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Old 2011-04-24, 06:55   Link #261
Join Date: Oct 2009
Heh, they're doing a countdown with the Shuffle! girls. Today happens to be Kaede's. I just love how she lapses into and out of yandere mode and then acts like it didn't happen. She never acts like this in the game though. Yandere Kaede is so moe!

*upbeat music*
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Recently, no that's not quite right, this is something that happened quite a while ago. I was stirring a pot (lol anime reference) of miso soup when Rin-kun looked at me with startled eyes. Embarrassed, I asked him.

*creppy music sets in*

" Why are you looking at me like that?"

Then Rin-kun answered..

"I... had a bad dream..."

Have I... ever said something to frighten Rin-kun? But then, I myself have had a bad dream... A dream where Rin-kun was surrounded by girls and went far far away from me. If something like that were to happen, I don't think I could continue living. If this were the case, then to Rin-kun I'd rather...


*upbeat music*

And that's about all the time I have. Shuffle! Love Rainbow goes on sale on the 28th of April. "A rainbow to your heart!"

*music stops abruptly*

Rainbows... have seven colours don't they? (Her voice starts out sweet but then turns yandare'ish at the end lol)

*upbeat music resumes*

Ah, no I wasn't thinking of anything in particular. I wasn't thinking about how it'd be great if rainbows only had one colour! (Would that colour be orange, Kaede? :3 )

(and one more line I couldn't quite grasp the meaning of. ”Really! わしちゃだめですよ~”)

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Old 2011-04-25, 08:47   Link #262
Ahou ga
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Age: 42
Second voice samples are available for Primula and Ruri. Ruri's second voice sample makes her sound a lot more girly. I can't help but wonder if I nailed part of her character back when I wrote that fanfic and conjectured that she has issues being feminine.

Today's countdown girl was Asa. I'll have to give it another listen, but I'm pretty sure at one point she laments being a sub-character in this one. Alas, Asa, at this point I doubt you'll ever get a story continuation.
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Old 2011-04-26, 00:40   Link #263
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Location: Australia
Today's "countdown girl" is Primula <3. I can't interpret Japanese, but I swear they're making a Nanoha reference near the end there.
"Sanity is precious. Use it sparingly."
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Old 2011-04-27, 09:42   Link #264
Ahou ga
Join Date: Feb 2009
Age: 42
And our final "countdown girl" is Ruri. Completely appropriate, if you ask me. No, I'm not biased at all. Not even in the slightest...

Fandisc comes out tomorrow. Here's to hoping the content is at least somewhat worthwhile.
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Old 2011-04-27, 22:17   Link #265
Join Date: Oct 2009
Heh, I find it somewhat amusing that we're taking turns posting about our favourite girl's countdowns.
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Old 2011-05-03, 18:30   Link #266
~Nanchatte Renai
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I saw some pictures on the official site for Love Rainbow and I had to kya kya over it.
I'm excited for it actually Shuffle! was one of the first animes that bought me into the whole anime franchise
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Old 2011-08-22, 14:47   Link #267
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Dont know where to post this, but figure this is as good a place as any. I am starting on a Shuffle! Essence+ English translation. Any help would be appreciated. I need the background images, character models and sound files. Help with actually translating the game would be appreciated as well. I am rebuilding the game from scratch, so it will take a while to finish.
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Old 2013-03-10, 10:07   Link #268
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Originally Posted by DJLowrider View Post
Route Review #6: Asa

In the past I have made no bones about my preference for Asa among the original cast of heroines. She exemplifies several traits that I personally think all young women should have. She is confident, energetic and proud, but she still exudes femininity to boot. She was a stark contrast to all of the other heroines in the first game and that same personality came through even more through her role in Really? Really!

Essence+ boasted extensions to all of the previously existing routes, though as I have mentioned previously these extensions really have not offered much of anything in the way of new content. Asaís route is no exception to this as her new scenes offer nothing substantive to her story. Whatís more, some of her dialogue was completely changed in certain scenes. To an extent this was a disappointment to me, but on the other hand I can understand the changes.

Itís worth mentioning that Asaís route in Essence+ is one of two where you have an option to not have a second ero scene (the other being Primulaís route, which I forgot to mention in my review for her route). In its place, you can get a non-ero private scene with her that I believe comes from On The Stage. Itís a fair bit refreshing to see such an option come up, honestly.

All this said, Asaís route is largely unchanged from its original form and her story is, admittedly, rather weak and full of faulty logic on her part. She may be a solid character otherwise, her route is very nonsensical and melodramatic. I give it a 6/10. Asa herself is still one of my favorite heroines in the franchise, but she is now #2 on my heroine hierarchy. If youíve been reading my posts youíll know who my new #1 is, but details about that will be forthcoming in a later review.

Next route review: Tsubomi. Apples tend to not fall far from their trees, and Tsubomi is very much like a smaller, younger version of her older sister.
Can you give examples of lines in Asa's rotue for Essence+ that were totally changed compared to the original?
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