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Hmmm ... tried a different approach for page 1 (layout) and drawing style.
Is this any better than the old version ?
Spoiler for Image:

As for the text, I just put it there to fill up the white space... might sound stupid ^^'

Edit: Added some shades & fixed Naruto's head.

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Silly Syaoran's brain has overheated once again...
Some people here are the catalyst for this problem...

Anyway... braindamage resulted into this...

Basically it's because of some people here telling me I shoud visit a psychiatrist >_>
That gave me the idea of me getting caught in Konoha as crazy unknown person by Shizune... They tried to catch that insane character since a while and finally succeeded. Upon questioning & observing, Tsunade decides to get Naruto, the source of the issue...
Naruto, being naive and a dobe as usual, doesn't get the importance of this problem, and even manages to jeopardize Sasuke's reputation as well as his own.
As revenge, Sasuke is gonna take the Naruto doll, but that's when Ramen Division arrives! Anyway, the first 4 pages of I don't know how many will follow.

Few notes:
  • I know the quality looks like shit... I was to lazy to get the scanner.
  • It's only a draft, so yeah ... same as above.. little crappy.
  • Some of the sketches are quite nice, like that doll laying on the ground (guess it's the only good one >_>
Basically it's a preview of something that could get a nice version the day I'll have some skills. Same for the text ... don't pay too much attention and there're typing/spelling mistakes as well (I'm gonna sleep now... it's late!)

1 2
3 4

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Syaoran i saw the footnote for the last image ... ROFL!!!

You really need some help, ASAP! But keep making these, they are funny enough to win a special ed award XD. jk

Keep going at it Syaoran.
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hi guys im a noobie
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Here is my character, enjoy! Zaruke's Biography

Name: Zaruke Soshimaru

Status: Active

Age: 16

Weight: 135lbs.

Height: 5'10"

Rank: S-class, Jounin, ANBU squad leader. (future Hezokage)

Weapons: Kunai, shuriken, and his hand made Katana Sword, Shasame. His Shasame can channel chakra to were even if he misses he cuts you, and, Zaruke can slash at you from up to thirty-five meters away and cut you in half by sending the chakra that comes out of his sword at you, but he rarely ever uses it.

Quotes: " I only love those who chose to love me.", " You meaningless being, I'll kill you, and everything that reminds me of you."

Village: Village Hidden in the Sky (Secret village, not yet known, very powerful, North of the Land of Thunder.)

Clan: Rhenji clan

Bloodline Limits: Gyunkenkai, Demon Gene, and Seal of Evolution.

Hair and Eye Color: Hair is Sand color and eyes are Onyx.

D rank: 28 sucseses
C rank: 31 sucseses
B rank: 22 sucseses
A rank: 91 sucseses
S rank: 14 sucseses

Personality: Calm in battle, brave, and would risk his life for the sake of his village.

Tailed Beast, Seven Tailed Phoenix, Shichibi:
Description: Zaruke is engulfed in flame and emerges with wings. The Shichibi is compareable or stronger than the Kyubi.While running and flying he can run faster than lightning and can heal wounds instantly, even internal wounds.

Major Jutsus:
1. Summoning of the Four Symboled Beasts.
Rank: S rank
Users: Njera Soshimaru, (disceased) Roha Soshimaru, (desceased) Zaruke Soshimaru.
Description: Zaruke summons the four symboled beasts in the Chinese constellation, the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North. Each are indestructible, are extremely powerful, listen to whatever the summoner says, and to top it off, each are the size of Gamabunta, or the frog boss.

2. Typhooran
Rank: S rank
Users: Zaruke Soshimaru.
Description: Zaruke's created and most powerful jutsu. Zaruke makes a swirling vortex in his hand, jumps about 1/2 a mile in the air and then hurls a huge tornado about a mile wide at his enemies. ULTIMATE DESTRUCTOIN!! Could probably turn Konoha into a parking lot!!

3. Birth of the Impure Spirit Army
Rank: S rank
Users: Dergan Soshimaru Zaruke Soshimaru
Description: Zaruke offers up a human sacrifice to the Death God, and in return the Death God summons the souls of 100 eternally tortured warriors to fight along side Zaruke. Each warrior is also indestructible.

4. Reapers Call; Ultimate Torture Skill
Rank: A rank
Users: Uni Soshimaru, (disceased) Zarburo Soshimaru, (disceased) Yoro Soshimaru, (disceased) Zaruke Soshimaru
Description: A genjutsu and kinjutsu, much like Itachi's Tsukuyomi, and exclusive to the Rhenji Clan, that when Zaruke summons the Death Gods servant, the Reaper, the Reaper pulls the victim into an alternate reality, and for one year tortures them. But in reality it seems like no time has passed at all. After the torture is done the user decides whether or not to kill off the victim or not.

5. Demon Gene
No rank, Bloodline Limit
User: Zaruke Soshimaru
Description: Allows Zaruke to control to the full extent of his tailed beast.

6. Gyunkenkai
No rank, Bloodline Limit
Users: All members of Rhenji clan
Description: This bloodline limit is the supreme over all doujutsu. ( Exclusive lood line limits that involve the eyes.) There are four stages of it, four being the most powerful. The appearance of the Gyunkenkai is a scyth, depending on howmany you have, for example, a person with a one staged Gyunkenkai has one scyth, a person with two has a two scythed eye, and so on and so forth. The only two people other than Zaruke that is known to have a four scythed eye is his brother, Dergan and the Rhenji Clan legend Roha Soshimaru. Like the Mangekyo Sharingan there is also a requirement to obtain a four scythed eye, you must do something special to obtain it, each individuals is different. In Dergans case, his meaning was to kill everyone he came into contact with. The Gyun (for short) can read minds, look through solid objects, see in the dark, create illusions that seem real, (even to Byakugan and Sharingan) and is said in advanced cases, like Zaruke's and Dergan's, that they can cause insanity, death, and even shut down parts of your enemies brain that allows there body to function, and in the most extreme case of Zaruke, he can look into the future and counter all of his opponents moves, (He can know all of your moves, even before you do.) He can also see upto a mile away. Also it reguires no chakra.

7. Exclusive Rhenji Seal of Evolution
No rank, Bloodline Limit
Users: Zaruke Soshimaru and Roha Soshimaru. (disceased)
Description: This seal is only available to the most promising of the Rhenji Clan members. This seal is given to the user by the elders or the clan. This seal was first invented by the founder of the Rhenji Clan, Roha Soshimaru. This seal was originally made as a weapon. A ritual is performed for 24 hrs. to obtain the seal. The seal is then placed on the cheat of the user. Once this seal is activated, it allows the users chakra to flow freely entirely through the users body, giving him heightend awareness and reaction time and increases his speed and strength100 fold. This seal gives the user an almost unhuman appearance. The user grows huge black featherd wings, his / or her skin and hair becomes very pale, almost white, they grow little stubby horn that protrude from there head they grow a tail with a razor sharp stabber at the end, grow sharp teeth and fingernails, and there eyes turn black, and he can also turn his right arm into a very sharp bony oject thing that he can impale his foes with. This is why Zaruke is said to be one of the most powerful in the Hidden Sky Village ever, or even the entire ninja nations. Because combined with his seal and his tailed beast, he is unstoppable. There is a disadvantage to this however, after the user activates the seal and uses it, his chakra is depleated to 1/2 a percent, and the user falls into an involuntary coma were he slumber to regain his chakra.

Zaruke Biography: Zaruke is known as a ninja prodigy among his village. He is considered the most powerful to ever come out of the Rhenji Clan, and the most powerful in his village. After becoming a chunnin at age 7 and a jonin at age 8 he was chosen as a possibility for future Hezokage. (Kage of Village Hidden in the Sky.) He is one of the possible two members of the last of the surviving members of the Rhenji clan. Zaruke's clan was killed, when he was 12, when the war between the Sun and Sky villages entered the city. Zaruke came back to his clan's palace to find it ablaze in flame and his brother, Dergan, killing the rest of them. Dergan was a secret spy for the Sun Village. Zaruke quickly used his Shichibi to fight Dergan. (Dergan is the host of the Six Tailed thunder creature, Raiju.) The battle lasted for two days when Zaruke used his forbidden taijutsu attack, Six Points of Death. This attack, when hit in the right spot, more or less, explodes your six vital organs, heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Knowone has ever survived that attack. In pure rage Zaruke threw his brother into a volcano. Later Zaruke discvers that he was saved by the Sun Village Kage. Little more is known about Dergan. Zaruke's team is his best friend Doji, his sensai Endai, and his girlfriend Yana. Later on, another war broke out between the Sun and Sky Village. In pure hatred for what they had done to his brother and family he killed the entire army with one attack, his most powerful jutsu,Typhooran. Zaruke's new goal is to restart the Rhenji clan. Currently Zaruke is training with Endai to help Zaruke in being the Hezokage.

Hoped you enjoyed!! Please post comments!

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Lets see...
They have most anime character archetypes. They also cater to most real life groups (i.e chouji for the fatties, shika for the nerds, etc), but they missed a few. How about a "hip hop" type character? There's no reason there shouldnt be one. Japanese youths are really into the hip hop craze.

Join The Naruto Online Multiplayer Game

omai wa yowai....naze yowai ka? tarinai kara da nikushimiga
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Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku
Lets see...
that clan probably exsisted in the sound village, but the music died the day oro took over

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garaa is my cousin
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Red face

Originally Posted by KatonMakai View Post
-Come one, come all to the "Create Your Own Justsu or Naruto character" thread. Here you can post your creations. There's no real purpose to this thread other than to collect creativity from the fans of the Naruto series. There are however a few small rules:

1) ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, I cannot stress that enough.

2) The justsu or character cannot be proclaimed as "flawless" or "beats everything" once put into picture.

3) Have fun (I know it's cheesy but I needed a 3rd non-consequential rule).

-I guess I'll post my own creations first:

Jutsu: Fuuton: Tenkuu Sanpo (Wind Element: Art of Air Walking).
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: By merging one's chakra with the surrounding air currnets the user can walk the air as if he/she were on solid ground.
Advantages/Disadvantages: Great for evading and surprise attacks. However the person must have complete mastery of their chakra flow and the jutsu itself is rather costly and you'll find yourself easily exghausted.
Hand seals required: any single seal will do.

Jutsu: Ougi: Bijuu Bankai (Secret skill: Tailed Beast full release)
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Only applies to a Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu sealed within. By activating this the Jinchuuriki can use the full power of their demon by lifting their seals for a certain amount of time, essentially becoming the demon for the time allowed.
Advantages/Disadvantages: Effects will vary with each Jinchuuriki. Great for killing things quickly. Unfortunatelly once the timer runs out all that power goes away and the user is thrown into withdrawl (As in when you use a drug and then suddenly stop. That damages the body.) This can only be done once a day, anymore and the person shall burn in their own power.
Hand seals: All 12 respective seals done in any order twice.
jutsu:kage:kage tsubasa tsukiakari(shadow wings moonlight)
effect: it bring wings of ones back of a shadow color which then shine a light to some one and redoucess his or her chakra to 5%.
Advantages/Disadvantages:it also lets one to tke flight and pull out feathers that can be thown as shurikens but it can weaken its power to 85%.
hand sealsnly 6 seals are used in this jutsu it can be done 8 times only
name:sakurako karasuma
hair/eyes:long raven black wit onyx blue eyes
clan:kage hushi
village hidden in the:leaf
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How id you like my character Zaruke, guys?

P.S. His brothers name is Dergan, not Dargan.
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Try creating something original.
I came, I saw, I pwned
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Originally Posted by Mangs View Post
Try creating something original.
-Aww, give the guy a break. ANBUwarrior102's creation is better than what I came up with...
-When all else fails, ram them with a force of an 18-wheeler.
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erm... not going in as much depth as some of you but.......

the jutsu would basically send out massive ammounts of chakra, and use the chakra to compress space time into a paper-thin size. essentially creating a wormhole

advantage: could make an absolute defense around you and could use for a absolute kill by make a wormhole into someones brain and poking it -.-

disadvantage: would require insane amounts of chakra and chakra control, next to unlimited or whatever

and then something that would completely obliterate sharingan and that other one (neji uses, cba to look up spelling). sends out very very thin layers of chakra out in an orb, incompasing massive areas around the user. and the brain of the user is connected to the jutsu, which would make the body react only on impulse, requireing no reaction time what-so-ever. so when anything within the field changes, the user would know because the chakra would have moved. it is basically the principle that a sand painting will never look the same if moved. and an advanced user would be able to sense deseat and read peoples thoughts by analyzing their brain's electrical signals as if they were the users. basically the user would become omnisciant.

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wow somehow reading this kinda bugs me =X everyone is making like super ownage jutsus lol maybe you should add rules like you know no overpowered jutsus n stuff then maybe can use certain stuff like the gundam seed nova forums XD
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Summoning Jutsu:

Summon a cow

Man, ANBUwarrior102 put alot of thorght into it lol
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the forth hokage
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Name:Zanube Hicerome

village:The hidden village of blood

Clan:Regiie Clan


Weight:98 pounds

Hight:4 foot 11 inch

Qoutes:"I will kill you evan if i have to kill everyone","im not human but a beast"

hair:Blood color with black highlights


Largest killing spree:29 days

Favorite food:Naruto and romin

Faviort wepon:His bare hands

Started trainning:At age 4

Trainned by:Hasherioto Kihon


Farqu hym jutsu:Builds a amout of chacra from out his body using 1% of his chacra is used in this attack.It throws off his opponets chacra for about 7 seconds.

Hikuno blok jutsublood transfprm jutsu)When his opponet hits him this is his way to dodge.But there has to be blood around he switches places with the blood to dodge.

Hikuno niuk jutsublood coffen jutsu)Similer to gaaras sand coffen This is basicly the same but with blood this is only able to be preformed When he releases the 4 tailed woof.The reserve in his chacra is fanamanam.There are 16 reserves in his chacra.He can open 16 so far but it is extremly dangoruse for him to open all 16 that he is capable to because it could kill him.

And his deadlyest is Hikuno zan jutsublood rain jutsu)He can only use this when he opens all 16 reserves his chacra seeps through all posibul exites of his body thats how much chakra there is in his body.All of his Chacra Forms into a masive ball and flys high into the sky.Then the Chacra spreds apart and aims for one target.There is about no way to dodge this attack

About him:He was removed from his village for killing there leader.But he did not leave without a mark He unleased the blood rain justu.It destroyed the village compleatly.Last seen he was spotted aroun Giunia Village.

Sorry for nething misspelled i was in a hury.
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The original enemy of the Gods, so powerful it contested the will of them all. However, with the help of the first ninja, the half-god, half-human, who mixed chakra with handseals, Demin's entire entity was split into the 9 tailed demons, each with a specific power and characteristic of the original Demin.

Powers: Ability to cause limitless rage among the inhabitants of the world and could create massive natural disasters with a thought.
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Name: Ryu Kenja
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6"0
Weight: 170 lbs.
Allegiance:Village hidden in the Leaves
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Strengths: Ninjutsu specialist, Swift and quick thinker.
Weaknesses:Lacks skills in Genjutsu. Also his chakra capacity isnít very large. However it increases when he is furious.
Weapons: Ryu has a lightning blade and uses it sometimes.

Missions Performed
D: 9 (9 successes, )
C: 12 (8 successes, 3 failures)
B: 13 (13 successes)
A: 35 (29 success, 6 failures)
S: 19(14 success, 5 falures
Specialty: He moves at very fast speed and is considered among the fastest ninja in Konoha. As fast as he is physically he is also mentally, and uses this to his advantage

Team:His team consists of 3 Jounin lead by a Elite Jounin Kazoku Kenja(leader of the group)The three Jounin are Ryu Kenja Mitani Tenshi and Richie Muteki.It was his older brother Kazoku who decided to have Ryu in his team. These two work together outstandingly. Kazoku has mastered the Iteza. He is an all around powerfull Ninja and was considered to become Hokage, but he declined. Ryu's other teamate is Mitani Tenshi who is in love with Ryu. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes and shes a medical ninja. Ryu also likes Mitani but he does not tell her because he is focused on completing their missions and training. He feels that if they were to have a relationship he would be sidetracked. Ryu's other teamate is Richie. He is one of Ryu's bestfriends. He is strong in Tiajutsu and is kind of lazy when it comes to doing missions. However Richie trains more then anyone on the team.Together this team hasn't failed but one single S class mission.

Physical appearance:
Hair: black
Eyes: Red
He also has a scar on his face next to his right eye.

Clothes:Long sleeve black shirt and a dark red vest. Kitsune(Fox) written on his back of his vest in black.He has a red forhead protector that he ties around his head but sometimes on his right arm.

Personality: Grew up as a Ninja Genious. Graduated academy at age 9 became a chunin at the age of 10 . He's sometimes refered to as Kitsune(Fox) because of his quickness intelligence and his slick ability to trick people.Ryu is really determined to get strong. He wishes to someday become the strongest person ever. Ryu is serious most of the time, but everyonce in a while he will crack a joke at a real serious situation to cut the tension. He is a very hard worker. Ryu's only bad qualities are that he sometimes holds grudges against people for minor errors or mistakes. And he doesn't take it lightly if people insult his clan even if it is jokingly.

History: He is a member of the Kenja Clan. Their bloodline trait is called Iteza a powerful ninjutsu which allows them to use telekinesis. Legend also says that an ancestor of Kenja was able to tap into Iteza and and destroy whole cities only with his mind. His clan is fairly large in Konoha and they are very talented.Ryu is the youngest of 3 brothers his eldest brother is Sasoriza Kenja and his other brother his Kazoku Kenja.Many of his relatives however chose the evil route and are missing ninja. Ryu however decided to stay a loyal member of Konoha. His father and brother Kanura Kenja and Sasoriza Kenja were the same way until a tragesty happened.A war broke out between Konoha and the Village hidden in the Mist when Ryu was about 11. During this war Ryu's mother was killed on a mission to spy in the Mist village. She was killed by Elite Jounin sent by the Mizukage. Ryu's father and brother never forgived Konoha and defected immeditley after her death. Unlike his father and brother Ryu knew Konoha wasn't to be blamed so he stayed in the village. His other brother Kazoku who is an Elite jounin also stayed in Konoha with Ryu.

Ryu continued to serve the village during the war and stayed loyal throughout his missions. After seeing his loyalty and skills the village made him a Jounin at the age of 16. He helped them when Konoha was outnumbered using his Mind Mass Control.

Ryu was considered a Ninja genious and always has alot of expectations to live up to. There are few times when he doesn't live up to them and he is then scolded ,mostly by his brother Kazoku.

Ryu has some amazing ninjutsu skills. One of his moves that he uses along with Iteza is called Mass Mind Control with it hes able to control the minds of about 100 people at once.He used this trick only once when the hidden mist village was invading Konoha. He controlled about 68 of the hidden mist's shinobi and used them as reinforcements for Konoha. However this unbelievable skill comes with a price it drains massive amount of chakra and sometimes Ryu ends up knocked out from one week to 3 weeks!!!. Ryu's brother warned him not to use it because he might end up dying. It mostly depends on how much minds he controls he can steadily control about 15-20 minds. His other skill is being able to summon a Fire Dragon the size of the frogboss. This dragon's moves along with Ryu are unbeatable!!
Ryu uses his Iteza very skillfully but he hasnt fully mastered it like Kazoku.
Taijutsu: This isn't one of Ryu's strong points but do not underestimate him because he is able to pack a very powerfull punch
Ryu is really really bad in Genjutsu he can use only one genjutsu technique and he does it horribly[I]
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You said character to right?
Well...I've got one.

Name: Tsubaki Saru
Age: 16-19 (In my fiction.)
Born: Oct. 15
Place of birth: Konoha
Hair: Blonde to Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: Medium

Past: (I'll put it short.) After a war not far outside of Konoha, her clan was killed off. She was the only one to survive. Saru now lives alone, and is a jounin of Konoha. She is a master at Katon justu, including older techniques from her clan.

Common Justu used: Katon: Rakakyuu no justu (Satoryuu)
-Used to summon a fox of great power. The fox itself looks as if it's fur were on fire. It controls fire freely and has great speed.

Weakness: Gen-justu and over-all speed.

Clothing: Long black coat with the symbol for fire on the back. Common gloves with metal plate (example: look at Kakashi) Normal tight red shirt, and long black pants. On each side are chains hanging down, holding Kunai and Shuriken.

If you want more info, just check out my story.Okay?
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This is Ryu Kenja's brother Kazoku

Name: Kazoku Kenja
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6"4
Weight: 190 lbs.
Allegiance:Village hidden in the Leaves
Ninja Rank: Elite Jounin
Strengths: Mastered the Iteza. has a large Chakra capacity. And is one of the stealthiest shinobi.
Weaknesses:His weakness is on his left arm which was almost completley cut off in a battle. The best medical Ninja in the world gathered to fix it and they succeeded but his arm is still rather weak to this day.
Weapons: Nothing but regular Kunai and Shuriken

Missions Performed
D: 9 (9 successes, )
C: 13 (13successes)
B: 17 (17 successes)
A: 21 (21 successes)
S: 20(18 successes, 2 falures)
Specialty: His Blood line Limit the Iteza is his specialty

Team:His team consists of the three other Jounin lead by himself.The three Jounin are Ryu Kenja(his brother) Mitani Tenshi and Richie Muteki. Ryu's other teamate is Mitani Tenshi This team works outstandigly together. They have beat almost every opponent they have come across. Together this team hasn't failed but one single S class mission.

Physical appearance:
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Red

Clothes:He has a black forehead protector and usually wears a red tanktop but sometimes he doesnt wear anything on his upper attire. He also wears black pants.

Personality: Kazoku has a very strong Personality. Alot of people in the village are intimidated by him. He is an all around nice guy and doesn't bother those who cross his path. He used to laugh and joke more before his mother died. Now he feels he has a responsibility to look after his brother.

History: He is a member of the Kenja Clan. Their bloodline trait is called Iteza a powerful ninjutsu which allows them to use telekinesis. Legend also says that an ancestor of Kenja was able to tap into Iteza and and destroy whole cities only with his mind. His clan is fairly large in Konoha and they are very talented.Kazoku has three brothers his eldest brother is Sasoriza Kenja and his other brother his Ryu Kenja.Many of his relatives however chose the evil route and are missing ninja. Kazoku was tempted to leave Konoha. His father and elder brother told asked him to join however he decided to stay a loyal member of Konoha. His father and brother Kanura Kenja and Sasoriza Kenja were loyal until a tragesty happened.After the war between Konoha and the village hidden in the mist Kazoku's mom Died. His elder father and brother blamed Konoha for sending her on a mission to the hidden mist village alone.The Mizukage had killed her.They defected immeditley after her death. Kazoku was almost about to leave with him until he saw his brother Ryu was determined to stay.Kazoku couldn't leave his youngest brother behind.He stayed with his brother and later came to realize Konoha was not to blame for the death of his mother. He still wants to settle his score with the Mizukage of the hidden mist village though.

Kazoku unlike Ryu is not a talanted Ninja by birth. But he works harder then Ryu and always stops at nothing but sucsess. Maybe this is why he has failed only 2 missions. Although Kazoku is less talented then Ryu he bacme Chuninn at a younger age because of his leadership and decsion making skills.

Kazoku is an all around powerfull Ninja and was considered to become Hokage, but he declined.He decided it was better for him to look out for his brother and if he was hokage he would be too distracted.

Kazoku is one of the few people in the Kenja family to fully master the Iteza. He uses it so perfectly that it doesn't drain much of his Chakra. This blood line limit is very usefull. It allows the user to use Telekinesis and move anything or anyone without touching them. Kazoku can also use an attack called Seija. This is a ninjutsu techinique that he uses to generate a ball of fire in his hand. This techinique is as powerfull if not more than powerfull then the Chirdori.That is Kazoku's only originial move. The rest were taught to him by members in his clan but Kazoku is now working on a new jutsu.
Taijutsu: Kazoku is fairly good at taijutsu but he doesnt use it much because his weakness in his left arm works as a disadvantage to him.
Genjutsu: Kazoku can use Genjutsu but not very skillfully.
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(ninjutsu) it has 9 different types of elemental dragons that attack the opponent(s)
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