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Old 2015-06-17, 21:39   Link #61
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I wonder if they had done it already in the real world. The sensations would be much stronger in the real world than in SAO.
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Old 2015-06-18, 22:10   Link #62
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...but no system assist in the real world.

I didn't realize 16.5 was a thing until recently; its comical but cute in a way.

To necro the rest of the discussion I would say Lisbeth side story for Kirito.
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Old 2015-06-21, 13:42   Link #63
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Originally Posted by ninjastarforcex View Post
author was in high school when he wrote SAO
don't overthink lol
Can we stop passing around this tired old meme? The author was 27 when he wrote SAO.
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Old 2015-07-18, 05:47   Link #64
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To answer the thread: Read and Find out in Sword Art Online Progressive. Let's just hope that the lag time between the Japanese releases and English translations shrink.

That being said, looking at Progressive, I really wonder how Kirito ended up again as a lone wolf, and isolated to the point he decided to join the Black Cats, after traveling through several early floors with Asuna as his travelling companion. If Progressive follows Canon, this means that until Kirito meets Saachi and Saachi bites it, any Kirito X Asuna progress within Progressive will hit a hard limit, no matter how much shipteasing and shipping moments are written in.

I'd dare say though, in light of Progressive, Kirito and Asuna would have ended up together, the moment both of them leave the friendzone. I suspect Progressive will throw Kirito and Asuna into doldrums of the friendzone just to hold off the romance till Floor 70.

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Old 2015-07-24, 07:10   Link #65
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Hi Im Johnson Cepe im new here please take good care of me
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Old 2015-12-10, 16:26   Link #66
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Man, I love the Black Swordsman, he's the best!!!!
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