blizzard Mode, user launches icicles from arms at high speeds that shatter into smaller icicles causing a nearly unavoidable storm of sharp projectiles.
Advantages: High speed, almost a definite hit, uses small amounts of chakra
Disadvantages: Is easily blocked, can only be used in blizzard mode.
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Wait sorry correction they dont seek refuge with father cause he is dead they just hide there.
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i dont have a name jutsu is like if you touch someone you can see all their memoriess.of course there might be people who are strong enough to block out your juts.also they run the risk of losing their memory and if you havent trained enough you could get their memory but forget youre own.also it requires a donuts which i have yet to create
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Ninjas of the burning crescent/Sage Army

Name: Ginzu Dacihi

Nickname: The Charka Clone Wizard(because of his slightly-strong yet massive-amount of charka some say was more than most past ninjas). He was able to learn and perform different jutsus. As well as some saying that he would seem physically tired at times, but yet never seem to lose much charka. He perfected his Earth, Water, Lighting, and Shadow clone jutsus to the point. That unless it was a life threatening blow, or when they used up the charka they have stored in them they would remain. They can used the jutsus of the element that was use to make the clones. Other than the shadow clone which can use all of the jutsus that the person who cast the clone knows. He also perfected his clone jutsus to the point that very strong sharingans had a hard time telling the difference sometimes when fighting even his element style clones.

Gender: Dark skin man with very dark blue pupils about 6'3'' skinny but mildly-ripped with long dreadlocks going down his, wearing a long dark grey hooded robe with two white stripes that cross each other like an x on the hood and then goes straight down the back n forms the symbol of the sixth path all around the cuff of the robe and a navy blue shirt with black pants and black shoes with a multiple creatures teeth attach to a long thin metal string hanging to his chest. With his hidden cloud head band around his neck and a extra long hidden mist head band wore like a belt on his pants.

Born: May 7

Age: Died at age 28(during the 31st yr of the 1st Great Ninja War)

Personality: Calm and Laid back/ kind of lazy at times/quiet-yet talkative among friends /extremely-high awareness, and reflexes

Villages: Hidden Mist Village-Tatsuya clan & Hidden Cloud Village-Dacihi clan
Rank: Genin/Missin-nin Rank: Jouin/Missin-nin

Powers: The blood line ability of the Dacihi clan allowing him to access 25% of his brain and allowing him to activate the two parts of the brain that increases his charka strength and stamina(during the 1st Great Ninja War), and his body reflexes and senses( which can negate the illusions and genjutsus of even the sharingan) which had activated when his mother had die. Also The blood line abilities of the Tatsuya-clan allow him to also use the elements earth, water, and fire together.

Parents: Mother(Athena Tatsuya) age 28 (when ginzu was born ) was the youngest daughter of the 1st Mizukage's eight. Who was a jonin with slightly-high level sklls. Also had a child with a hidden cloud male and ginzu( who was born the yr after the 1st Mizukage's death during the 3yr of the war). When he turned 4yrs old she took him and became a missin-nin during the 7th yrs of the war. Leaving she took 4 out of 8 special jutsus from the hidden mist village that the 1st Mizukage had left. Teaching ginzu until she died at age 34(during the 13th yr of the war). When he was 10 during a fight with the some ninja from the Mist and Rock, during the war. Before her death she told him where to go to find where his Father live.

Father: Takuma Dacihi(the 3rd cousin to the 2nd Raikage)age 32 a Elite-Jonin who blood line Dacihi-clan was wipe out (and died 3 yrs after ginzu was born) who were able to access up to 40% of their mind increasing only two random parts of their brain allowing them to activate the part that greatly increases their charka strength and stamina, and the part that controls the senses allow the user to never be caught in a genjutsu and to have great reflexes or any other parts of the brain. Once you activate the two parts of the brain it can never be undone and over time it leaves the user mentally weak if not physically and mentally healthy enough to withstand it. Which is the reason why no one in the clan has ever past the aged of 35 some not living past 14yrs of age, because some would go brain-dead among once being able to activate two parts of the brain, while most only live from 1 to 5 yrs depending on how far they push themselves.

Late-Bio: Ginzu fought during the 1st Great Ninja War at age 14 as a hidden cloud member, during the 17th yr of the war(he came to the village at age 10, 6 months after his mom died). He fought against members from the leaf, rock, mist, stone and waterfall villages as well as still other scatter clans. As well as one hyuuga members and four Uchiha's(two being very high rank) which earn him his nickname when young as The One Who Can't Be Caught, because he couldn't be caught in genjutsu, mind tricks or seals. He couldn't fight for no more than 20mins, which is why he master his clones to such a degree, so people would be fighting his clones for hrs, before knowing it wasnt really him, some never realize. He would use his clone to fight for him most times, because switching from different element techniques ran a toll on his body much faster and deadlier than most.

Group: Ninjas of the burning crescent/Sage Army: 30-members
Start:24th yr of the war. Ended:31st yr of the war.

Strength(raw power):7>9
Charka level:10>12
Stamina(Charka Amount):12
Sealing Knowledge:7>8
Rating:84% > 95%(sage mode)

*Water Style:
-Water Clone Jutsu
-Water Whip Jutsu
-Violent Water Wave Jutsu
-Black Cloud Jutsu
-Grand Water Fall Jutsu
-Razor Water Spear Technique
-Mega-Water Pistol Technique-Stolen Scroll
-Water Encampment Wall Jutsu
-Multi-Water Dragon Jutsu

*Fire Style:
-Mist Waltz Jutsu
-Cloud-Style: Great Flame Slash
-Blazing Fire-Chain Containment Jutsu(known to the daughter of the 1st mizukage)
-Fire Dragon Flame Bomb Jutsu

*Earth style:
-Multi-Rock Clone Jutsu
-Mud Wall Jutsu
-Mud Flow River Jutsu
-Earthen Rising Spears Jutsu
-Fist Rock Jutsu
-Boulder Technique / stolen scroll by the Diamond-skin golem.
-Antlion Technique / stolen scroll

*Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone Jutsu
-Light Palm Technique

*Corrosion Style:
-Scorching Rock Jutsu
-Melting Projectiles Technique

*Ninja Art:
-Gigantic Ninja Star Projectiles(Weapon scroll)

*Summoning Jutsu:
-Glokek: Sage of the Arc Angels(This sage is said to be the most powerful sage of them all, and is the creation of the Rikudō Sennin). Giving the user the abilities to negate all summoning jutsus/sage-charka and dramatically increases the users jutsu powers by 25%(but increases it by 50% if they possess the rinnegan). Also making them numb to pain, tho he can only stay in sage mode for 5mins. The Sage of the Arc angel was said to be apart of the Rikudō Sennin himself having everlasting sennin charka store up in him, and for those 5mins the person can do an unlimited amount of jutsu no matter the cost of charka. but will leave them with no charka and near death after those 5mins.(Unless they have very-powerful rinnegan eyes). It also ages the user by .5 yrs each time they used and can kill over time, if constantly activated.

Glokek is the physically key to the other worlds allowing the one to enter other sage world n learn about the different natural charka there were. It allow him to open the gates between them and gain those he see fit depending on their contracts, to become sages much easier. In order to master this mode, Glokek must be absorbs by the body and mind and you have to be physically and mentally strong to with stand it and strip it of the demons that holds and manifest themselves upon it..It becomes apart of you and over time and mastering..the charka will manifest into your body slowly turning it into the body of the Rikudō Sennin (but only by 25%). giving the user some physical abilities near the Rikudō Sennin and allowing them to perform their jutsus on a level scale near the Rikudō Sennin.

*Hidden Jutsu:
-Shadow Clone Jutsu(only two clones)

Steam Element: Twin Steam Axe Blades -He creates two large but heavy twin axe blades with gold and silver outlines with a smooth hard blue tight loop grip. Allowing him to keep the axe in his hands. Steam burst out the sides of the axe upon conact when in close combat the steam will burst out unto a foe's face, causing slight burning when it hits the eyes, leaving the foe distracted for a few seconds. if the foe's blade touches the axe for too long, too many times, the sword starts to get moist and soft, making it hard for the foe to hold his sword and making the blade itself softer to the point where a good strike will easily break the blade. The user can also throw his axe at people and make it explode with acid steam and can kill or greatly damage anybody when 2-4ft around the blast. Because after 4ft the acid steam quickly cools down and is of no danger to anyone.

-Sage Art: Charka Cancellation Technique (Scroll) -while in sage mode if he uses the enemy blood while in his palm he can put his hands together then place it on the empty scroll. it will form a seal then can cancel the jutsus/summonings, or sage charka being sent to them by sealing off the world to them, but 1 at a time for 1min).

-Sage Art:

-Lighting Element-Sage Art: Blinding Light Of The Sun God ( a bright white light that explodes from the user's body that lastes 15seconds, its like looking at the light of the sun when only 2000ft away from him, but anybody that's less than 1000ft from him in contact with the light will receive 1st degree electric burns anyone 500ft will receive 2nd degree burns and if 250ft will receive 3rd degree electric burns, if not protected. Anyone 100ft, the light turns them into a conductor pole turning them into ashes, but is completely harmless when cover under something. The is blind while doing this jutsu for the whole 15 second during and after.

-Water-Element/Sage Art: Tears Of The Falling Gods( the user causes it to heavily raindown, but the raindrops are 1000 times bigger and heavier than normal) causing it to crash down to the ground with force, within 1min a huge pond will form, 2mins later then a large lake, then everything within a 1miles ratio can be up to 20ft under-water within 10mins, but the user cannot move until they release their hands, stopping the rain.

-Scorching-Style/Sage Art-Rock Lava Bomb Technique: The user is able to create multiple rock clones with lava in it like bombs, each trigger by a single hand sign. when they explode lava burst out with chunks of rocks killing anyone within 15feet of the blast.

*Sealing Jutsu:
-Water Element: 7th trigram Water Boarding Seal

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Ninjas of the burning crescent/Sage Army

*Keiichi Iwao



Village: Hidden Rock Village

Rank: Jonin-Sage/missin-nin

Bio: Known as the Diamond-Skin Golem cause of his ability to do mid to very high-level earth jutsu, and that he was able to manipulation diamonds that were deep within the earth and use it in his earth jutsu making him extremely tough like diamonds, some saying that it was the complete ultimate defense in his village.

Early-Bio: Keiichi who was born in the hidden stone village (about 7 years before the 1st Great Ninja War). Live there until he was five and his mother married a member from the hidden rock village when he was six. Keiichi grown up with a older sister and two step-sisters, his sister became a high rank memeber upon the rock village, a few yrs later she died the 9th yr of the war, In a battle with 1st kazekage. Keiichi is also a blood-line member of the clan who created the dust technique.

Late-Bio: During the 23rd yr of the war Keiichi join Ginzu's Group and became a missin-nin he join him in a truce meeting with the 1st Kazekage and other sand ninjas in order to bring peace somehow within the war, one village at a time. While in the hidden sand village outskirts after leaving the meeting it was just Ginzu and Keiichi, the kazekage and other sand ninjas walk them back thru the sandstorm only to lead them to a trap. After fighting him and the other strong sand ninja, they manage to defeat them but when leaving the kazekage got back up and rush towards them Ginzu use the earth style boulder jutsu catching his fist and turning him into a rock, but when he was breaking out Keiichi quickly put his hands on his head and did the rock harden jutsu casing him in it and making it even stronger, quickly killing him..When other sand ninjas can all they saw was the kazekage turn into a rock and a hidden rock village headband near him..leading to the bad blood between the two villages.

Charka level:9>10
Charka Stamina:7>8
Rating: 78% > 85%(sage-mode)

*Earth Styles:
-Earth Dome Prison
-Double Suicide Decapitation
-Rock clone
-Earth Shift Core
-Weighted Rock
-Ultra Added Weighted Rock
-Ultra Rock Harden

*Sealing Jutsu
-Golem Tomb Sealing

*Summoning Jutsu
-Bak: The Sage Golem King(scroll)

*Ninja Art
-Earth Element: Diamond Rock Shurikens(Weapon Scroll)

*Forbidden Jutsu
-Earth Style: Corpse Soil

*Hidden Jutsu
-Earth Element-Sage Art: Diamond Earth Wall
-Earth Element-Sage Art: Multi-Diamond Rock Clone
-Earth Element-Sage Art: Stone Corrosion
-Earth Element-Sage Art: A Thousand Diamond Spheres

-Dust Element : Sub-Base Separation Technique. The basic version was a blood-line ability of Keiichi's clan. Allowing them to shoot a small beam that chemically break down the moducules of anything solid they touch and turn it to dust. Although they could only do this for 1min, and had to wait 5mins before doing it again.

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*Kin Hajime

Gender: Man-Serpent

Age: 48(Died)

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Rank: missin-nin/Jonin

Bio: Known as the Under-Water Sea Serpent of the Mist and last blood-line user of the ancient hajime-clan(after clashing with other mists clans, most killing each other off). Were known cause of their ability to do steam element jutsus as well as extremely-high levels of water style jutsus, and being able to stay under water and never need air, so to speak.

Early-Bio: Kin hajime was born in the poor part of the mist village 20 years before the 1st great ninja war, who clan was rich then became poor (50 years before he was born) when they started fighting with other blood-line users in the village to claim new power..The clan was almost wipe out after 2 years of fighting by the ancient hozuki clan, and force to live in the outskirts where there were only small bits of land and huge amount of was said that the hajime clan were once humans who body had change from living for decades in water with the other sea creatures. He was the only living member of his clan left by the 1st yr of the war

Charka level:8>9
Charka Stamina:8>9
Rating: 78% > 82%( full power)


*Water Style:
-Water Whip
-Multi-Water Clone
-Water Fang Projectiles
-Bursting Water Collision Waves
-Water Depth Explosion
-Water Serpent Strike
-Grand Water Fall
-Water Manipulation(blood-line to hajime-clan)
-Water Encampment Wall
-Devastating Twin Serpent Aqua Blast

Ninja Arts
- Genjutsu style: Water Prison Illusion
-3-point Serpent Trident(weapon scroll)

Hidden Jutsu
-Stream Element: Burning acid Clouds

-Steam Element: Toxic Vapor Smoke(blood-line to the hajime-clan) user can produce a poisonous steam from their mouth that blinds an enemy as well as killin off most of their senses and slowly dehydrates them.

Forbidden Jutsu
-Stream Element: Water Vapor Pressure( Blood-line to the Hajime-clan) the user can touch any part of his opponents body and can cause the water in their body to evaporate instantly in that part leaving it non-mobile, but can kill if touch on the head or chest.
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*Ume Chou

Gender: Female

Age: 20(died)

Village-Hidden Water Fall

Rank: Jinchuuriki/missin-nin

Bio: Known as the Hidden Waterfall's Crimson Butterfly cause of her powerful summoning jutsu of a Gigantic Butterfly with razor sharp wings and her ability to do extremely-high level wind element jutsus, some say she was once the 7-tails jinchuuriki who survive after having it remove cause she couldn't fully control it at the time when she was younger.

Late-Bio: When she join Ginzu's group. They ended up on a mission on the 22nd of the war. later to rescue Keiichi who was caught by the rock village when he was around the outskirts looking for the sage scroll..When they manage to break him from the rock village prison, they was surrounded by the 1st and soon-to-be 2nd tsuchikage, when engaged in battle keiichi was badly injured, and near death when other member of ginzu's group came to give backup for their escape. They took keiichi away while ginzu and ume lead the attack to the kages, so they could take keiichi away before he dies. Doing the battle ginzu use his full skills with clones to defeat the 1st tsuchikage and to slow down Muu, but when the 1st tsuchikage use his special move and muu use his dust element, ginzi( was deeply cut in the ribs) and ume(lost three of her fingers) who then use her special jutsu in order to retreated quickly when they was badly injured themselves..but the 1st tsuchikage had died a day later from his wounds.

Charka level:9>10
Charka Stamina:9
Rating: 78% >87% (sage mode)


Wind Style:
-Beast Wave
-Dust cloud
-Razor Wind
-Vacuum Sphere
-Great Wind Vacuum
-Pressure Damage
-Cosmic Aerial Blast

*Ninja Arts
-Crimson Blade(weapon scroll)

Summoning Jutsu
-Kame: Sage Queen of the Skies

Hidden Jutsu
-Genjutsu Style-Sage Art: Butterfly Illusion
-Water Element-Sage Art: Water Vortex
-Wind Element-Sage Art: Universal Pressure Crush

Forbidden Jutsu
-Wind Element: Razor Wind Tornado( the user creates a devastating Tornado that moves at 200 miles a hour) that can completely destroy a major village in only mins

Sealing Jutsu:
-Sage Art: Butterfly Cocoon
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*Shamare Gorou

Gender: Man/Beast Transformation

Age: 33(died) 2yrs after the death of Ginzu's group. During the 33rd yr of the war.

Village: Hidden Cloud

Rank: missin-nin/Sage/ Lieutenant Of Guerilla Tactic Squad

Bio: The last remaining descendant of the Takeshi-clan(great-grandson of the 1st Raikage) Known as the Enrage Beast Of The Cloud cause of his excessively-aggressive anger and that once he's mad he couldn't be stop. He just gets stronger and faster, as well as the ability to do mid to very-high levels of fire and lighting element jutsus.

Late-Bio: During the destruction of Ginzu's group (which had a total of 30 members) Four highly ranked Uchiha's(one who was leading them who was thought to be madara himself but never saw his face came with 24 other non-uchihas and kill 12 of ginzu groups, then after a tired battle ume, kin, keiichi and shamare kill four of the non-uchihas and two uchihas, but then were caught under a very dangerous/powerful genjutsu spell of the leader and was force to kill the rest of their members..When ginzu came back he saw his camp in flames and the bodies of his members laying at the feet of ume, kin, keiichi and shamare, after the first battle he kill the remaining four and one uchihas. Leaving only his four members left and the leader, after the great battle against his friends he was able to seal shamare temporary using the water boarding seal..but was force to badly wound his friends, when ginzu was able to release the spell on them. The last uchiha in a quick move badly burn the other three, killing two of them and leaving one near death with a powerful wind/fire jutsu, the minute he saw they was not in his control and was confuse for a second. After battling it out with ginzu the uchiha was badly wounded when ginzu was in sage mode and was using the movement of the traveling gods. The uchiha was able to burn off his right arm before he was able to do his sage: water element jutsu, after that ginzu couldn't do his powerful jutsu because only certain jutsus he was able to do without hand signs, even after that he prove to be a strong foe, but was stab in the ribs by the uchiha's blade that went completely thru his ribs when he was caught in a very powerful genjutsu but for only 5seconds( because most genjutsu didn't have a effect on him) but was enough for him to slow ginzu down in close combat to stab him. After that ginzu fell off a cliff into a large river only seconds after the seal had broke off shamare. when shamare fullly gained awareness, the uchiha was gone with ginzu's right arm that was burned only from the shoulders to the wrist leave the hand intact. When shamare look around he saw two of his friends burn to death and one missing a leg and fingers dying from blood lost..when he talk to Kin(who survived only because he fell into a deep pond moments after the fire touch him but still had damage him greatly) all kin said was that "we couldn't control" and died before he finish..leaving shamare with the thought that he lost control again but this time so worst that he kill everybody there and at the camp.

A few months later shamare had Deep hidden memories that led him back to the mountains in the hidden cloud village, Where him and a young 3rd raikage decided to seal him in the mountains until he was able to control himself. Badly tho it's there he discovered 2 two bodies of his long-lost clan: his grand-father and great-great-grandmother. At that moment the dead body of his great-great-grandmother essence called him and told him to in brace the hunger and power. After a week of hunger he went crazy and ate both bodies becoming very strong, but lost every aspect that made him human, with the soul of his great-great-grandmother inside him he had no control over the hunger and his thought process..he broke thru the seal and started attacking the village, after fighting for 2weeks straight the 2nd(months before he died) and a young 3rd Raikage had killed him.

Clan-Bio: The Takeshi clan was the strongest clan in the cloud village (40 years before the war), the clan was so strong because they still had physical traits of beasts, while looking human and were very barbaric and cruel. Most of the clan members were able to reach sage mode naturally when anger but was hard for them to realize, friends from foes.Their leader was a man who became the 1st Raikage, in order to show other villagers that the Takeshi clan can over come their animal thinking. He showed that he was strong, wise, smart, and could completely control his anger removing the ability to go into sage mode. While still bringing other clan members together to show them they shouldn't fear his clan.

After 15yrs of leading the village they got into a clash when discussing what to do with some of the Takeshi clan who was not able to control their anger and give up their power. To keep the peace the Raikage push the clan far back to the north outskirts, giving them move room, but restricted where they could go at times. 5yrs later the remaining 100 members including his mom and grandmother lead a coup, in order to take over the village and make laws favoring only the clan..Threatening to destroy the village the 1st Raikage, his son(who learn how to control their animal side), and grand-daughter( who was born without the traits of the clan and who had shamare, the first boy and youngest child out of 3 children, when she was 38) fought back their clan when she was 25yr old a 4yrs before the 1st war before the 1st war, fighting 50 members for 5 days straight in the mountains. On the second day the 1st Raikage had to seal everybody in within the canyon of a large mountains to keep them from escaping, on the third day the 1st Raikage was kill after killing 35 of them, when his right arm was bitten off from the back by his grandmother, then she and five others ate him becoming stronger. Which is why the Takeshi clan is thought of as a barbaric and crude clan, because the only way for them to increase their strength is to eat the other members of their clan(which is why there were few only 50 to challenge from the whole 100 members. On the fourth day there was only one left the 1st raikage grandmother who had eaten the other remaining members in order to break the seal around the mountain, during the battle the son was later killed when him and his daughter tried to escape, the son went crazy in order to protect his daughter and went into sage mode killing her. On the fifth day she killed her father when he couldn't control his anger anymore and attack her ripping out her left eye..she manage to destroy a piece of the mountain with her lighting styles causing huge pieces of rocks to crush him.

Charka level:8
Charka Stamina:10
Rating: 72% > 89%(sage mode)

Fire Style:
-Cloud Style: Fire Spit
-Cloud Style: Fire Fists
-Fire Dragon Flame Projectiles
-Flaming Beast Torch
-Great Fireball

Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone
-Cloud Style: Lighting Feet
-Raging Flash Beast
-Lighting Armor lv 2
-False Darkness

Summoning Jutsu
-Sion: Sage of the Black Gomit Beast(only when he gets very mad, can he summon it naturally within him, while removing everything but his animal instincts).

Hidden Jutsu
-Fire Style-Sage Art: Blazing Fire Spit

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Roaring Black Panther

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Ultra Black Thunder Vortex

Forbidden Jutsu:
-Sage Art: Enraged Twin Thunder Beast Explosion( the user creates three black lighting clone beast of him self that attacks with the user. Half of the user body is cover in flames while the other half is cover in black lighting he can just brush up against its opponent and completely numb that area or burn them bad, while the clone will collide and blow up on impact)
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Dust Style more on the way

Name-Dust Style Great Destruction
Chakra Transformations-Dust(Earth,Wind)
Description-This move is like the almighty push but far stronger than that requires 60%of chakra when hit with this the enemy gets 99%damage physically.This makes this move get another name DEATH CUT
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