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View Poll Results: Who is your Favorite Character(s) and why?
1. A-drei 11 12.22%
2. Figaro 2 2.22%
3. Cain 12 13.33%
4. H-neun 4 4.44%
5. Haruto Tokishima 22 24.44%
6. Kriemhild 5 5.56%
7. Kyuuma Inuzuka 10 11.11%
8. L-elf Karlstein 53 58.89%
9. Ninomiya Takahi 5 5.56%
10. Nobi Marie 3 3.33%
11. Q-vier 4 4.44%
12. Renboukouji Satomi 3 3.33%
13. Rion Nanami 2 2.22%
14. Saki Rukino 52 57.78%
15. Sakurai Aina 3 3.33%
16. Shōko Sashinami 38 42.22%
17. Renboukouji Akira 23 25.56%
18. Pino ala VVV-chan 10 11.11%
19. X-eins 2 2.22%
20. Yamada Raizou 5 5.56%
21. Others (Please Specify) 7 7.78%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 90. You may not vote on this poll

Closed Thread
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Old 2013-07-02, 14:24   Link #1
cho~ kakkoii
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: 3rd Planet
Valvrave the Liberator - Favorite Character(s) Thread [Take 1]

Welcome to Valvrave the Liberator - Favorite Character(s) Poll - the place where you can express all of your love towards your favorite Valvrave characters. You may select multiple characters, but you can only vote once. Choose wisely. Try to explain why you choose those character(s) so the thread can sustain a good discussion. This poll will close in 120 days from today. We shall do another poll at a later date.

1. A-drei
2. Cain
3. Figaro
4. H-neun

5. Haruto Tokishima
6. Kriemhild
7. Kyuuma Inuzuka
8. L-elf Karlstein

9. Ninomiya Takahi
10. Nobi Marie
11. Q-vier
12. Renboukouji Satomi

13. Rion Nanami
14. Saki Rukino
15. Sakurai Aina
16. Shōko Sashinami

17. Renboukouji Akira
18. Pino ala VVV-chan
19. X-eins
20. Yamada Raizou

21. Others (Please Specify)

There is only one rule that applies to this thread:
  • Have fun and let others' do the same. At no point can the personal boundary be crossed. Poor behavior to each other will not be tolerated and will be dealt harshly (It usually means I get to be a prick toward you)!

Yes, have fun! No pressure.
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Old 2013-07-02, 14:29   Link #2
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Feb 2013
First vote in? First vote in- Wait, I could choose more than one? Gah!

Anyway, I voted for L-Elf, the guy was one very calm and calculative soldier throughout and that reminded me of Chirico from VOTOMS.
DuelGundam2099 is offline  
Old 2013-07-02, 15:13   Link #3
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2013
Eru Erufaaa is number 1 and Saki is my 2nd favorite.

Eru Erufaa is a combo of Lelouch and Suzaku, and is downright amazing in every detail of his character.

Saki because she is the best alpha female to ever exist in anime.
Solmrbadguy is offline  
Old 2013-07-02, 15:19   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013

Shoko and Saki wait until next season
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Old 2013-07-02, 17:15   Link #5
Zero Two Best waifu 2018
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Location: Living the NEET dream
Age: 22
It definitely Saki Rukino getting the best character of Valvrave award from me, it no competition at all.

She is a fresh breath of new air compared to the other mecha series's heroines. She flawed but not flawed, unpredictable with action that surprise us all. She prioritized herself first and will do anything to get what she wanted, while still being kind and interesting. Above all she has the best character development in the anime, from ice and cold at first to a person who want attention and fame. No contest at all, just no contest, she will remain as my favorite in Valvrave and as well as in the mecha genre. <3 Saki!!!!!!!!!

L-elf is 2nd, being the closes to Saki but still light years away. He get 2nd because I love his archetype, calm, cool, cold and collected.

Haruto is 3rd, although as a character he is weak compared to Saki and Haruto but he is the best mecha anime protagonist I have seem in a long time. He get 3rd for being developed as a interesting character and less of a whiner and crybaby compared to his other mecha anime counterparts.

Last edited by DevilHighDxD; 2013-07-02 at 17:38.
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Old 2013-07-02, 17:21   Link #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2012
i like all the characters, well except q-vier, but my favorites are saki, l-elf, akira, takahi, kyuuma, and h-nuen, the rest of the characters are good but these characters were interesting to me or sometimes just a joy to watch, granted i do only like h-nuen because he seems a lot like dearka to me and he was one of my favorite characters in seed
shadow1296 is offline  
Old 2013-07-02, 17:59   Link #7
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2012
saki, haruto, l-elf, shoko are my favorites, i cant wait for the second season
darkjmc is offline  
Old 2013-07-02, 23:28   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2004
I voted for L-Elf, Shoko, Akira, Haruto & Saki, from the list. I also voted "other" because I was starting to warm up to the Professor and he's actually still alive at the end of the episode, so he could still show back up next season.
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Old 2013-07-02, 23:32   Link #9
II Maestro
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Data World
VVV-chan is definitely for me just like my avatar. Yay~!
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Old 2013-07-03, 00:07   Link #10
Prefectural Magical Girl
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Paris, France
Shoko Sashinami wins for me: you could see why I love this heroine.
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Old 2013-07-03, 00:35   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Chicago
Favorite characters thus far:
  1. L-elf: My number one favorite character of the season, much less this show. I would not have watched this show and it wouldn't have been as enjoyable for me without him. For me, his character practically carried this show on his shoulders. Episodes he was more prominent in excelled, while those where he showed hardly a scene seemed to flounder. I have always had a love for OP characters, but I enjoy even more a character that can out-think practically everyone else in the room. This is why Aizen is practically my favorite anime villain and I love both Lelouch and Light, and they both are some of my favorite anime characters. I am attracted to intelligence over all, but if you take that, wrap it in a bishie's body, make him OP as all heck with no hesitation to do what is necessary and doesn't cry about killing, AND also give him a heart? I would love that character forever, and so with that, L-elf has climbed extremely high on my favorite anime characters of all time list.
  2. Cain: What seemed like only an okay villain at first, shot straight up to my "number 2" spot after Episode 12. Cain is ruthless, and OP as heck, he is also extremely intelligent. All of that combined has me sold. Now, while he and L-elf are similar with Cain even surpassing L-elf mentally and physically, I have to give "number 1" still to L-elf, since I tend to love the "anti-hero" even more than the villain. I will be quite happy to see where they go with Cain in the next season.
  3. A-drei: Well, A-drei takes the third spot because what can I say? I have a penchant for displaced princes and silver/white haired bishies. A-drei has many of the qualities that I found interesting in Lelouch sans the genius intelligence, including the fact that he doesn't seem all bad, has an awesome VA (FukaJun for the win! ) and seems to have a complex backstory. I just like the depth for which they could go with the character as well as the potential that he has.

As for the rest: I do like Moses, Kyuma, and Raizo, though none I would really point out at my favorite. Haruto is a better MC than I am used to with Sunrise and for that I am grateful, and yet...I still find him rather dull and uninspiring. I feel as if he's just a tool getting used by others to move the plot along. He actually even admits a few times that he's just that and asks others like Shoko or L-elf to use him. I don't really have any attachment to any of the girls in the series. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite, it would be Akira. Shoko is too perfect. Saki, I can't feel an attachment to. I don't even give a crap if any of the other females live or die, except for how it will affect the more interesting males. However, this isn't new to me, I can never feel any real connection with Sunrise's mecha series female leads. The only ones I can recall actually making it to my favorites list are Sayla from Gundam 0079 and C.C. from Code Geass. Again, this is all my own opinion, if you love these characters, more power to you.

Well, we'll see next season where this character list will shift.
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Old 2013-07-03, 01:21   Link #12
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I voted for Cain, L-Elf, and Shoko.

I wasn't all that impressed with Cain until the final two episodes, but he was simply fantastic there. It's enough for him to be one of my three selections.

The last two episodes also made me re-think my position on whether or not L-Elf would have worked well as THE main protagonist of this show. Now that we've seen that he's not completely unbeatable, he's become much more interesting to me. He's also had a lot of great moments of looking cool, of course. Finally, I think he contrasts well with the rest of the cast, given how many of them are kinda goofball-esque.

And Shoko is the third character that benefited from the last two episodes for me. Prior to that, she struck me as a bit of an overly charmed character, almost Mary Sue-esque. But Episode 11 gave her some great challenges and adversity, and I liked how she responded to it in Episode 12. She lost a parent in one of the worst ways imaginable, and she clearly loved him, but she still bounced back very quickly to try to save Akira. That has earned some respect from me.

Characters I almost voted for...

Haruto is Ok, but just Ok. I think he was overshadowed a lot by other characters in the 2nd half. There's nothing particularly annoying about him (which instantly makes him better than a fair number of anime male leads ), but there's also not a lot that's particularly interesting about him. He's just a decently solid "vanilla" male lead. Works well with the colorful and quirky cast around him, but I doubt he could carry a show with a weaker cast.

I get why Saki is popular, and I like her well enough, but I find her hard to read. I tend to prefer characters that I feel like I have a good grasp on over characters that mystify me.

Moses had quite possibly the best line of the entire show. But not a whole lot else. Not quite enough for me to vote for him.

I love Takahi's character design, but her character roles are all over the place. She's like a utility player in baseball, used for every position as needed. She needs a bit more of an actual character arc before I could vote for her in something like this.
Triple_R is offline  
Old 2013-07-03, 04:47   Link #13
A random passerby
Join Date: Jul 2012
Age: 26
My favourites would be Saki, L-Elf, Shoko, and Yamada. Saki would top the list mostly because I feel thus far she has been the most fleshed out and developed member of the cast and I typically end up preferring characters like that.
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Old 2013-07-03, 05:15   Link #14
None. ない. Nihil.
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Indonesia
No Liselotte? I'm pretty sure many people would vote for her.
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Old 2013-07-03, 06:35   Link #15
Wrath of Her Fury
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Shoko only. I, L-Elf Karlstein, vote for her.
Winterson is offline  
Old 2013-07-03, 06:38   Link #16
Key Board
Join Date: Nov 2003
Voted for the main four

but honestly, L-Elf was starting to bore me. If he stayed that way the entire show, I would seriously grow tired of him.

Thank god for the last episode

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Old 2013-07-03, 07:36   Link #17
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Akira definitely won me over in Episode 12 by overcoming her past fears to save her first and only friend. The unique way her Valvrave fights is also a plus for me.
kiak666 is offline  
Old 2013-07-03, 08:09   Link #18
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
I voted for Saki (only). For me, she is definitely the best character.
Sakuratsuki is offline  
Old 2013-07-03, 08:13   Link #19
Senior Member
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L-Elf so far is the most dynamic character in history, and also Saki forward shoko haruto and be more than pretty pictures, so far I can not empathize with haruto, is bland and too stereotypical as any mc.

Irenesharda. I share your views with the rest of the cast, the truth although they say that Saki is the most interesting female shoko the stupid, the writing of the characters is not the best so just subtract its evolution expected for October.

Last edited by Fjoergyn; 2013-07-03 at 08:31.
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Old 2013-07-03, 19:14   Link #20
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Voted for a handful but a few blurbs on my current top 3:

L-Elf: Sort of a personification of what this show is really. Ridiculous yet charming. I accept his "brilliance" merely on account of it being a part of his character profile as the show has been pretty bad at portraying it. Always interesting seeing him play off other characters (especially the more emotional ones like Haruto and Raizo). He's stoic to a certain extent but still emotes which keeps him from being bland. Also have to agree that the last two episodes saved the character from falling utterly into Gary Stu territory.

Shoko: Similar to L-Elf. Ridiculous yet charming. I would like to see them bring the character down to earth a bit. I mean I get that she's quirky but hopefully we don't see another "jingle bells" incident in the future. It's okay for her to be weird just do it a bit more naturally.

Satomi: Really started to love him when Sakimori first declared independence. His pretentiousness gets offset by the fact that he's really quite a little puss when push comes to shove. Though I saw some potential there when he confronted Raizo about the guns (though his reasoning for not using them was facepalm-worthy). Also enjoy his somewhat co-dependent relationship with Akira.
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