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Old 2014-07-15, 15:21   Link #81
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Originally Posted by askara View Post
my memory is fuzzy on all those magic technical talk but but in the duel of Hanzo didnt he beat before he can react by activating a spell? and to cancel other people spell didnthe need use some kind of spell faster then the caster to cancel it? also he seem to activated Glam demolition instantly
Against Hanzo he used Resonance (we got the name in last ep when he did it again), but he was only really fast because he had his Cutting-edge Equipment. Actually if he didn't use a Ninja move before he may have lost.
This time he had to hide even longer than before to gain time because of the average tech forced by the "rules".

Gram Demolition is not a spell but a sort of ball of energy that just blow "informations" (spell sequence, jamming,....) away. So casting time is probably 0 as long as you have enough energy for it.

They confirmed he held back spells. But not that he held back that wave attack.
Yep, he is forbidden to use his decomposition related magic.
His self regeneration maybe not but it's not useful here this they aren't supposed to take fatal damage.
His super sight...well since they used spirits to find the Monolith he may also want to hide it.

He did confess to Mizuki back when they trained with the little robot that he can bypass casting a sequence when it's simple stuff. But since it's not something we already saw it's probably also outrageous .

Anyway it's pretty obvious right now our Gary is so high level at almost everything the author had to add shackles on him and want to show us he his weaker when he can't use his abilities. (Which is logical if you ask me )
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Old 2014-07-16, 17:49   Link #82
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This adaptation lacks imagination ):
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Old 2014-07-16, 19:39   Link #83
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Originally Posted by Burden View Post
This adaptation lacks imagination ):
Adaptations are usually doomed if they do have imagination and doomed if they don't. It really takes a genius.
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Old 2014-07-18, 16:42   Link #84
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I found this episode to be great, since i read the novel i understood everything they did.

Mikihiko's spirits are the real MVP here. Being able to remotely input the code as long as someone opens the monolith is pretty game breaking.
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