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Old 2008-03-06, 15:44   Link #21
King Lycan
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God Of War Is awesome so far
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Old 2008-03-06, 22:51   Link #22
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Buying it in a couple of days. Can't wait!
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Old 2008-03-06, 23:49   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Snuffle View Post
I searched for reviews and was able to find out that the game is 5-7 hrs (based on what King Lycan read and what I read). I'm still planning to buy this, maybe this Friday, I really want to know more about Kratos back story, plus I know my lil'bro wants to play it too .

BTW... Out of curiosity, how much MB does an UMD hold?

My main concern with this game tho, is if there is any lag... based on the review I read, there is basicly no load times unless you were to backtrack and not go on with the story.
From what I have played so far. There is zero lag/no loading times. There is also no lag between between cutscenes and game.
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Old 2008-03-09, 09:44   Link #24
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Ahhh... this game was awesome first time (playing it again for lulz) and I realised the minigames aren't challenging enough, I wanna kill a boss after pressing like 7 buttons, not just a paltry 3.

Btw Gauntlet of Olympus is fucking ownage, it looks like Chidori when it charges up .
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Old 2008-03-13, 12:45   Link #25
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Finished it last night. Final boss was a dissapointment... No fun at all... But even so, the game is great, just too damn short ... I found it odd but nastalgic at the same time that they put in the music at one point where you fight Zeus in GOW2... Was odd cause all you're doing is fighting 2 ogres and some small monsters .
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Old 2008-03-16, 02:01   Link #26
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I loved this game, yet when I bet the Challenge of Hades - yes all five of them! - I got to see the lost levels, and boy couldn't they have given them a few more months? Some of the stuff they had there seemed pure gold, but they couldn't include it in for some reason or another.

In any case, this game is great, and it really does give you that God of War feel to it. Even though the plot was kinda >_>, like at first I was expecting to have to fight Morpheus and save Helios, it ended up being something else, which was kinda surprising.
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Old 2008-06-17, 18:58   Link #27
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I really don't get the plot i ended first game and became God of war, then what happens in second? Especially in Chains of olympus? it doesn't make any sense. I heard that Kratos loses his divine powers thats all....
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