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Old 2008-05-30, 15:16   Link #21
Join Date: Oct 2004
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Age: 33
drawing body is anyother types of style pick(i thought there are much to do before the body)
anyway, my blood jumping inside,so i think i just give out the second lesson from me??

a sidenote
head high(including the head in total) from the book call マンガのしくみ
baby (2years old ) 3 head high
9years old (4 head high)
12years old (5 head high)
16years old (6 head high)
17years old (7 head high)

form the young human have bigger eye  to the older the smaller the eye

to my style(8head high)
average human around 7 head high
fashion style bodys goes on to 7head -12head -15 head

because this is all basic line ,you should try more and more variouty to understand it more to the world(this way,i have more fun to find out the world too)
you really can't draw women without understanding fashion

ps:you can alway use the preious drawing as a base

draw a head(see tutor 01)

add 3 square

3square of 1 (first half ,shounder-line 1.b beast-line )

3square of 2 waist line,you can go shape in to get a small waist

3square of 3 going outward like half a triangle in both side

can you see the very small underwear area

half a square for the wide measure ,and 1.5 for the upper leg

another 1.5

drawing 1/3 of a square wide and 1 as the length,2 of them to make a hand

give her feet and skirt

the same measurement

using the first one as a basic and redraw it ^^(important bit for this fast style)
i also thinner the leg^^
the redrawn of my are quite different(i have a instint mind)
more than a perfect mind

in UK,lots of people are better at drawing detail(of realistic human)
in fact,lot of student like illustrationbut not manga in UK,
there will be no one to teach becasue manga are extreme stylelised ,all of the art's teacher i know of cound't help at all

base on the second one i make the third ^^

can you understand it with my english?
good day
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