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Old 2019-05-26, 21:52   Link #61
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Hee~ this gets updated? Guess I have to update makimaru hiatus list. Rozuria is the sole reason I started reding this by the way.
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Old 2019-07-14, 12:46   Link #62
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Looking at the 3 heroines (just can't seriously see the dwarf as one, she is more the mother character) I cheer for Rosalia as winner, tsundere mage is out for being the stereoptypical tsundere (sadly as she is the first girl the MC encountered after his downer state she have the highest chances), childhood friend is second, from what I've read the author could make her the winner with a very easy twist of words.
But I like Rosalia design and personality more.
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Old 2019-10-29, 12:47   Link #63
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Well volume 5 is out (both LN and WN), didn't bother reading the WN that was published a month before it so I'm a bit late.

Volume was about trying to get the old party back together but everyone has some sort of issue in the way. I liked the way it ended, though.
Spoiler for Thoughts:
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Old 2019-10-29, 17:40   Link #64
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Is it worth returning to reading this (I stopped even before Jin's death during one of the loooooong stalls)? I got kind of disappointed with the Erin twist. The romance was pretty sweet and everything went nicely, hell they were about half a step from making out, the only thing stopping them being the boss battle ahead. Then the battle happens, Note is pretty cool and Erin... returns to not care the least bit about romantic progress. I am not saying they should start doing it with all of their dormmates around, but to return to the starting point there was just unnatural and disappointing.
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Old 2019-10-29, 18:28   Link #65
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I will start reading again until something happens with Rosalia, I have always thought that protagonists like Note need someone like Rosalia at the beginning to balance and gives opportunity for better scenes.
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Old 2019-10-29, 19:05   Link #66
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^^I like slow, progressive growth. Which is all that's really happened. If you don't like that then no, it's not worth it.
Which is why I was so harsh on the previous volume, since it was just everyone stalling and then making up for lost time.
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Old 2019-11-01, 14:21   Link #67
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A series that FOUND a way to cater to cartographer otaku?
≠epic fail
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dungeon, fantasy, growth, harem

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