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Old 2008-02-22, 21:07   Link #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Good Unlincensed Sci-Fi?

So i'm new here! And i'm looking for some good unlicensed science fiction anime. So anyone have a favorite or two that i should look at?

After reading other posts i realized my list lacked in content >.<
Unfortunately i have no experience with unlicensed anime...
Anime I loved!:
Ghost in the Shell - i loved all of it. The character design was awesome, and it was backed up with even better character developement.
Ergo Proxy - Just got done watching it. The character developement was what kept me hooked. I loved watching vincent learn more about himself (but i really watched it for pino ^_^)
Cowboy Bebop - Again its just the characters... i don't care what the anime looks like, if the characters are interesting and believeable i'll love it!

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Old 2008-02-22, 21:29   Link #2
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Unlicensed, that just killed most good anime on my sci-fi list. There's Bokurano that's unlicensed but that's not what I usually recommend for sci-fi.
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Old 2008-02-22, 21:35   Link #3
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
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You want to watch Dennou Coil. The story concerns some children in the near future who can live in both the physical world and an overlaid virtual world using special glasses. One of the best animes of 2007.

Among licensed anime, the show I'd recommend is Noein.
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Old 2008-02-22, 21:53   Link #4
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007
Soukou no Strain is remarkably still unlicensed. One of the best SF series of recent years. I second Bokurano and Dennou Coil, too.
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Old 2008-02-22, 21:55   Link #5
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I third bokurano and dennou coil as well, both titles are EXCELLENT. Dennou REALLY picks up halfway through and becomes very very nice.
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Old 2008-02-22, 22:06   Link #6
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm gonna check out Denno Coil soon.
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Old 2008-02-23, 12:36   Link #7
Join Date: Dec 2005
Yes, Denno Coil sounds like your best bet among unlicensed sci-fi series. Also I'd recommend [B]Turn A Gundam[/B - very much character driven mecha series or Bokurano, if you have a taste for tragedy and don't mind the rather episodic character development in it.
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Old 2008-02-25, 10:22   Link #8
Dame Ningen
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Starship operators, i foudn was quite good, but not sure if tis licensed.

Not very popular, but lots of action, suspense. And nice animation
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Old 2008-02-25, 10:30   Link #9
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Dream
Is Starship Operator the anime which its OP or ED was done by KOTOKO?
I should take a look at it

*I am not sure if Stellvia is licensed*
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Old 2008-02-25, 10:39   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: France
Legend of Galactic Heroes without a doubt possible if you don't mind the outdated animation.
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Old 2008-02-27, 23:19   Link #11
The Poster-guy
Join Date: Apr 2006
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i am sorry but i as a cowboybebop fan must say that there is a (Pyramid) to cowboybebop shows and scifi. the triad goes as... (Cowboybebop, Outlawstar, Trigun, HeroicAge) all of them are wonderful and although trigun doesnt have much (Space flight), I consider Cowboybebop,Trigun,Outlawstar, the best scifi i have ever seen. (Heroic age has ATON of scifi epicness but isnt quite at there lvl)
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Old 2008-02-28, 06:16   Link #12
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007
Originally Posted by Phantasmagoria View Post
Is Starship Operator the anime which its OP or ED was done by KOTOKO?
I should take a look at it

*I am not sure if Stellvia is licensed*
The ED of Starship Operators is by Kotoko, yeah.

Stellvia has been licensed for a long time. It's been available in DVD boxset for at -least- a year, probably a lot longer, I forget exactly. It is one of my favourites, crying aside. Great series.
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Old 2008-03-03, 11:20   Link #13
Join Date: Feb 2006
Dennou Coil is true sci-fi in the traditional Jules Verne sense of the word: IE: A fictional tale about science that truly may become possible in the near future, much like GITS, but geared toward a younger audiance.

Most shows parading as Sci Fi are either really just fantasy, or else require advances so great that the setting would only be possible hundreds of years in the future, instead of tens of years in the future.
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Old 2008-03-03, 17:04   Link #14
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Stellvia and Starship Operators are licensed. I should know, I own both boxsets. XD

As for recommendations, I definitely recommend as well Dennou Coil. And of course, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is as good as you're gonna get for space opera. However, neither are anywhere near alike Cowboy Bebop and the other anime you have listed.

Of course, this isn't going into the mecha genre, which really is sci-fi by definition. If you're willing to look into it, then Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is worth a look, as it probably has the most in common with what you liked. Then again, no one knows if it's still licensed or not, since at one point it was announced but has recently been taken off the publisher's release list.

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