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Old 2018-03-11, 02:34   Link #1
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Stan Lee

‘Picked Apart by Vultures’: The Last Days of Stan Lee:

"You might expect Stan Lee, at age 95, to be enjoying the fruits of his many labors:
Marvel Comics, the company he served as the former president and chairman of,
dominates popular culture. Characters he co-created — among them Spider-Man, Iron
Man, X-Men, and the Avengers — are household names. He’s a comics legend, with his
own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When Marvel sold to Disney in 2010 for $4
billion, he personally pocketed a cool $10 million, and tours the world as its
ambassador emeritus. And midway through his tenth decade, Black Panther, based on
a character he and Jack Kirby first envisioned in 1966, currently sits atop the global
box office charts, and carries a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97%.

Instead, seven months after the death of Joan, his wife of almost 70 years, beset with
pneumonia, the apparent victim of gross financial malfeasance and surrounded by a
panoply of Hollywood charlatans and mountebanks, he may be facing his greatest
challenge, every bit the equal of any of the psychologically flawed superheroes he
helped shepherd into being. According to one insider with working knowledge of Lee’s
current situation, “It’s a real fucking mess over there. I think his money will be gone
in a few weeks… Stan and [his daughter] JC are literally being picked apart by

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Old 2018-03-14, 04:22   Link #2
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I hope Marvel and Disney will do something to stop those stealing and taking advantage of Lee and his family's fortune.
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Old 2018-04-07, 17:20   Link #3
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Was Stan Lee’s Blood Stolen and Used to Sign
Black Panther Comics?:

"Now, according to TMZ, there’s an even darker dimension to this twisted tale, with
reports that Lee’s blood was stolen in order to stamp comic books with DNA ink
signatures and turn a truly tainted profit.

TMZ first covered the macabre plot earlier this week, quoting “sources” who alleged
that a former business associate of Lee’s “went to Stan’s personal nurse back in
October with a forged document giving him authority to order a blood sample from
the Marvel maven.”

The post continued, “Our sources claim he told the nurse to fill several vials and she
obliged. We’re told she took so much Stan became dizzy.” That original post goes on
to reveal that “Stan’s people” suspect the meddling ex-associate of commissioning for-
profit pens: “Presumably linked to Stan and Marvel—and the pens have an ink

It turns out that this vile prediction wasn’t too far off.

According to a new TMZ report published on Thursday, Lee’s blood is being sold. Only
instead of pens, the allegedly stolen blood has been used to sign Black Panther comic
books. The comics, which the site alleges were for sale at the Marvel Avengers
S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas, were paired with “a certificate of authentication that
details the item as a ‘Hand-Stamped Signature of STAN LEE using Stan Lee’s Solvent
DNA Ink.’”"

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Old 2018-04-13, 03:04   Link #4
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In a New Video, Stan Lee Threatens to Sue Anyone
Reporting on Claims of Alleged Elder Abuse:

"Though Stan Lee has been largely missing from the public eye in the months since his
wife’s death last summer, troubling reports have been surfacing about his well-being.
Now the 95-year-old is speaking out through a new video in which he threatens legal
action against those reporting on his life."

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Old 2018-04-14, 17:53   Link #5
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Confusingly, Stan Lee Is Now Suing His Former Business Manager
for Alleged Elder Abuse:

"Just a day after a strange video featuring the elderly comics mogul threatening to
sue any media outlet covering allegations of elder abuse and fraud surrounding Lee’s
fortune, news surfaced that Lee was now suing his former business manager, Jerardo
Olivarez, for just those things.

In a suit filed friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Jerardo Olivarez, who was an
associate of Lee’s daughter, J.C. The suit alleges, as reported by Deadline, that
Olivarez, in the wake of the 2017 death of Lee’s wife, Joan B. Lee, took control of
Lee’s financial and professional affairs, using his newfound power to line his own
pockets. Just days after Joan’s death, the suit alleges, Olivarez and his associates had
fired Lee’s banker of 46 years, along with Lee’s long-time attorney, and transferred
$4.6 million out of Lee’s bank account. It says Olivarez also convinced Lee to sign over
power of attorney to Olivarez, with Olivarez’s lawyer Uri Litvak taking over as Lee’s as

From there, the accusations align closely with rumors that have been floating around
the media for some time—that Olivarez, using the non-profit Hands of Respect as a
front, fraudulently having Lee donate $300,000 of his own money to the enterprise,
while also engaging in bizarre money-making schemes like selling Lee’s blood."

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Old 2018-05-16, 23:20   Link #6
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Stan Lee Files Lawsuit Against Pow! Entertainment,
Seeks US$1 Billlion in Damages:

"Stan Lee has filed a lawsuit against Pow! Entertainment and its executives Gill
Champion and Shane Duffy, and he is seeking US$1 billion in damages. The lawsuit
alleges that the company forged or fraudulently obtained exclusive rights to Lee's
name, image, and likeness. According to the suit, Lee grants non-exclusive rights to
his name, and he would not have intentionally signed away exclusive rights.

The suit states that Pow! Entertainment took control of Lee's Facebook, Twitter, and
Instagram accounts without permission. However, Lee's Twitter account posted on May
12, "Today was the first day I ever did a tweet myself. Before today, my account was
done by others. I still do not have control of my Facebook. Someone else is doing it,
NOT me." Lee also said on Twitter on Tuesday, "Help! Someone has hijacked my
Facebook and Instagram. I want everyone to know whoever is writing them is a fraud
and is impersonating me. How do I get them back? Can you guys help?"

Hong Kong-based company Camsing International Holding acquired Pow!
Entertainment's assets last year. After the sale, Camsing's Duffy became the
company's CEO, and Pow! Entertainment executive Champion became its president.
Lee alleges in the suit that he did not agree to the sale to Camsing and notes that
Pow! Entertainment shareholders are now suing him due to the deal."

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Old 2018-08-18, 02:37   Link #7
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The Stan Lee soap opera continues:

Stan Lee Has Been Granted a 3-Year Restraining Order Against
His Former Manager and Guardian:

"In the weeks since Stan Lee returned to the public eye and began distancing himself
from his former manager and legal guardian Keya Morgan—a man Lee himself alleges
tried to gain control of the Marvel legend’s considerable wealth—more details have
come to light about Morgan’s behavior.

Variety reports that Lee’s lawyer Jonathan Freund requested that Lee be granted a
new restraining order against Morgan following accusations from the Marvel mainstay
and his security guards that Morgan stole valuable artwork and cash from Lee’s home.
A temporary restraining order was granted in June, but the petition for a restraining
order ultimately fell through after Lee’s then-lawyer and court-appointed guardian ad-
litem Tom Lallas was, according to Deadline, challenged by other attorneys in court
who claimed that they were Lee’s legal representation."

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Old 2018-10-08, 17:06   Link #8
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Stan Lee Breaks His Silence: Those I Trusted Betrayed Me:

"Months after the passing of Joan, his beloved wife of nearly 70 years, the “vultures”
had descended on the 95-year-old Lee, then battling pneumonia, and his estate. There
were reports of a forged check for $300,000 to Hands of Respect, a sketchy
“merchandising company” masquerading as a charity; the mysterious purchase of an
$850,000 condo in West Hollywood; a bizarre $1 billion lawsuit against POW!
Entertainment (since dismissed), accusing the company of stealing Lee’s name and
likeness; the removal of Lee’s long-time road manager Mac “Max” Anderson following
charges of elder abuse; and reports that Lee had groped and sexually harassed several
of his nurses (Lee’s camp called it “extortion”). Strangest of all, perhaps, was the news
that Lee’s blood had apparently been stolen by an ex-business partner and used to sign
copies of Black Panther comics, which were then hawked at a considerable markup."

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