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Originally Posted by Endscape View Post
What he meant what that Nfirea could use all items, meaning he can use items with special restrictions, like Touch Me's armour that can only be wielded by a World Champion, or the Crown of Wisdom, that can only be used by a very small subset of people.
Hmm, I didnt think about those restrictions, I was assuming it only applied to people from Yggdrasil. It seemed super annoying for AInz and the NPCs. It was just ment to be a new world using game elements, But it turns out its a game using fantasy elements ? :S didnt think they would really force weapon restrictions in a RL environment. But the author did set that himself I suppose.

Originally Posted by Ophis View Post
You're joking, right? You're saying that I haven't played games like that, but fails this horribly in understanding the game mechanics in Overlord?

Everyone CAN use magic items. Where did you see me denying that? But although everyone can use magic items, they still can't utilize ALL kinds of magic items.

Magic items are not something which are restricted only by levels. They have restrictions on classes, races, gender, mastery levels or any particular special ability certain individuals have. You yourself said it, that the Theocracy had to find someone compatible with the Crown of Wisdom, but that's not because only that person was high level enough for it.

Above is an explanation given by Clementine back in volume 2. It makes quite obvious that only women can use a magic item such as the Crown of Wisdom. But even then, Nfirea, a man, was able to utilize it.

Other examples of special items would be the World Champion armor owned by Touch Me and the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. You can't use neither of those no matter how high your level if you're not a World Champion or the Guild Master of Ainz Ooal Gown. Which, by the way, Nfirea can bypass such restrictions and use them.
If you didnt imply it, then its all good. Probably cause I never considered weapon and armor restrictions as part of the all magical items in the current world. Items with abilities and magical uses. Those are normally in different categories.

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Go Nfirea! Even if it sounded like he was complaining.
Anyways, we've spend some time with Narberal, Solution, Lupusregina, Entoma (and i guess Yuri in the movie short story) so I am happy we'll get to spend some with Shizu now.
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