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Old 2017-12-29, 23:29   Link #181
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Originally Posted by darkofficer View Post
I think he meant the ntr of neko senaei
yes that scene i skimmed threw the new chapter and saw that illustration of the NTR
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Old 2018-01-02, 21:46   Link #182
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So..any info on volume 8?
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Old 2018-01-05, 20:59   Link #183
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Originally Posted by XFire View Post
If by NTR you mean "did the main girl get brainwashed only to be broken out of it later", then yes.
haven't read volume 7 yet, but i thought the Ange that is ntr'd was just a clone? did villain also do real Ange for a while?

Originally Posted by JokerXY View Post
So..any info on volume 8?
actually, yes. the afterwords of volume 7 (the part that i glanced at). said that the author was half way done with volume 8 story at 2017. last time it took 3 years between volume 6 and 7. so maybe some time between end of 2018 to middle 2019 if we go by the current pacing.
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Old 2018-07-02, 22:36   Link #184
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so guys, update time but not really SNA related, but sorta is.

the SNA game that was dropped, but replaced by "the same game", but different characters has released.

same author and artist as SNA. the reason it's not SNA is because the author said it just doesn't work as a game. so now we have this. bout to look at the CG and give my opinion later.

to get the obvious out of the way

Haruna Rita (pink hair childhood friend) = Machina(human)

Jiyuuni Yuuri (black haired angel) = Ange(angel)

Carlene (blonde demon) = Lucia(demon)(also, not the one who genderbends interestinly enough. a side character is the genderbender and is on the angel team this time.)

edit: just finished looking at the cg. this game is fully ren'ai. pure love i should say. no dark undertone, no molesting or tentacles from enemies. just romance the girl of your choice. kinda a letdown since i was expecting more of a dark game like the SNA novels. ah well, maybe now that the author is not occupied by this game, she will go back to the novel.

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Old 2018-10-12, 10:43   Link #185
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According to unverified sources vol 8 (and 9?) are slated for a December release.
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Old 2018-11-23, 20:29   Link #186
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what source would that happen to be? user or early sale listing?

found volume 8 and 9 listed on japan amazon. looks like they are both releasing december 19 at the same time. this is great, from haitatus to 2 volumes at once. we'll finally get to see what happens. hopefully we'll get to see see some ange NTR. - volume 8 - volume 9

both do not have a cover at this moment.

art is up on amazon. genderbent MC is one of the 2 images.

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action, basically porn, ecchi, harem, ntr, straight sex too, supernatural, temporary netorare, tentacles, unavoidable heroine rape, yaoi

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