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Old 2011-12-09, 00:01   Link #21
Okuyasu the Bird
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Alberta, Canada
Age: 27
Downgrade from last week, but not that bad of one. A lot of the humor made me facepalm rather than laugh so I can't say I found it too funny either.

Rika could create an innuendo out of anything I imagine. Not to mention you have to be seriously screwed up to get a kick out of train interlocks.

Beach scene was mostly Sena T&A, as to be expected. Thankfully it didn't run the entire length of the episode so no complaints here. How convenient that the sun decided to shine more intensely in that small concentrated area when Sena turned around too. Count on the sun to be the world's natural censor. (Or fog/mist.)

I would've liked to have heard at least Sena's "scary" story, just to see why it was so horrible in the first place. As for Yozora's, I'm with Kodaka. Those girls don't have the greatest amount of courage. I mean I can understand Maria, Kobato and probably Sena being a little scared, but Yukimura and Yozora? That was a surprise. And poor Kodaka not being able to get any sleep because of it. Those girls continually making him escort them to the bathroom.

Anyway, looks like they're shining some focus on friend betrayal. Perhaps it does have something to do with Yozora and Kodaka's parting as kids.
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:08   Link #22
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: London
Age: 38
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@LC/Mangatron: Sorry, I watched it without subs, and not only Rika lost me, but the animators too.

Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
I would've liked to have heard at least Sena's "scary" story, just to see why it was so horrible in the first place. As for Yozora's, I'm with Kodaka. Those girls don't have the greatest amount of courage. I mean I can understand Maria, Kobato and probably Sena being a little scared, but Yukimura and Yozora? That was a surprise. And poor Kodaka not being able to get any sleep because of it. Those girls continually making him escort them to the bathroom.
Yozora probably faked it, after realizing that Sena wasn't sleeping, afterall she was waiting for Kodaka alone in the dark
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:11   Link #23
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Arkansas
Age: 33
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Well, for me I loved the episode ^^; was funny in the right places and Rika just makes everything perverted, even watching a train being held together lol

As far as Sena, yeah...I think Kodaka keeps winning points with her too, but I don't think hes ever gonna cash them in at this rate. :P Yozora was classic and I think Sena did deserve that (after all why should she only be able to walk on other people, but not know what it was like :P ) I laughed at the implied yuri themes when Sena blushed when called out

""You actually like being stepped on, don't you?" "Looks like your body's being honest"

Sena's reaction was great
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:12   Link #24
Rozen Van Kaizer
Rozen Von Keiser
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Toronto Canada
Train porn?... Seriously Rika?... SERIOUSLY!?

Anyone noticed how cute Yozora is when she was scared? First ever I've noticed her so vurnerable!! Thats a big plus for me. I really loved the fact that Sena was also awake and looked sad.

Nothing is safe from Rika's wild imagination. Even train-kun...

I preffer DestinyxFreedom than FreedomxDestiny

Kobato's dress, swimsuit, and nightgown... HNNNNNNGGG!!!

DAM IT Yozora just kiss Sena already!!!!
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:15   Link #25
Chicken or Beef?
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Seattle
Age: 36
Rika just stole the show this episode. EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!!!! *faints*
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:18   Link #26
Join Date: Nov 2010
Age: 47
Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Rika could create an innuendo out of anything I imagine. Not to mention you have to be seriously screwed up to get a kick out of train interlocks.
Well she DOES refer to herself as a pervert. It's refreshing to have an honest supporting character.
lightsenshi is offline  
Old 2011-12-09, 01:18   Link #27
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Age: 38
I've enjoyed this episode despite some animation problems. I thought I was watching CP for a moment when Rika yelled out Excalibur. Kodaka just keeps looking at Sena's breasts when Maria points them out. Had to laugh at that when Yozora trampled Sena to prevent her from getting up, but that remark pushed it over the edge.
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Old 2011-12-09, 01:28   Link #28
VC Matsumoto
Anime Fanatic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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DAM IT Yozora just kiss Sena already!!!!
I totally agree...if Yozora really despised Sena she wouldn't
be all touchie-touchie with her and competitive.

I think there maybe an element of self-loathing/jelousy inside Yozora,
but (despite her verbal abuse) likes Sena and sees her more as a
peer and attractive lady whom she could learn some of the more
femminine aspects of being a "popular" young lady.

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Old 2011-12-09, 01:58   Link #29
User of the "Fast Draw"
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Canada
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Originally Posted by Nvis View Post
I'm more surprised that Sena didn't go bat crazy over Kobato at all this episode.

Maybe her attention's fully on Kodaka now.
Is possible she's starting to get where her focus should be. Suppose a positive for Sena is that the negative stuff with Yozora can sometimes lead to good moments with Kodoka. Though one has to wonder just how many times he can pretend not to have seen anything .
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Old 2011-12-09, 02:58   Link #30
Patriot's Blade
its Ghost Madoka time!!!
Join Date: May 2009
Location: brunei darusalam
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quick Saber!! use the Excalibur!!
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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Old 2011-12-09, 05:09   Link #31
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Folsom, CA, USA
Age: 32
Rika giving me serious lolz. In the earlier episodes I didnt like her anime self too much, but shes making me laugh more than now with them animating some great scenes of hers.
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Old 2011-12-09, 05:20   Link #32
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Not here
Age: 34
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Oh man, animation quality... :S

Yozora apparently has some bizzare fetishes, getting off doing that to Sena. >.> And Sena seems to have a thing for it. If Rika noted it, she'd be in her room all day thinking about these things.

Best part is when they had to go to the bathroom, and Rika isn't scared at all, she just wants to come in. And Yukimura doesn't give a damn. And wtf was with Kobato's swimsuit. She's a bit too young for it.

Fun episode I guess. 7/10
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Old 2011-12-09, 07:47   Link #33
Kana Hanazawa ♥
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: France
Age: 32
Sena and Yozora shared the same room and neither of them strangled the other in her sleep. I'm impressed. Kodaka bunked with Yukimura, Maria with Kobato, Sena with Yozora and Rika with... nobody? That's sad. That also says a lot about what the others think of her. Sena and Yozora would rather put up with each other than to sleep in the same room as that pervert

Sena and Kobato were adorable beyond words when they asked Kodaka to accompany them to the toilet. Even Yozora was cute in that sequence. Kodaka's "relax and poop" line made laugh very hard for some reason. Probably because of the dead-pan tone he delivered it in.

The sunscreen scene than hotter and funnier than I imagined. Those two seriously need to have a good angry lesbian sex session. I'm pleasantly surprised nobody in this thread complained it was rape.

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
And wtf was with Kobato's swimsuit. She's a bit too young for it.
Honestly, what kind of brother let his little sister wear such a skimpy bikini? It was even more revealing than Sena's. Sweet Jesus.

The animation quality was indeed pretty bad. And while it's cool that they're reproducing novel illustrations, the comparison is never to their advantage so maybe they should avoid it instead.

Rize and Kaneki
Kanon is online now  
Old 2011-12-09, 08:22   Link #34
Psycho Falling Deep
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: The Anime World
Age: 23
First thing I have to say about this episode is...

Yozora brought the infamous meat swatter to the beach!?

Anyways, I enjoyed this episode. And finally, Maria is involvied in a full episode instead of being cast aside half way through, never to be seen again until the next episode! I have one scene in mind involving her that I hope use in a signature Maria forever!

I really do enjoy the scenes when Kodaka tries to cheer up Sena. First the phone, then the naked incident in the last the naked incident in this episode But honestly i'm not too fussed about what Yozora did to Sena this episode, as I think it was suppose to be seen in a more sexual way rather than bullying

Rika satisfied my humour in this episode with her...unusual, but interesting habits of finding ways to pleasure herself using anything around her, and her dirty thought of having an orgy near the end was just great But what hit the nail for Rika this episode was walking Kodaka's room and teling him that she wanted to sleep with him, that was just great

The girls asking him to go to the toilet with them back and forth was humorous, and cute

Lastly, I liked Yozora in this episode. When she had her flashback of being in economic class and people gave her food in pity, it made me feel sorry for her and so did Kodaka. Guess Yozora just had a tough past without friends...
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Old 2011-12-09, 08:39   Link #35
a random Indonesian otaku
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Xanadu
Age: 26
Excalibur???!!!!! Rika is owning this episode... turned on by watching interlock.... and finally bed scene..... and o**y idea... hahaha
and looks like Sena doesn't shout "universe" today..... what a flashing censored scene.... lol
too bad I can't see Yozora's swimsuit..... T__T

but the best scene for me is A-ko and Y-ko story... even I got scared.... and to think that even Yozora herself is scared... lol... she is so moe in this episode...

next episode is Yukata??? I may faint because of moe-overload
~Yami~ is offline  
Old 2011-12-09, 09:54   Link #36
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2011
Somehow I think that Sena is kind of worried that even though Kodaka gentlefully denied that he have not seen her naked she realizes that this won't rise the affection towards her.
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Old 2011-12-09, 09:59   Link #37
Cross Game - I need more
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: I've moved around the American West. I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Oklahoma
Age: 39
Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
Rika just stole the show this episode. EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!!!! *faints*
*blink* "What just happened?"

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2011-12-09, 10:09   Link #38
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Arkansas
Age: 33
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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
*blink* "What just happened?"
Rika's imagination overcame her.
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Old 2011-12-09, 10:21   Link #39
Monarch of Rughzenhaide
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Location: Australia
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Sunscreen ... . That is all.
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Old 2011-12-09, 10:55   Link #40
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Hong Kong
Age: 32
7 out of 10. Definitely downgraded from the last. If there isn't any story progression, then there should at least be a main theme or some sort of message that the episode wishes to convey.

The second half tried to to that by sending a message - "it's wrong to betray friends." It was not only a decent idea but also a theme that fitted the series (as well as a good foreshadowing for the upcoming childhood plot that the anime kept reminding us about). This message should've been the main theme, and would've made this episode better if they revolved around the idea.

Sadly, what happened was that the message that they popped in in the last minute just came off as sounding weak and more of a "on the spot improvisation" to make the episode look "deeper". A shame really, because this isn't the first time they'd tried this (sudden development/emotional scenes at the end, like the 7th). And they ended up looking out of place.

As for the actual episode,

First half really wasn't great. The scene where they shouted "The Sea" was a very awkward adaptation that I almost wished they had cut it out. It was good in the novel, but the anime just didn't cut it, because of just how differently everyone acted! You can't expect that one scene to show that clearly and it just came off as chaotic, even if they did follow it up with them admitting it was embarrassing (However, it's not the anime team's fault either. That scene is just incredibly hard to show and I commend them for trying.)

Sena's sunscreen scene with Yozora was drawn out WAY too long. It could've been shorter yet would still be able to serve its purpose (even if it is just fanservice).

The good parts were all thanks to Rika. Train connecter porn? Sheesh. I shudder to think the things she'd come up with if she ever saw a revolving door...or a jackhammer. And that scream after Yukimura applied sunscreen to Kodaka's back? Absolutely excellent. Top notch voice acting. Almost deserves a full point for this episode.

Now the second half was much better. The ghost story was a much fresher theme to work on, and the execution was quite good, especially Yozora's storytelling and how it carried itself until the end of the episode. Although I do think they shouldn't have cut out the last part of it from the novel. It would've made the story even scarier and made the transition into next part (where everyone declined the test of courage in the woods) feel more natural.

For those interested in that part,
Spoiler for Full ghost story:

See what I mean?

The original flashback about Yozora in cooking class was very nice too, though I had hoped it would've held more significance. As in, they made the flashback, but never developed it further or allow it to affect the story. It was just...dropped as if she was just commenting on the weather.

Not much else to say about the last part other than being a good adaptation of the novel. Rika's dress was a surprise. Though that...particular shot of Yozora in the bathroom was awkward, I mean, anatomically. The crotch ran too far up...looking like she didn't have anything there to begin with. Awkward...

Nice to see a different side of Yozora. I've never seen her so vulnerable. Even b!tches get scared

Overall, it was a good episode, thanks to the second half and Rika's outstanding voice acting. And wow, they really like to emphasize on pumping out KodakaxYozora and KodakaxSena hints at every chance they get.

Now with the preview, I'm almost certain this season is gonna end with volume 3 (and it's gonna be good too).


TL;DR? First half almost killed it, thankfully the second half was better.

"Then, I'll treat you as more important than a hundred people. Even if there were a, a million or a trillion people, even if it means standing against the entire world, I'll still be your friend no matter what." Taka (Kodaka) to Sora (Yozora), "Past", vol 1.
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