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Forum Games?

Are there any forum games on AnimeSuki? I skimmed various subforums and couldn't find anything related.

There are usually at least these "spam-ish" games going on most forums, like "associations". Yet, I found nothing here. Am I just not searching hard enough? Or are they forbidden?

I occasionally host forum games on other boards, so I was wondering whether I should give it a shot on AnimeSuki as well in the future.

Of course, the games I'm talking about are more "serious" in nature, with actual rules and win conditions. But they're still designed to be simple and fun, not nearly as daunting as board games for example.
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If you look on top under forum rules you will see this,

2.2 Do not begin topics that lack purpose

We require that all threads serve a purpose; pointless threads will not be tolerated. The forum most frequently abused by useless threads is "General Chat". The purpose of the General Chat forum is to discuss topics not related to AnimeSuki's main purpose of anime and BitTorrent. This does not mean that you can post absolutely anything there; even in the General Chat forum threads must serve some purpose. Below you will find some guidelines to help you avoid threads that we almost always consider "pointless":

No greeting or farewell threads
Threads created to introduce yourself or to say that you will be leaving The Forum are "greeting" and "farewell" threads. If you are leaving or you have just arrived, we do not need to be told in a brand new thread. The Forum already has a thread devoted to introductions and if you must tell friends that you are leaving you can send them a private message.
No "forum games" or "Who are you" threads
Threads like "the word game", "the person above you" or "which character in Naruto are you most like" are pointless. They are normally high volume threads with very little content of value; i.e. mostly noise or one word replies that we do not need.
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