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Old 2018-07-13, 15:57   Link #1021
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We have a collector, I see.

I wouldn't go as far as keeping the entire line myself as I got tired of the slowpokes that were the Standard-type superdreadnoughts (and the predecessors thereof); I only keep from the NC up to the Montana (including the Missouri and Alabama, that already makes me a lot of USN BBs and I only have nine or so free port slots - I know I can get more from the daily crates by choosing the "consumables" option, but I'm prioritizing signals and camos right now). I intended to keep more ships on the IJN BB side (from the Fuso to the Yamato), with the exception of the Izumo...but now that WG is planning to increase the latter's plating to 50mm, I'm slowly but surely reconsidering that decision. I'm not in a hurry to get that aesthetic anathema back into my port, though.

Anyway, with 5.7M in the bank (up from barely 100K since my last post) I'm well on track to get the Minotaur before my premium time fizzles out (selling the Neptune with all mods and upgrades will yield a financial springboard of 11.6375M).

To my surprise, I actually completed all 26 Indy missions on their first day. I'm kind of impressed I went that far without skipping anything...I guess I couldn't resist the thought of getting American crates for free.

Oh, and USS Alaska is confirmed as a T9 premium, though it is for now not known whether it'll be an Arsenal exclusive or a FXP ship (I hope for the latter, since it'd make it a good counterweight to the Kronshtadt). Devs already announced its ballistics (esp. the ricochet angles) would be equivalent to the Des Moines 203mm AP rounds'.
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Old 2018-07-14, 01:38   Link #1022
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So I recently got my Worcester. I think it's been about... 7 days now that I've had it? Hmmm, maybe 8. I don't exactly remember. It's fun, if extremely squishy. Very much high-risk, high-reward. Heavy on the risk side. However, the amount of hurt you can put on other ships is ridiculous. With HE or AP. Obviously the 152mm caliber + IFHE like I use invites you to spam HE, but considering the 12-gun broadside combined with the 4-sec reload (lower under Adrenaline Rush effects), AP salvos are tremendous. I did 83k damage to a broadside Montana who was about 3/4 HP and also into his stern as I got SUUUUPER close (I almost accidentally rammed him... there were probably mere inches between us) and he overpenned as I circled around him. I almost killed him and would have if he hadn't been healing at the time, but literally one salvo before I finished him his back guns caught up to me and blew me up (I was only about 1/2 total HP). But I finished that game with about 165k total damage. I think my damage split for that game IIRC was 83k AP damage, 62k HE damage, and about 20k fire damage. The AP is no joke if you have a broadside target. And that AP damage had been done without a single citadel hit. It was all on the casemate armor, above the belt armor and below the deck. Just imagine what that kind of firepower would do to cruisers.

That is, assuming you're not being targeted, of course. A Minotaur the following game absolutely annihilated me. I tried to broadside citadel him before he could react, but he was good and angled right as I fired, most of my shots bounced, and his return volleys citadel'd me to death before I could also angle. The Worcester has to show almost all of its side to get its full DPM on a target, which could be fatal if you're not paying attention. Take caution, this ship is not forgiving of misplays. But I love it. The raw firepower this ship brings is terrifying, and the AA is amazing. Even with ZERO AA mods or skills other than the AA signal flag, I still have a 98 AA rating, lol.

Also, Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Harugumo 100mm guns will be getting a buff to a 1/4 HE pen rating instead of a 1/6 HE pen like it is currently, though as a result the Akizuki will be getting a nerf to its concealment and maneuverability (IIRC I think the rudder shift, specifically). Not sure why Akizuki needs to be nerfed as it was already a bit unwieldy at its tier, but I personally don't care too much. It's still better than when the Shiratsuyu got nerfed into irrelevancy. I do not know if the Harekaze will be included in that 100mm HE pen buff or not, though considering the dev notes did not mention it, I assume it will stay as-is, which I am also fine with. I don't mind having to run IFHE. On the plus side, the 1/4 pen means that the 100mm guns can be buffed with IFHE to pen values of ~33.25mm, meaning the new 100mm HE will be able to defeat 32mm armor plating when you use it in conjunction with IFHE. Which is what all high-tier BBs have for bow and stern armor. Topkek. I'll take a slight Akizuki nerf in exchange for that any day, especially when I get to the Harugumo and get another turret.

If Harekaze DOES get the buff (and if it does, also assuming it is not subsequently nerfed) it will probably be the best overall IJN DD due to its general features. Since it's basically a stock Kagero with Akizuki guns mounted instead of the shitty IJN 127mm guns. Tied with Kagero for best-in-class concealment, decent guns, decent torpedoes, decent speed, low HP (though it can be helped by Surv. Exp.), but the better version of Torpedo Reload Booster.
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