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Old 2006-10-14, 15:26   Link #61
Suna no tate
Akatsuki Bart is Tobi
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I like that blood guy a bit, but desert coffin type moves don't really fit the part.

My guy

Name: name him yourself
village: some random village. doesn't really matter

background: related to hidan's jashin group. This guy's clan has hemophilia as their blood line limit. However its not fatal. Instead, while they can lose huge amounts of blood their ability is they can just as quickly replace it, depending on the skill of the user. This clan would most likely serve at the top of the jashin group and are highly respected, being willing and renewable sacrifices to their blood god who constantly lusts for blood. However their unnatural flow of blood leaves them blind, as it tends to collect in the eyes. Thus they almost always cover their eyes with a headband or something. They always let a little blood dissipate into the air around them and can flow chakra into it. This lets them walk around without bumping their heads or something

skills: chakra infused blood flow leaves room for lots of cool moves. Battle starts with gashing an arm with a sacrificial dagger and huge amounts of blood flows out. Then he can use the blood to coat the area to give him a distinct advantage. It soaks into everything, even the air. Some of it in even breathed in by the opponent. SInce he can literally feel things out with his chakra in the blood, he doesn't really need eyes and can use the blood soaked environment to see you. Moreover he can feel your blood flow as it gushes in your body and use that in addition to guide his movements. They are primarily taijutsu users, using blood to trap and hinder your motions and then beating you up.

ninjustus: basics, body flicker, clones etc. body liquification hiding justu-- turns parts of his body into all blood to hide in the blood soaked field

genjutsu-- blood fear inspire! Removes headband and reveals bloody eyes. The genjutsu causes 5 senses in opponent to be heightened incredibly, giving better vision than a hawk, better smell than a dog, etc. They become so incredibly aware of the blood around them, the smell, the feel, the taste, the sound of it flowing in their brains, that they develop a paralyzing fear and paranoia of it. They freeze and are killed with the sacrifical dagger!

trump card move: summon the blood god to the field to fight at his side, at the cost of 1) its a slow summon, uses lots of hand seals, and costs a lot of chakra 2) the opponent/s will probably be killed regardless of the nature of the mission (HOW TROUBLESOME INDEED), 3) the summoner must give his body to be food for the blood god. Its a painful process and the user will lose 7 drops of blood a day for every drop of blood shed by each opponent killed by the blood god for the rest of his life. The blood god kills too many and you'll die too. However on the plus side, the blood god gives him a permanent bloody dripping hand that in battle has a mind of its own. If you see the bloody hand, run!!!

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Old 2006-10-14, 15:49   Link #62
Suna no tate
Akatsuki Bart is Tobi
Join Date: Oct 2006
oh the blood god is slow to summon in this way. Even for a skilled user, its takes 10 minutes of continuous hand seals to summon him fully. He appears in parts. The chain can be broken and resumed but only until it is completed does he appear. Unlike the death god who is greedy and always looking for souls and who freely walks the earth, the world is unnatural to the blood god and he only lasts for 10 minutes (an eternity in terms of a battle). ok thats it for me.
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Old 2006-10-15, 13:16   Link #63
ANBU Captain
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Age: 26
Hi guys, its nice to see that i inspire so many people to copy me. COPY CATS!!
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Old 2006-10-15, 13:27   Link #64
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Stop getting full of yourself no one copied you. I had mine already done a while back on a different forum. Your ideas aren't that original anyway for you to say people copied you.
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Old 2006-10-15, 13:29   Link #65
ANBU Captain
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But they did copy me. My charcter blew all of yours away. And your just trying to be half as good as me HAHAHA!!
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Old 2006-10-15, 14:42   Link #66
ANBU Captain
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Were your fears hide.
Age: 26
Meet Zaruke's brother, Dergan!!

Name: Dergan Soshimaru

Status: Unkown

Age: 13

Weight: 93lbs.

Height: 5'3"

Rank: S-class missing-nin

Weapons: Kunai knives, shuriken, and Sais. (little knife-sword things.)

Quotes: " I have finally found the meaning of my existence.", " Why must I kill everyone!?"

Village: Born in Village Hidden in the Sky, currently living unkown.

Clan: Rhenji clan (rejected)

Bloodline Limit: Gyunkenkai

Hair and Eye Color: Hair is Black and Eyes ar Hazel.

D rank: 15 sucseses
C rank: 23 sucseses
B rank: 11 sucseses
A rank: 28 sucseses
S rank: 3 sucseses

Personality: Very headsrtong and doesn't give up.

Tailed Beast, Six Tailed Thunder Creature, Raiju:
Descriptoin: Dergan is struck by lightning and then is engulfed by it and takes the shape of a large cat. If you get to close you get shocked and paralized temoporarily. The Raiju is very strong and has alot of chakra and stamina. The Raiju ultimatly is not as strong as the Shichibi, but is still very powerful.

Major Jutsus:
1. Birth of the Impure Spirit Army
Read on Zaruke's Bio.

2. Lightning Strike
Rank: A rank
Users: Dergan Soshimaru
Description: Dergans custom made jutsu. Dergan molds a big ball of chakra shoots it into the sky, and then the chakra expoldes and sends a barrage of lightning at his enemies. Very powerful, but doesn't hold a candle to Typhooran.

3. Secret Forbidden Art, Master Death Technique
Rank: S rank
Users: Dergan Soshimaru, Roha Soshimaru (disceased)
Description: A very brutal and graphic technique. Dergan targets an opponent with chakra and then the chakra absorbs into your skin and starts to slowly destroy you from the inside out. This technique is very painful and cannot be stopped.

Dergan Biography: Dergan is the younger brother of Zaruke and the son of the head of the Rhenji clan, Huro. The Rhenjis are the most powerful clan in the Village Hidden in the Sky, and arguably the most powerful in the 5 ninja nations. Everyone fears their power. Anyway, Dergan was always jealous of Zaruke's power. (And Zaruke being adhored by all the ladies .) So when the Sun Village Kage gave Dergan a chance to get his revenge, Dergan couldn't refuse. Dergan went to his palace with 100 Sun Village Jonin and killed off the Village Hidden in the Sky's most powerful assets, the entire Rhenji clan. What Dergan did not expect was Zaruke to return from fighting so soon. Zaruke quickly killed all of the jonin, and the only one left was his brother. They bothed unleashed their tailed beasts and fought for two days. When finally Zaruke used his forbidden technique and thought to have killed him and then threw him into a volcano. Dergan was saved by the Sun Village Kage and he was healed and put into recovery. To this day Dergan still wants his revenge on his brother.

Hope you enjoyed!! Please post comments!
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Old 2006-10-15, 15:13   Link #67
ANBU Captain
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Were your fears hide.
Age: 26
how did you like that
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Old 2006-10-15, 15:44   Link #68
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: USA, NewJersey
This is my character i created for naruto..

First name: Chuck
LAst name : Norris

Jutsu type : Ninjutsu, GEnjutsu, Taijutsu and edo tensai Jutsu.

Jutsu effect: Fire roundhouse kick- this move creates a huge massive ball of fire made out
of lava.
WAter roundhouse kick- this move brings about a tsunami to wash out the enemies
Lightning roundhouse kick- brings a lightning storm to zap any enemies in the
earth roundhouse kick- this move creates a powerful earthquake.
wind roundhouse kick- this move creates a huge tornado that cuts enemies into pieces
that gets trapped in it.

Status: Inactive but will be active soon..

Age: unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: unknown

Rank: Ninja God

Backgorund: At birth, Chuck Norris came out feet first so he could roundhouse kick thedoctor in the face. Nobody delivers Chuck Norris but Chuck Norris. CHuck Norris at the age of 6 months had some Ramen, he had a bowel movement and he was so agitated that some unusual power came out of him and destroyed the surroundings. He later named this power as chakra. Hence CHuck norris is the first person to discover chakra and later he manipulated chakra to use it into various types known as ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu and edo tensai jutsus. HE was the first ninja to be ever known to mankind.
His presence created numerous rumours. Some of the populer ones that everyone belived were- There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.Chuck Norris manufactures barbed wire from his beard shavings.When Chuck Norris goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe, and instead requests a hand gun and a bucket.Chuck Norris once walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris frequently signs up for beginner karate classes, just so he can "accidentally" beat the ---- out of little kids.Chuck Norris kills 14 white people at the end of every week just to prove he isn’t racist.On the 7th day, God rested…. Chuck Norris took over.
Some ninja believes these rumours in the naruto world some dont. It is said that one day chuck norris was so bored of the world that he used up all his chakra to create the 9 demons and went to sleep. Currently, the akatsuki is trying to collect the 9 demon's so they can awaken the legend once again. They have no idea what they are in for...

We can only hope that things turn out for better...
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Old 2006-10-15, 20:08   Link #69
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Name: Kinta Marshamiro
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 5"2
Weight: 85 lbs.
Allegiance: Leaf
Ninja Rank: Genin (Jounin level)
Strengths: Taught by Itachi; can use many secret ninja arts
Weaknesses: Shy; avoids killing at almost all costs
Weapons: Scrolls *Note, the scrolls can be divided into smaller scrolls, since the scrolls on her body and on her back can be detached into thousands of long, thin, scrolls.* (The scrolls are not just paper, since they have been infused with the 3-tailed demon's chakra and Kinta's chakra. And since Kinta's chakra is very strong (probably about as strong as Naruto in his 5th state of Kyuubi), the additional demon's chakra makes it almost virtually indestructable. Not even Kyuubi can penetrate it. Although Uchiha Madre can...*

Missions Performed
D: 9
C: 11
B: 26
A: 87
S:1 (currently working on)

*Note* Besides the D-rank missions, the rest were given out by Itachi-sensei. The ranks aren't official, just probably.

Specialty: Used to have the Three Tailed Demon, has many of its powers

Team: She has no team, besides akatsuki.
Physical appearance:
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown

Clothes: She wears a robish-type clothing and usually has a big scroll on her back and some scrolls on her arms and legs wrapped around.

Personality: Kinta is a shy girl who fell into lonliness after her parents passed away (typical, isn't it)

History: Kinta at very young age (unknown) was given to Itachi to take care of after her parents had passed away. At this time, Itachi was still on ANBU missions, so this must have been one of them. Her father died with an unknown disease (although probably simiailar to the one Kimmaimaro died from) and her mother died by trying to kill her. The three tailed demon was sucked into her once when she was swimming and started drowning. Once her mom found out, she tried to wrap her around in protective scrolls so the demon couldn't get out, despite the fact that she would be killing her daughter. But to no avail, the demon angrily killed the mother but at the same time was captured in the scrolls (the scrolls currently wrapped around her arms and legs.) After time, her talent and ability and skills increased with Itachi sensei's help, and she felt loved that she had a teacher would actually care for her. But this didn't last long. When she overheard Itachi being joined with the akatsuki, she thought that she would be left behind, so she ran away from Itachi. Soon, Itachi found her and released the Three Tailed Demon with an unknown jutsu (probably the same one orochimaru used, since Itachi had probably copied it with Sharigan, without most of its power. He said that she would be killed by akatsuki (or more specifically, him) if she kept the demon inside of her. This may be another reason why Itachi killed Shisui Uchiha, besides the obvious factor that Shisui was the only one that could stop Itachi, so he killed him first. After saving her life, she has stayed with Itachi and sort of akatsuki with very advanced skills. Currently, she is working on a S-rank mission on continiously tracking Naruto (9 tailed demon) and keeping an eye on him in his training, skills levels, etc.

Ninjutsu: Like Gaara, the power of the demon gave her an automatic shield, although 3 times faster than Gaara's and instead is made up of scrolls.
Great Scroll Summoning: This is when she summons a big scroll that she has made from all the scrolls she has collected and some scrolls written from her from things she has learned. This is only if she dosen't already have this scroll on her back.
Mummy Impersonation: This is when the scrolls actually wrap around her whole entire body, and if anyone tries to get close to her, the scrolls will usually take them out and wrap them up until they can't move.
Scroll Obliviation: This is where the scrolls summon more scrolls which summon animals, projectile weapons, and jutsus. All of which will be hurled at the oppenenent one way or another. This requires lots of chakra, though, so it is used only on a limited basis.
Taijutsu: Lotus Garouga: Pretty much the same as Garouga although if someone tries to jump out of the way, the scrolls will catch them and wrap them so they can't move and the Garouga will be an easy success.
Primary/Secondary Lotus: Gai's and Lee's moves, although easier for Kinta to do.
Gate openings: Same, Gai and Lee's way of pushing to the limits.
Lotus Barrage: This is where the scrolls from the arms and legs wrap around trees nearby. Then you jump in the air and the trees will be taken off of the ground and you then knock all the trees together so they become a big pile of leaves and bark and whatnot. Then you do a tornado-like movement in the air and have the tree parts being thrown down everywhere.
Genjutsu: Itachi even says that Kinta has most talent in her Genjutsu, but Kinta doesn't like the idea of winning by illusions and uses it only for distraction or getaway.

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Old 2006-10-16, 08:59   Link #70
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Oh my god... not Chuck...

Well my contribution is a Bloodline i thought of.

Hikarikagegan - Light-Shadow Eyes

Appearance: Milky-white irises with currents of black and grey flowing(literally) around. No pupil is visible.

Background: Hikarikagegan is the hallmark of the once-great Okana clan of the Hidden Mist Village. Now long non-existant, only one Okana clan member and master of the hikarikagegan is rumored to be alive. The hikarikagegan is also rumored to be the progenetor of the famous Hyuuga clan byakugan.

Abilities: Hikarikagegan has three uses. First) Upon eye contant the user can "hear" the subjects surface thoughts and "feel" their surface emotions. This was a precursor to the sharingan's prediction of movements and lends itself well to both combat and personal interaction(diplomacy), having an effective range of a couple miles. Second) Manipulated chakra is visible to the user showing both its general nature and strength/amount. This is considered to be a baser form of how the byakugan now functions. Third) The user can instantly use a very powerful genjutsu on the subject which erases the users true prescense from the subjects mind, instead showing only an illusion controlled by the user. This is typically only used in brief bursts to keep the opponent off guard as it consumers large amounts of chakra to maintain.

hope u like.
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Hi guys, im back... from the future!!
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Send a message via AIM to slopycate

This Is My Picture Of Itachi... If You Want Some Info On My Character...I'm Making It Right Now.
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Hey guys... is anyone going to post something already!!
Im gettin pritty bored here being the only one who can make a halfway decent character!! ROFL
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Soultis Rayn
Triple Scythe
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A character that is sooo stupid he defies laws of life and physics.

Example: Can appear out of nowhere next to you while you were 10,000 miles away or he died and just came back because he's so stupid.

Anyways any REAL character coming from this mind would take more time than I have to describe.
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Originally Posted by ANBUwarrior102 View Post
Hey guys... is anyone going to post something already!!
Im gettin pritty bored here being the only one who can make a halfway decent character!! ROFL
Name: Kimone Hishimo
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5"9
Weight: 115 lbs.
Allegiance: Orochimaru/Leaf
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Strengths: Taught by Orochimaru
Weaknesses: Love, Revenge And Other Emotions
Weapon Of Choice: Crystal Red Sharingan
Jutsu: Gyubiji (Mind Warp)

History: Kimone Hishimo Was Abandoned At Two Monthes Of Age, when A Stranger (Kage Of The Star Village)Found Her Crying In A Blanket. He Took Her In As His Own And Named Her Kimone. When She Was Three She Started Her Training To Become Kage. When She Was 4 1/2 The Kage Of The Star Villa Died And She Ran Away. She Ran, And Got Rides From People To A Village, A Village Hidden In The Leaves (Her Destination) And Met The Harunos (The Wife Pregnant). They Took Her In And three Monthes Later They Had A Child Themselves And They Called Her Sakura, Cherry Blossom, 2 Monthes Later She Continued Her Training (Age: 5). Little Did She Know She Was Being Watched By An Evil Man,Orochimaru Was His Name. Seeing Her Power Gave Him Ideas And He Had Evil Plans For Her. At The Age Of 10 She Was Going To The Market And Was Pulled Aside By A Mysterious Man That Told Her That He Could Help Her Get Revenge On The Person Whom Had Killed Her Father But She Had To Sware Loyalty To Him to Do So. She Agreed And Ran Away From Home. So Far She's Been Working For Orochimaru But Stayed In Konoha Undercover. She Has Completed: 51 D Ranked Missions 74 C Ranked 36 B Ranked And 71 A Ranked Missions, Planning An S Ranked Mission And Became A Jounin At The age Of 16. She Has Been Undercover Since.

Ok Theres My Info Really Short And Horrible Info, I'm Not Evil. I Just Don't Relize Orochimaru Is Evil. My Jutsu Is Pronounced: Guy-You-Bee-Gee

_Kimone Hishimo

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Likes cheese
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I decided to make a picture to go with it ^^

Made with MS Paint entirely

(slopycate i'm using the same things to discribe her as you did (you know, like, weapon of choice and whatnot, because they are good ideas. i hope you don't mind)

Name: Nadeshiko. (witch means Pink - the flower, not the color, witch is why she has a pink outfit. that, and my favorite color is pink ^^)
Age: Nine
Sex: Female
Height: 3'8
Weight: 66 lbs.
Allegiance: Leaf
Ninja Rank: Acadamy Student (witch is why she has no headband. she will probably wear it around her waist in place of her belt if she gets one.)
Strengths: Genjutsu
Weaknesses: Taijutsu (She's very small, in size and weight, making taijutsu difficult for her. And, she's clumsy)
Weapon Of Choice: Bombs
Jutsu of Choice: Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Skill)

She's kinda based off me, in personality and skill, anyway, so she's really clumsy. She'll probably end up with the same fate as Usa in "Tail of the Moon" and be married off to a rich ninja family because she was that horrid a ninja herself.

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Advanced blood line: This character can see and speak with the souls of the dead.

Advantages: How can this be an advantage?
By speaking with the people who your enemy killed you can know about all your enemies strengths and weakness without having even to see it happen. Also it is a way to get information, by asking the dead, he can know if someone is lying, the situation in a country, learn forgotten jutsus of the past, etc…

For example: "So you are Shikamaru, I see you are the type who attacks with shadows, yet your techniques are useless, by liberating chakra I can escape your kage bind, by watching your shadow I can predict your attacks, without time to make a plan with your allies you have half the potential. No matter what strategy you do, without powerful allies to give orders to, you can do nothing. Now die!"

Disadvantages: Killing a person creates a heavy karma, since this character is easily affected by the thoughts of the dead, if he kills a person, this persons soul becomes attached to his soul and constantly haunts him, so he cannot kill anyone or he will suffer the consequences.
In the first full moon day of the month, the people killed by him will always materialize and they will try to kill him, if he don’t make amends with those who he killed, he will be cursed forever.

Jutsus: He have surpassed his limits by combining the different types of jutsu.
_ - Ninjutsu + Genjutsu = Katon grand illusion fire = fire a powerful fire ball, but if the target avoids it, the felling of heat causes a genjutsu, making the target believe it is on fire.
_ - Ninjutsu + Taijustu = Fire knucles no jutsu = Fist which can cause explosion if connect with the target.
_ - Ninjutsu + Taijustu = Flame fever touch = by using this jutsu, he can cause the target to fell sick with a great fever. He can use with any part of his body(like Neji), so even if you hit him in the face, he can cause you to fell sick.
1~3 strikes = makes the target fell sick with his/hers body with boiling fever. It becomes hard to move.
4~6 strikes = makes the target lose all coherent thinking and leads to hallucinations
more than 6 = the target die with his blood boiling.
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only asian fans know these manuals, base of jin yong universe

9 Yang Manual = gives me stacks of chakra at young age, takes years to master, allows me to learn acupuncture/medical nin, and learn other jutsus quick, the more i practice the more chakra increases.

Beimong Shengong Manual = Allows me to move at a quick pace aka alternative flashstep, and absorbtion powers (Bak ming sun gung) sucking all jutsus or chakra .
QQDNY = allows better chakra movement superior to sharigan in copying jutsus and finding out weaknesses, 3 manuals combined will give me auto-body defense deflection whether its palm/fists with chakra.

Disadvantages - 3 manuals have nothin on genjutsu...

Left/Right Technique = allows of-hand and on-hand to use different sword skills simultaneously instead of having 2 ppl...multi-skilled technique
Short range - 18 dragon subdue palms (each hit is a killer blow)
- 1 yeung finger technique, seals chakra point and paraylzes oponent
- tai chi sword
- Dugu 9 Jian swordsmanship - highest lvl of swordmanship where a leaf or grass can become a sword (highest lvl in jin yong universe)
long range - Dali 6 Mak Divine swords, shoots chakra out of fingers (just like kimimaru shooting out bones with his fingers)

Weapons of choice - heavenly sword + dragon sabre

i will win in every fight, only downside is face against a genjutsu fighter......but i be too quick to be lockup in genjutsu.........
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Old 2006-11-01, 10:56   Link #79
king chopper
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name: Nikamaru otama

gender: male


Raging tiger no jutsu

allows user to use nearby fire source or any source of heat and turn it into a shape of a tiger comin for its prey and then dives through the oppenant causing great damage but uses up almost all Chakra if the user is not good with his chakra usage

fireblood fang no jutsu

a technique made only by nikamaru himself it allows a great dragon to come out of the user and then bites the oppenants neck and head inside his body causin blood pressure and heart speed to run 2x faster if they have weak organs they would surely die
wouldnt be of much effect to Uzumaki naruto because of his Stamina but if used multiple times say 10 or 25 it would cause great heart damage to naruto and probably kill him the same way as any other oppenant and technique uses up ALOT of chakra

Great fire-tiger fireball

a technique that is forbidden to the user if used by nikamaru he could surely die
a technique that shoots out of the sky and hits the oppenant with massive force a sure-kill technique but if ever used by nikamaru more than once it would mean total chakra use and he WILL die
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allof you suck im the best here
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