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Old 2009-06-19, 21:33   Link #1
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dvd authoring

so... i've been looking for a while and to no avail so i thought maybe one of the fine folks here could answer my question.

im looking for dvd authoring software that will not only give me professional looking menus and such but also a play all button.
idvd is nice but it takes some coding or something to give me the play all function so i was wondering if there was anything like what i mentioned out there.
i have both mac and pc so it doesnt matter what OS.
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Old 2009-06-19, 22:03   Link #2
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If you have bought a Mac, Mac comes with iDVD which is bundled with iLife... Depending on the video format, you may need to reencode your files with the subtitles hard coded so that they will appear since iDVD have no option to add ASS/SSA subtitles. Also, you will be able to create menus with no problems, but you are stuck with the default themes (but you don't need to add the images to the drop areas)

Edit: I realized that iDVD don't have a play all function... But what you can do is combine all the videos and create chapter markers in iDVD for each video (DVD Studio Pro for the Mac can do this in a different way, but it's expensive and complicated). If that doesn't work, you should give this guide a try on creating a DVD:

You can try TMCEnc Authoring (Windows) which can create DVDs and DVD menus... but it will set you back $99 bucks which is steep...

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Old 2009-06-19, 22:17   Link #3
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: idaho
yeah i've played around with idvd and it's nice and all and i really like the concept of flow that they have going for them... a couple of issues i seem to have is using a video for the background and my biggest issue: the play all button.

im sure there is a way to go into imovie and mark the end of each chapter but i have clips that i've edited already and what imovie does is dissect video clips into what it thinks are different chapters. so take for example i throw in a clip that's 2 minutes long and it will churn out some 20 clips from that 2 minute segment.... it's all just really messy.

does tmcenc have play all? because at this juncture that's all im really concerned about.
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Old 2009-06-21, 03:48   Link #4
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I would say Adobe Encore but that can be a little too much D:
with Encore, next to their standard library you make your own buttons etc. on photoshop you can use them for your animation and you can also make your own BG animations for the DVD etc. if you combine it with After Effects
Encore allows you to drag your video in a separate timeline then allows you to set your chapter points in it, also you can edit all settings for each button or action like the play next when it finishes or something else
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