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Old 2009-07-18, 12:23   Link #21
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I think the fact that most of us have never noticed this is enough to say that it is not a big problem.

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Old 2009-07-18, 12:58   Link #22
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This is one of the things that no one cares about because it doesn't matter. Discussing this is similar to nitpicking plot in a parody/comedy series.
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Old 2009-08-13, 04:40   Link #23
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ah well its not impossible... it is unsafe though lmfao
for me personally whenever i had to run bleachers for football and wrestling
i usually take about 2 step strides, so sorry to disagree with you there but
i dont find it too unrealistic (plus you gotta remember that a lot of anime like to make their characters really tall for some reason so you know... longer legs = easier strides)
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Old 2009-08-13, 14:47   Link #24
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If I wanted to watch someone realistically walk down stairs, I'd... walk down stairs.
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Old 2009-08-13, 22:56   Link #25
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Originally Posted by Zenemis View Post
If I wanted to watch someone realistically walk down stairs, I'd... walk down stairs.
Why watch yourself when you can wait at the top or bottom of a staircase and watch them walk the stairs?

It's really interesting; Fast steppers, slow steppers, steppers who step on every single step, steppers who skip every other step, steppers born to step, and steppers better off on the elevator...

Oh, and the immense attention to details when you watch people step stairs! So realistic, it's...realistic
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Old 2009-08-13, 23:20   Link #26
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I... don't know what to say. Honestly, I never even care or notice about how a character walks down/up the stair in most anime. Usually when I'm looking for something "realistic" in an anime, I tend to look for their interaction, how a character portray his/her self, or how they show their own emotions... things like that. But discussing about how someone realistically walk down/up the stair... it just... never... pop into my head... until now... o__o
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Old 2009-08-15, 04:59   Link #27
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Anime is fantasy the creators aren't concentrating on making it as real as possible.They are telling a story.Is just my opinion.

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Old 2009-08-15, 21:53   Link #28
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Wait, my entire life I skip steps to go up or down.
I must not be a realistic character.

I..... never realized.... I'm an anime character!! (que in shocking sound effect)


What everyone else said.
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