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Old 2019-09-23, 18:07   Link #81
Guardian Enzo
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Originally Posted by Dop View Post
It's the ninja who says "Nin!"

Good Nighthawks reference though.
And “Ja!” Don’t forget “Ja!”.
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Old 2019-09-26, 09:38   Link #82
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Is it really Nighthawk refference though? If inside mask is cat girl, it would be completely different kind of reference
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2019-09-29, 17:08   Link #83
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Do we know when the final two episodes are going to be released? I assume they don't have any timeslots left since the two weeks without episodes were completely unplanned for obvious reasons.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2019-10-13, 13:41   Link #84
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Wow, this is as inconclusive as it can get, and not because of the 2 weeks delay.
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Old 2019-10-13, 16:12   Link #85
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wow indeed a very "open ending" but more like they managed to get ride of the monster woman, now we still have to deal with the "mad scientist which still making "nin nin ", guys, lol, i'm feeling which that small pet is the actually "ninja" that is why the scientist is able to keep rebuilding him "again" you need to kill that small pet to true kill him.

Really feel bad for bem and bela, belo only make me "like him a little" now in the last episode when he finally accept which he does like humans and stop being the annoying he was being so far, but now the problem is which maybe we never get a "second season" to see more of it.

well i really enjoyed it as it lasted.

8/10 for me.
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Old 2019-10-13, 18:15   Link #86
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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In the end, we got more backstory on Vega than on the three main characters. We have no clue how they were created or why. And of course they didn't accomplish their goal of becoming human. The only worthwhile episodes were the ones that developed Bela and Belo.

Doctor is still alive, ninja is still alive. Vega is also still alive but we're apparently supposed to assume she can't swim and will spend eternity at the bottom of the sea. Do they intend to make a second season?
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2019-10-13, 22:51   Link #87
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Would’ve been 7 if daryl died.
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Old 2019-10-15, 23:43   Link #88
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BEM. Last Thoughts

As of now I'm done with BEM, and the ending left me with mixed feelings and some bitter aftertaste. The reason is that some loose threads from other subplots were resolved in the last episode while at the same time lots of new questions rose.

Basically, Madame or Vega now sleeps literally under the bottom of the river but that doesn't change the fact that the Shadow Council is still running their devious affairs not only in Libra City but also possibly across the entire country. In addition, both the undertaker and the crazy doctor are still at large.

After their bussiness was done there was no sight of Bem, Bela, and Bero save for a slight cameo in the post-credit scene that came after the ending credits roll.

While I'm not acquainted with the 1960's Youkai Ningen Bem, fortunately, I recalled watching the 2006 remake eleven years ago through Animax in my country. In that iteration the setting and story takes place in an unnamed city in Japan, and our trio has settle there fighting against geniune youkai.

The main difference between that previous iteration and 2019 BEM is that the latter catches up into a more cynical and somber portrayal at how life in big cities look like in real life particularly remarking the wealth gap in between the rich and the poor.
Basically, no one cares on doing the right thing except our heroes who are humanoid youkai and, still, want to become humans by accomplishing selfless deeds to save humans.

The goal for our trio was the same in the 2006 remake but were a little bit more optimistic in their overall outlook on humanity and their dream to become humans themselves.
In fact 2006 Belo and 2019 Belo are the most contrasting iterations to each other due that former behaves more childish and is naive but hopeful that he along with his family become humans someday. Meanwhile, the latter is aloof, surly, and somber on the outside and constantly fed up that humans remain the same without changing. He distrusts the idea on becoming human dismissing it as a fairy tale and is wary of the deceitful nature of humans. It isn't but throughout the course of the show and right to the end that he geniunely has come to accept the friendship of the kids at the arcade after protecting them, and they reciprocating to him the same feeling.

I think that 2006 Belo shares several traits in common with 2019 Bela, as both try to look at the brighter side of humanity in spite of the misgivings, mistreatment, and fear inflicted upon them by those same humans.

Furthermore, in terms of personality, physical, and character design Bela got a revamped and full make over the most in comparison to her 2006 counterpart and, then, followed by Belo next. Bem, on the other hand, got the least modifications in terms of his character and physical design, though his personality in this show on the outside feels more distant and neutral in comparison to his 2006 incarnation.

Overall, BEM is a below average show that doesn't deliver a satisfying conclusion at tying all loose threads, but I give it credit for developing its characters with each standalone episodes.
The Witches from Hinamizawa
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horror, remake

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