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Old 2012-04-01, 14:51   Link #901
Julio C
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For reals? Are you serious? is it possible? This better not be a joke!
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Old 2012-04-01, 20:59   Link #902
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Let me guess, are they going to reward the fans' continued loyalty to this franchise by finally making Ayase dress up in that "Thanatos Eros" costume now?
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Old 2012-04-01, 22:25   Link #903
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Hopefully they won't end the 2nd season with the Ruri incident as a cliffhanger, although to many that would a be a good stopping point.
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Old 2012-04-01, 23:25   Link #904
cho~ kakkoii
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All discussion in regards to the 2nd season can now take place in this thread. Thanks.
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Old 2012-05-30, 12:41   Link #905
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Ore no Imouto "Best Of Both Moons" Radioplay

Here's hoping this topic's general enough for this thread.

Greetings & Suggestions Wanted!

I'm contributing to a Ore no Imouto dream-fantasy mini-radioplay on the Voice Acting Club whose theme is 'the best of both worlds' where Saori and Kanako are fused in a temple into one girl whose character, appearance and talents are a middle-ground of the two (a mystic melding of the moment of their marriages with Kyousuke from different time-planes as in PC game). Though a dream-theme, we want to treat it as "real" as any Ore no Imouto chapter in terms of her character and reactions.

I can always guess the resultant personality from such a fusion (trying to avoid a simplistic "half-half" personality thing -- "Kannagi" does this very well), but I'd much appreciate your own takes on this new girl's persona that we can use as a character profile and voice attributes gauge.

We'll credit your contribution.
Thanks a trillion!
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Old 2012-07-06, 18:25   Link #906
{ :
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Just marathoned this today... *nosebleed*

So god damned cute...... All I've seen is the little fanged one for months on /a/ and now I can truly appreciate it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Kirino... *_*
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Old 2012-08-19, 22:27   Link #907
Urzu 7
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I watched this series before, but I saw the episodes that aired on TV. Then, there were some extra episodes, I think it was an 'alternate' ending or something. They might have been on disc only (not broadcasted on TV). The series is now licensed. Where can I view those extra episodes? Does the DVD/BR distributor have them on their site available for streaming? Is there a place to view them streaming legally? Is it on Crunchyroll?
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Old 2012-08-19, 22:37   Link #908
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Is tonight "have other people do my anime homework for me" night? You can look this stuff up on Google, you know...

The bonus episodes are not available for legal subtitled streaming anywhere I can see. They are, of course, available on the official DVDs.
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Old 2012-08-19, 23:05   Link #909
Urzu 7
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Heh, yeah, I'm asking around about series. There are four currently airing ones I'm asking about. I wanna get feedback on what to expect and so forth. Then there is a fifth series, which is Dog Days season 2, which I want to watch, but I have to watch season 1 first. I asked about Ore no Imouto because I've been wondering about the extra episodes for awhile but never looked into it.

So the extra episodes are on DVD. Hmm. I hope they are on a single disc. That'd make things much easier if I only had to buy one disc.

I wanted to get at least some feedback on four series instead of just simply diving into all four. In case I got some feedback that made me think "Oh, maybe I don't wanna check that one out" or "Ah, maybe I'll check it out, but it isn't a high priority".

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Old 2012-08-20, 07:27   Link #910
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sorry I do not understand this story bonus episode episode you want to talk about the true route (when Kirino leaving America)?
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Old 2012-08-21, 22:13   Link #911
Urzu 7
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It has to do with extra content that is other than the episodes that aired on TV.
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comedy, shounen

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