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Old 2019-06-09, 05:01   Link #541
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Join Date: Jun 2019
Sorry to necro this thread (4 years oof) but after reading through the thread, there's still one problem that I can't seem to find the solution to, which is that my Unity files don't seem to be downloading - its downloaded 6mb in 8 hours and hasn't increased since.

My port is forwarded, and Perfect Dark isn't giving me any complaints;- my Upload and download speeds both reach 250kb/s (although for some reason this is rare and the download speed usually hovers around 70kb/s and the upload at 110kb/s) and the total receive indicator shows more than 1gb of uploaded data and 900mb of downloaded data from that 8 hour period.

My ISP (Virgin Media) did in the past throttle p2p connections, however have (since 2016) released a statement saying that they will no longer continue the practice, and so I don't think my ISP is a problem.

My only "error" per se from Perfect Dark is to update my client, although I can't seem to find a version greater than 1.07 so if there is one and someone happens to have it, I'd be grateful if you could maybe upload it so I could try to use it ;)

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Old 2019-06-09, 05:07   Link #542
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Join Date: Jun 2019
Update: After finding version 1.22 (from this site my unity seems to be growing ;D
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p2p, perfect dark

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