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Old 2016-09-03, 14:46   Link #21
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Omg, I didnt know this novel existed. Ruki will be jumping from joy if he sees this thread.
Anyways, I might take a look at this when setsuna begins with the translation.
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Old 2016-09-03, 16:18   Link #22
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What exatcly his older sister did that made him traumatized?
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Old 2016-09-03, 16:43   Link #23
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Originally Posted by EvI View Post
What exatcly his older sister did that made him traumatized?
Spoiler for Incident:

I do think he greatly overreacted to it though.
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Old 2016-09-04, 04:22   Link #24
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^It wasn't so much the act as it was the atmosphere to it, and the complete change in attitude from someone he thought would never do something like it.
It was also in an environment where there were very few people he could trust and weren't complete scumbags and crazies, and one of those few turned out to be just as crazy as the others.

It was basically an issue of stress piling up with one big final push from her.
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Old 2016-09-25, 04:56   Link #25
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Translator deleted everything and shot down his site to bad.
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Old 2016-09-25, 05:51   Link #26
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I was thinking about reading this a while ago. What should I expect if I decide to read it? Besides incest I mean. It seems like a dark perverted style story so far
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Old 2017-08-29, 00:17   Link #27
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.......I... Was... Left behind... Huh.... What is this thread!!! Incest?!! Royalty at that?!
And translation dropped and deleted!!! Shit~~~
Wait a minute... Mc and his sisters not even part of royalty... They are just bunch usurper...

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incest, plots

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