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Old 2012-09-11, 04:59   Link #221
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Though they do say snail slime is good for the skin.

Btw the kages have fallen pretty low to be "killed" off panel.... How the mighty have fallen.
Hope Kishi keeps the fight going next week and doesn't waste it all on Obito flashbacks.
Other then that awesome chapter.
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Old 2012-09-11, 05:15   Link #222
start thinkin bout clones
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we need a 601 chapter stat....dont want to post my thoughts in here as i dont want to spoil those who came in here expecting 600 chapter discussion only.
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Old 2012-09-11, 05:44   Link #223
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We need a thread asap. Kishi just regained all my confidence in this manga!
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Old 2012-09-11, 05:50   Link #224
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Yeah we need a new thread of it.
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Old 2012-09-13, 04:07   Link #225
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Why are you guys acting like this is really complicated and broken? Let's see:
We know that Minato can seal his chakra inside Naruto to show up and TALK to Naruto YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS after he died. Same for his mom Kushina. So that's TWO people that sealed their chakra so they could talk to someone years after they died. And not a recording like Superman's dad, but straight up TALK and have conversations and talk about new events.

It's VERY possible that Madara, a shinobi that's OCEANS more powerful than anyone we've seen, could just as easily come up with some way for his spirit to survive after his death. He already told Obito in the new flashback that he was somewhere between the end of his current world and the other world. Meaning, he's dead but not quite 'dead all the way' dead. It's like the river of stix.

We also know that Nagato was willing to 'abandon' his identity to take up the identity of Yahiko/Pain. And many others took up new identities for some reason or another. Shit, only a few people knew Naruto was the 4th Hogake's son and Naruto wasn't even one of those people!

It's more likely: Madara gave the Rinnegan to Nagato maybe through Zetsu. When Madara was brain washing Obito in the 'river of Stix', time went by really slowly, similar to how when you're in Itachi's genjutsu, it feels like weeks when it's only been seconds. Wasn't Kakashi being tortured for WEEKS and only a few seconds went by? Imagine what Madara could do in weeks while Obito's physical body is in a coma.

At some point, Obito was convinced to take Madara's legacy on, and a lot of it had to do with Zetsu showing Obito that Rin had been killed. Obito accepted Madara's legacy and from that moment forward, Obito speaks on Madara's behalf AS Madara.

It's really not that complicated.

Danzo was a MUCH bigger plot hole.
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