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Old 2016-05-28, 19:23   Link #461
He Without a Title
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Just bumping this to note that I'm still working on the ANN data to see if there's actually been any change to the kind of shows that get made along the years.

I still need a bit of time to get everything up in the web for everyone else to look at their leisure but I thought I could leave a small preview here:

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Now here's a pretty major caveat: I'm really not too sold on the quality of the ANN data. Genre categorizations are all over the place and the "themes" are even worse. To top it off I had to discard 20% of all entries due to missing year, genre and/or theme.
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Old 2016-12-15, 12:11   Link #462
Guardian Enzo
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The message here is pretty clear: "Don't look to us for creative salvation, those days are long over".
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Old 2017-02-04, 21:32   Link #463
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
The message here is pretty clear: "Don't look to us for creative salvation, those days are long over".
Perhaps that's due to the usual factor in any 'artistic' endeavor? Every artist/company has their 'peak years', same with atheletes, and perhaps humanity in general, as the same is said of civilizations... gold, silver, copper to iron ages.

So, no one's 'picked up the baton' since noA passed it on? Personally, I'd agree with others that referred to the problem in shifting their business model to streaming services... direct payment for product online... their heavy reliance on disk sales is old school thinking.... but everyone hangs on to the past throughout their present until the future is more delineated and feels more secure... so perhaps that day hasn't arrived yet? Either way, the price has to be low for entry, as many are used to getting it for free now online, at least a little past initial release, later for anime films... but if they get enough 'fans' signed up for the service, it could replace the cost structure, the recording industry that seems to have completed this same service... which should be the model for the anime industry.. I would think. I really don't know.

PS... listening to that podcast mentioned above... and they are talking about just this issue.... disk sales continue to decrease... all going to streaming services... same here in the States... 'cutting the cord' affect as the customers are tired of having to pay for so many channels they don't want/watch... filled with the same crap by the same 5-6 studios here in the States.... but the cable/sat companies are forced to operate this way due to the studios that create the product, as it's all going to streaming services as well.... so the whole demand for a la carte channel selection will be left behind as it gets bypassed by a la carte program selection... pay only for what you actually want... makes sense, but that hardly ever gets promoted by an industry that is locked into the past structure... so they too get bypassed. The core of the studios themselves will transition as they are content providers owned by corporations, and can be divested, sold etc as the market changes, losses taken, as Sony announced recently.... all signs of the changing industry and the corporate mindset being left behind.

PPS or is it PSS? I'm still catching up on reading the various threads, but this other one suggested to me seems to have already mentioned the issues regarding streaming, simulcasting etc... so the industry is still working out the details on adapting to the changing landscape of the digital age... along with every other industry. and this was back in '12, so I wonder if they've figured it out yet?

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