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View Poll Results: Kill La Kill - Episode 24 [END] Rating
Perfect 10 69 58.97%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 34 29.06%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 8 6.84%
7 out of 10 : Good 3 2.56%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 0.85%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 0.85%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:25   Link #41
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Where you're not.
I'd say the end of this series was very... Fitting.


But no, it was awesome. Probably would've benefited from an extra three minutes like the Gurren Lagann finale. I know we're getting a bonus episode later this year, but it'd do anything to see the guys at Trigger top themselves with a compilation movie series.
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:29   Link #42
Okuyasu the Bird
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Alberta, Canada
Age: 27
Not much I can say aside from what an epic finale that was. I imagine this show is going to be remembered for a long time.~

I'd like to see a second season with a higher budget because the BD's are guaranteed to sell like hotcakes at this point, and there are few hints in-universe that it could potentially happen, but unfortunately it doesn't seem very likely. Besides, sometimes you just need to have things with that definitive ending.~

Anywho, now I wonder what the bonus episode will be like when it releases. Since it's bonus I imagine it could take place at any point during the show.
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Old 2014-03-27, 22:51   Link #43
Gravitas Free Zone
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Gamagoori just punched reason in the face with his... face.

I got your TTGL right here.
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Chekhov's unfired gun: The Life Fiber bullet not being used.

What we got was thematically better: School not turning into a giant robot and using the ship as scissors.

Sequel hook? Hououmaru presumably not being dead.

Last edited by Gravitas Free Zone; 2014-03-27 at 23:02.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:04   Link #44
Join Date: Sep 2012
I gave the episode a 9/10.

My initial reaction to the series as a whole is 7/10
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:23   Link #45
Easy Muffin
Join Date: Jan 2013
Age: 25
As expected, a crazy ending. Although having some shortcomings and some "eh" moments, was still a satisfying ending. The girls finally got to have a normal life.

The death of Senketsu however, seemed pretty abrupt. Didn't feel like it had the proper attention it should've gotten, since Senketsu was such an important character. I feel like he sort of got the shaft, which leave s bad taste in my mouth considering he was one of the much better characters. And the closure was a bit weird too. It just didn't feel like they gave this enough priority.

My initial reaction is 9/10 for the series, 7.5/10 for the episode. I guess I'll see how I feel in a few days.

Thanks for the crazy ride Kill la Kill.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:32   Link #46
Wandering Soul
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: America
Well that was an amazing ending. The family moment near the end was real nice and so was the triple date at the end. It was also cute seeing Satsuki blush although I did prefer her with long hair. I just wish that the epilogue had actual dialogue and some more details. This was a great anime and it's sad to see it end but it was still a great ride. I really hope that it gets the popularity it deserves.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:41   Link #47
Join Date: Jun 2012
golden hair, stronger when closer to death, super saiyan confirmed.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:44   Link #48
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: My cozy room
Since everyone's already said/mentioned everything all I have to say is thank you Trigger for such an outstanding show.
I hadn't gotten so many chills and feels or teared up at a finale in a while...
Man, I need time to sit, think, cry, and think.
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Old 2014-03-27, 23:48   Link #49
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Arcadia Bay.
Age: 25
Ryuko X Mako CANNON !! That's all I care about.

Thank you based Trigger.
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Old 2014-03-28, 00:09   Link #50
Master Chibi
.: A bad doggy :.
Join Date: Jun 2007
Christ how forced was Senketsu fading off? He was literally like 'YO RYUUKO I LEFT SOMETHING IN THE OVEN OH BY THE WAY IM DYING NOW BYE'

This show was entirely predictable, most of the cast was horribly one dimensional, and I never got over the actual plot / premise of aliens being clothing. Other friends I have that watched this show would lambaste me for 'taking the show seriously' or noting the need to 'turn your brain off' but I can't do that for 24 weeks in a row sorry.

In the end I still admire and rather like the art direction, production values, and overall execution of the show but am disappointed in the content that it was used upon / with.
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Old 2014-03-28, 00:28   Link #51
~Official Slacker~
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Xanadu
Age: 24
Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
This Finale had pretty much everything!

Ragyo overpowering foes. Satsuki leading an army Gamagoori's sacrifice for Mako. Everyone being badass togheter. Nui doing a "Trollish Sacrifice". SCISSOR SISTERS! Satsuki happy and embarrassed, Ryuuko going full imouto, Mako being Mako.

My only complain is that it was pretty rushed, i would've liked to see an epilogue with dialogue instead of just images during the credits but it was fine.
Would be nice if that "special episode" that was said earlier. Was actually more detailed about the date.
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Old 2014-03-28, 01:03   Link #52
Hiroi Sekai
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 27
Matoi will never find an outfit cuter than Senketsu. What a devastating loss.
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Old 2014-03-28, 01:18   Link #53
Season 3
Join Date: May 2013
Location: California
That was a beautiful episode. I thought last episode was okay, but this was absolutely amazing: it was past the infinity/10 (don't mind the pun on the episode name...)

Kill was Kill was a really good series and I really liked the ending and I liked how everyone was useful there at the end. Though Gamagori has really really grown on me.

Also, Ragyo was very interesting there at the end. Her end was interesting and definitive...

Also, that scream of hers when she launched off was really, really, really, really long

Nui also became totally insane... I thought the idea of Senketsu being able to absorb, and evolve was interesting... I can see the ties to Gurren Lagann.

But, I liked the ridiculousness at the end. It was very well done. I really hope to see more Trigger in years to come, and yes this anime should be remembered for a very long time, it was amazing.


That scene where they caught Ryuko at the end was just touching, and I really liked all of the music they put in this episode, how wonderful.
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Old 2014-03-28, 01:35   Link #54
Death Usagi
Join Date: Jan 2014
Age: 23
I wonder if a second season is even possible for this series...

But really the ending was kind of vague and feels rushed in a way :/
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Old 2014-03-28, 02:04   Link #55
Cosmic Eagle
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: DP 原画 --> ヨハネ
First...Satsuki in casual wear is really lovely

Second... lol even normal humans can survive reentry judging by the way the coccon broke up
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Old 2014-03-28, 02:05   Link #56
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Edmonton
Age: 29
One of the best animes of the 2013-2014 season. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to hear the dubs in english. Last year, I bought the "Black Lagoon" blu-ray and I have to be honest, the dubs are way better than the original japanese voices. So if "Kill La Kill" gets a dub, which I'm sure it will, I hope the dubs will be on par with the japanese voices.

I also hope they make a video game based on this anime.


On another note...

Spoiler for Goku's got some competish...:
SvenCalBayan is offline  
Old 2014-03-28, 02:19   Link #57
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Singapore
Yup there's still Hououmaru around. Not sure what epi 25 is about but with the way things were concluded, it's just screaming a theatrical release or something (hopefully unless epi 25 is an epilogue episode). Senketsu can't perished just like that..

Oh ya, Inumuta with his data-sling. He even had the hand posture when spiderman shoots his web

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Old 2014-03-28, 02:33   Link #58
Mr. Wang
Scholar of Yanderes
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Haramihama
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Well, a roller coast ride it's been.

It's been a damn long time since I've been this hooked on an anime, to a point where I actually tune in weekly just to see the latest episode. I'm glad to have discovered this series, I rarely keep up with new anime nowadays but decided to give this one a chance. The story, characters, and everything about Kill la Kill is so over the top that I can't help but love it.

On the final episode... A couple things I was surprised about, but I was overall satisfied with the ending. When I saw Gamagoori and Senketsu "dying" I had the same, "Yeah right, like they'd ever do that." Buuuuut... just like that, Senketsu sacrifices himself. It was truly a sad moment to be sure, I'm just shocked at how abrupt it happened, like I thought it was much a joke as Gamagoori getting stabbed so early in.

So now... everyone's happy living ordinary lives, without Life Fibers. Ragyo said there might be Life Fibers haunting Earth once again, but I get the impression she spoke on a cosmic scale and meant thousands of years later... besides, a season 2 of fighting Life Fibers with no Goku uniforms or Kamui would be hard to pull off, to be sure. This ending had a definitive feel to it, to be sure. Seeing a short-haired Satsuki was really cute. I know it makes her seem less "Ojou-sama" like, but I think it's fitting because now with her work done she's brought back to a normal person. Plus, cute clothes. Blushing. That is all...

Now I, as a Gamagoori x Mako shipper, will argue that the ending is just a friendly girl's night out date instead of a romantic one... but I can't deny this is a bigger victory for the Ryuko x Mako shippers than us
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Old 2014-03-28, 02:34   Link #59
Hero of the day
Masa~san <3
Join Date: Sep 2013
I certainly hope there would be another season because this episode just left me wanting more.... for starters I want more depth and characterization for the 4 devas, Aikurou and Tsumugu (I wonder what these guys are up to now) With Ragyo blatantly saying that it's not over yet and Hououmaru still alive I think the chances are good. Hell even Nui might still be alive... somehow... a floating life fiber thread with her consciousness in it drifting around space.

I'm eagerly await for the upcoming OVA.
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Old 2014-03-28, 02:34   Link #60
Sawa-Chan <3 <3 <3
Join Date: Dec 2004
The ending waaaaaas epic . They gave everything fans wanted .

Oh if i had to be Picky, we only got Nee-san instead of Nee-Sama XD.

Originally Posted by Death Usagi View Post
I wonder if a second season is even possible for this series...

But really the ending was kind of vague and feels rushed in a way :/
They covered and patched up everything imo. But i am all for few OVA .

That said if fans want a second a season overwhelmingly , considering the huge success of the first season, it can happen ( although i find it unlikely). But my guess is OVAs will happen.

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Closed Thread

final episode thread, trigger

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