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Originally Posted by Nerroth View Post
How popular, or otherwise, is Ichijou Masaki over in Japan?

I've wondered about the kind of side stories that might be told one day in this setting. (I believe that Miyuki has a manga told from her own perspective, but I was thinking of something more at a remove from the Shiba siblings.)

On that front, I was wondering if Masaki might make for a half-decent option, at least from what has been shown for him in the anime so far. He is a powerful character in his own right, has a distinct "home" setting at Third High which could help distinguish it from the First High setup, and could potentially open the door to a different set of prioties, politics, and personal relationships that are only hinted at in the "main" story.

(I'm hoping that there will be something interesting for him to do in the Out of Order Vita game, at least.)

Would there be enough of an interest in the Crimson Prince to make a side story featuring him viable?

On a side note, I only recently registered that Masaki's VA also voices Kirito from Sword Art Online. Yet in the recent Mahouka/SAO cross-promotion, Kirito is often shown alongside Tatsuya instead. Which I suppose is fair enough, if a tad ironic.
Well Masaki isnt really popular or rather the only people that probably dig him are Fujoushis; even then TatsuyaXMikiXLeo are still popular than them; the only reason I can think of why Tatsuya and Kirito are mostly match up is because they are the both mascot of dengeki and started as web novel MCs.

If there one possiblity of a spin off would be Erika; but I doubt like miki to have a spinoff

There is currently no popularity poll for Mahouka; but chatacters that are mostly accepted Tatsuya, Miyuki, Erika, Leo, Honoka and Shizuku.

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Aniplex of America will release The irregular at magic high school in three Blu-ray Disc volumes. The company will release the first "Enrollment Arc" volume on June 30. The second "Nine Schools Competition Arc" volume will ship in September, and the third "Yokohama Disturbance Arc" volume will ship in December.

The first volume will include Japanese audio and English subtitles. Bonuses include a textless opening, three "Get to Know Magic Studies" short videos, trailers, commercials, a special booklet, and a box and collectable pin-ups with illustrations by character designer Kana Ishida. The first volume will retail for US$89.98 with a store price of US$69.98.
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action, futuristic setting, hard fantasy, magic, mahouka, scientific magic, supernatural

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