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Old 2007-06-29, 13:25   Link #41
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
It's summer! (here anyway >.>)

Well, it's summer once again! That time of the year when the sun shines nice and bright and everyone enjoys life to the fullest. The time when people go on vacation or the time when you look for a job to make some extra cash. Or, maybe it's that time of the year where you do nothing at all, and keep living a normal life. So, I was wondering.. what are your summer plans?

As of tomorrow morning I leave my home-state of PA to enjoy the rest of my off time from college down in the sunny state of Florida with family. A time of rest and relaxation, lounging in the sun and doing whatever my heart desires! Well, not quite.. I still have to look for a part-time job and I have to study up for my ever increasingly difficult courses next semester. But even so, how is it possibly not to like Florida? Maybe we'll go hit up a theme park or go to the keys or something.. who knows! Sure beats Pennsylvania.

So, what are your plans? Going on vacation? Getting a job? Still in school (god help you)? Or just enjoying yourself as usual? In any case, I hope you all have an amazing summer!
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Old 2007-06-29, 13:39   Link #42
5 Star Epicure Hunter
Join Date: Nov 2003
Some of us already graduated from University, such as myself, do not have holidays anymore . So I'll just be stuck in my office like always!
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Old 2007-06-29, 14:00   Link #43
Evil Little Pixie
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Location: bleeghhh
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Immediately after finishing school, I went to Callistoga (in California) and soaked in a mud bath (and also bought bars of soap made out of wine :O ). Then I went to SoCal and saw my great-grandfather, then went home to Nevada... Now I'm back in SoCal visiting grandparents, I'll be at AX this weekend (and hit the beach, probably), and then I'll be back home next week...

It's too bad I didn't get to go to Korea this summer, but I can always go next summer.
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Old 2007-06-29, 16:40   Link #44
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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I was on holiday for 6months, I gotta make up for lost times ^^

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Old 2007-06-29, 19:59   Link #45
Gregory House
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Crap, it's frigging winter here.


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Old 2007-06-29, 20:15   Link #46
*IT Support
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Location: Indonesia
Age: 29
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Watching anime, visiting some anime shop, going to amusement park with my friend, going to my hometown and relaxing...

Oh but even tough it's holiday my work will still pursuing me wherever i go... So i guess i still mostly sitting in front of my pc and typing...

...and... *sob* there's nothing such as summer/winter holidays here... the only long holiday is in the fasting month...

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Old 2007-06-30, 11:52   Link #47
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Age: 61
There's a holiday? Ah.. the Tanabata festival and the Oban are coming up....

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Old 2008-06-10, 09:22   Link #48
Clandestine Otaku
Join Date: Jun 2008
Age: 29
Summer 2008

Hey, everyone, this is my first thread so I hope I don't sound lame. Anyway, I just wanted to know each of your plans for the summer. Maybe it's just sleeping in or even working. It could be you're going out of town, state, or country. Just want to get to know more of you guys better.

Well, for me, I'm going to Japan for a homestay program and then when I come back home I'll be working.
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Old 2008-06-10, 09:43   Link #49
Join Date: May 2007
Location: New York
Age: 27
my summer plans are going to summer school and going on a trip (in august mexico or chicago). But i am going to AnimeNext which is coming up less than 2 weeks from now!
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Old 2008-06-10, 09:44   Link #50
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: In the Mix
Age: 36
A lake, a sauna and a lot of beer. That's about it.
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Old 2008-06-10, 11:29   Link #51
Youkai of Coincidence
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: The Border of Common Sense
Age: 28
When school is finally over (three more days, dammit, hurry up!!!) I'm going to be a complete hikikomori, only leaving my room at night for food, and other things. Then at the middle of the vacation, I maybe go to help my grandparents a bit, they're luckily living in the same neighbourhood as me, for earning some money for autumn when I visit my friends, who are living at other side of the country. And of course I have to study hard in August to pass the exam, or I have to repeat the year again. And if that happens, then my parents will sell my computer and my TV.
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Old 2008-06-13, 02:01   Link #52
World's Greatest
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: San Francisco
Age: 31
Just got back today from Tokyo. It was a very good experience. I'm not sure where to start. Well I just want to say that I went into Tokyo seeking a great adventure and I wasn't disappointed.

I stayed in Roppongi (where I lived) for about ten days. I did a lot of exploring on my own because my buddy was kind of a couch potato and wanted to stay on AIM for like four hours a day. So I just figured out the public transportation system myself and got myself a map and just went around. I got lost at times, but that was part of the fun I guess. I know enough Japanese to basically "survive", so it wasn't too bad. And everyone was really nice. I also met up with another friend during my stay who told me all about life in Tokyo and what to do and where to go to have fun.

I remember checking the weather before I left for about 10 days on It looked really grim, but miraculously most of the days were quite nice. It didn't rain that bad and there weren't any thunderstorms like predicted. So I was really happy.

I tried to explore as much as I could in the time span given. My feet hurt so bad from all of the walking. I went to Tokyo Tower (the place I wanted to go to most), Tokyo University, checked out the scene of all the Harajuku kids on Sunday, went to Yoyogi and Ueno Park, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo City Hall, The Sony Building, went to a night club, ate a lot, and just basically soaked it all in.

Everything was so much better than people told me about. Maybe it was just because it was my first time, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Tokyo seems like a really clean city too. One that appears safe for the most part. And the people are very polite. Not to mention in fairly good shape. Heh, and I loved the vending machines being everywhere! I must have seen 100 different ones during my stay.

Oh and the women! My goodness, I've never seen so many attractive women in one place before! A great amount of them dress quite provocatively as well. Not to mention quite slim looking. I literally saw a gorgeous looking girl once every 1 or 2 minutes during some instances. Short shorts, high heels, mini skirts and beautiful legs all the time. Especially in crowded areas like some subways or during the night near places like Akihabara, Shinjuku, Roppongi, or Shibuya. A lot of them seem to have that really sincere "cute" persona and charm. I'm assuming a great amount of them are single since there are so many. Also with Japan's negative birth rate. A very good place to find a nice looking single girl I'll say. Even the stewardesses on my Japan Airlines flight to and from were gorgeous. Pretty cool for Economy class.

I also had the chance to go to Kyoto for a day. That was really fun. Didn't get to go everywhere obviously, but the city looks really laid back in some aspects. Doesn't seem to have the glitz and glamor of some parts of Tokyo, but there are still a lot of decent sized buildings and cool shopping areas. Not so many westerners there either, which I enjoyed.

My only regrets are that I didn't have a true exploring partner to share the fun with. I had to do a lot of things on my own. Including going to the club. That kind of sucked initially. Also not being able to fluently speak Japanese. I was lucky to know the amount I did. For quite some time I was contemplating whether to continue studying Japanese on my own before this trip, and this place has really inspired me to do so now. I like to talk to people in general when I travel, and so it sucked at times when I couldn't really carry a conversation.

Anyways, all in all, Tokyo was an awesome place. For anyone that has never been, find a way to go someday. Aside from all the of major site seeing and hot women, there really does seem to be a certain "serenity" about the culture and landscape. Quite peaceful. I noticed this especially when I went to the big parks like Yoyogi (biggest public park I've ever been to) and just went around drawing people to improve my illustration skills. The park experiences may have been my favorite parts of the trip. I wish I was still there actually, but it's back to boring life here in northern California. But yes, I plan to return again one day, and next time I'll be better "prepared".

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Old 2008-06-13, 07:01   Link #53
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Holland
Age: 27
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I'm planning to:
- Work all day/all week except the weekend.
- Be with by boyfriend <3.
- Swimming.
- Gaming (now i got my new computer supplies ooh yea ).
- Watch anime.
- And at least go on some small trips in my own country (like the forest, the zoo, the sea).
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Old 2008-06-13, 09:18   Link #54
I asked for this
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Winterfell
Age: 29
Very rainy summer here, at least today.I have so many plans and so many things I must do:
-take art classes
-go on a metal camp
-go to the seaside for at least a week
-get in form again (I have been slacking off the whole year XD)
-visit relatives in England
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Old 2008-06-13, 18:42   Link #55
horo fan
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: missouri, usa
Age: 33
well, i didn't do much so far.. i went to chicago with one of my friends to see rilo kiley, and now i am searching for a job, which has proven to be completely fruitless.
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Old 2008-06-15, 03:15   Link #56
the toeto nomster~!!
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: here there and everywhere!
i'll be heading to cali this july and attend ax (anime convention) which is the biggest one in the u.s i think. it'll be my second time going there. ^^;
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Old 2008-06-15, 04:07   Link #57
Join Date: Mar 2006
@bluejazz87 - I saw your pictures of Japan in the photo thread, and your description here really shows how much fun you had. I'm envious. ^^ You always hear some interesting stories about foreign trips and how things didn't go quite as expected, but it sounds like yours went pretty much according to plan.

My summer is going to be rather boring. No major trips planned or anything like that, just working and enjoying the (usually) nice weather. And of course, lots of anime.
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Old 2008-06-15, 15:08   Link #58
horo fan
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: missouri, usa
Age: 33
since some are sharing travel stories, when i went to chicago, it was my first time taking amtrack. the day before the trip, amtrack called me saying that they were laying new track so i had to take a bus from st. louis amtrack station to bloomington, ill. me and my friend were on the bus for three hours and bus driver got lost at least three times and we had to turn around in a residential area, but we made it to the station. we made it but they told us that the train to chicago would be an hour late. so we walked around bloomington, one really boring and small city. we got on the train and instead of the trip being 5 hrs and 40 mins it was 8 hours. we got a taxi to our hotel and my friend accidentally left her parents camera in the taxi, and we didn't remember which company it was from or it's license plates number. so we called almost every taxi company, and all of them said they wouldn't look until tuesday since it was memorial day weekend. the concert we went to was good though, we had to wait in a long line. but the trip was worth it, i only wish that so many bad things didn't happen.
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Old 2008-06-15, 19:42   Link #59
Life's better in a harem.
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Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
One week until summer ^^
In July I'm going to be taking an extra course to ease up my schedule for next year.
In August, I'm hoping to go somewhere on vacation. I was planning on going to Tokyo, but I couldn't afford it. So I'm hoping to go to San Diego, California instead. And if all fails, I'll end up spending August in a daily mixture of anime and mountain biking.
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Old 2008-06-15, 19:43   Link #60
World's Greatest
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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
@bluejazz87 - I saw your pictures of Japan in the photo thread, and your description here really shows how much fun you had. I'm envious. ^^ You always hear some interesting stories about foreign trips and how things didn't go quite as expected, but it sounds like yours went pretty much according to plan.
Well I guess it depends what kind of person you are when you travel. There are always going to be little thing that might get kind of annoying when you journey. I'm not the kind of "diva" type of person that has to have everything perfectly work out in a luxurious type of way. I don't mind roughing it. So there were times when I had to ask for directions, got lost, or the weather wasn't too great, but it wasn't really that big of a deal. The opportunity of actually being in Tokyo, even if it was during monsoon season, was just great.

"Every light must fade, every heart return to darkness!"
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