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Katri, The Cow Girl of the Meadows aka Makiba no Shoujo Katori (49 episodes 1984 WMT)

Our tracker for the series is at

I noticed that no threads had Katri/Katori when I did a search so thought to make one to generate interest in and discuss the series.

As best I can tell, the subbing story is such:

Ushi-Ai at some point did the first 10 episodes of the series in 2005 and released a batch.

In 2006 they did episode 11 and in 2007 they did episode 12.

In 2009 they were joined by Live-eviL who helped them do 13-16 by 2010.

Then it's been inactive.

I know the raws are out there so maybe some day, but as of now it's nearly a third done, so at least that's something.

I'm wondering if anybody has gotten a chance to watch these releases. The first batch appears to have a seeder but the others may be harder to find. I'm thinking maybe I'll make a 1-16 batch if I can get them.
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Old 2012-11-28, 16:17   Link #2
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Dubbed into English in 1987?

I'm Hoping somebody can help me with a question. This cartoon (Katri, Girl of the Meadows, English
translation) was broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom as part of 1987's Japanese Autumn season. Although there were 49 episodes of the cartoon ,Channel 4 only broadcast the first episode from the series and the last episode from the series a week apart respectively.
The title of the cartoon as it was broadcast was 'Little Girl on the Farm'
(first episode) and 'Little Girl goes to School' (last episode from the
I have a query relating to the broadcast which I hope someone can
help with. Officially, this cartoon was never dubbed into English until 2005. It was
dubbed into French, German, Spanish, Italian but only ever originally received English subtitles (released into the English market as Katri, Girl of the Meadows)
The two episodes which were broadcast by Channel 4 were definitely dubbed
into English (hence the variant English titles). I remember the English
language specifically and the newspaper for those days states 'English
Channel 4 say they were not responsible for the dubbing of these two
episodes. They say that the episodes were distributed by FUJI TV. FUJI TV mention on their website that none of their shows have ever been dubbed into English. I'm trying to figure out who was responsible? As I say, internationally, no 'official' English dubbing occurred prioe to 2005. Would this have
been August/September 1987. I remember the first episode very fondly in English.

Hoping someone can help.

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I followed those Ushi-Ai subs from the beginning. Sadly I don't have really nothing to add to the information that you already have.
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Old 2012-12-12, 06:44   Link #4
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Many thanks,

Do you remember specifically if there were English dubbed episodes of Katri in the 1980's and how many episodes there were?
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