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Old 2012-07-16, 02:15   Link #21
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So next week, from the comfort of the Hyouka Clubroom chair, Oreki will use his little grey cells to found out where
- The missing Igo beads are
- The missing Taroct card is
- The missing Manga went
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Old 2012-07-16, 04:08   Link #22
Staring into your soul.
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this episode proves it, this series works much better as a slice of life, after all the mysteries so far, have been very irrelevant to the story, and yet satoshi and mayaka keep the melodrama, making it harder to enjoy.
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Old 2012-07-16, 04:17   Link #23
sky black swordman
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IMO it was a good episode.
The only thing I found interesting was the cute moment from 21:35 to 22:09.It was so a bit funny.
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Old 2012-07-16, 04:20   Link #24
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Pretty sure it was Mayaka's idea to do review, considering the Vocaloids were going "She decided to cosplay after all?" "She should've just gone with [Priestess Sempai]'s idea in the first place?'
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Old 2012-07-16, 06:20   Link #25
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Oreki is trading his way up, forgot what the name of the tale was called though.
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Old 2012-07-16, 07:05   Link #26
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Love how they used the Tarot Card as symbolization of the misfortunate events.

Wheel of Fortune symbolizes varying luck,fate and opportunities.

EG: Rich becoming poor and poor becoming rich.

But most of all it means the change of life.
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Old 2012-07-16, 07:16   Link #27
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My guess is that all the small 'borrowed' items like the tarot card and the go stones are going to be used in some kind of a scavenger hunt.

Fun episode, nice new OP with Oreki symbolically on the other side of the glass and I liked the awkwardness at the end when Chitanda thought Oreki had been looking at her pictures.

The inertia in Satoshi's headgear was a nice touch, too.
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Old 2012-07-16, 08:19   Link #28
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Fukuda sure was resourceful with his advertising the anthology & classics club.
Eru gave her best to promote it as well.
Sometimes she can really be clueless ^^"
Looks like there were other clubs who didn't do well with sales.
This cultural festival is going to be a long one..
Oreki & Eru awkward moment was kinda LOL
Can't wait to see the cooking contest next time.

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Old 2012-07-16, 08:35   Link #29
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I thought I had heard enough of her, but the quiz question girl was voiced by Pikasha?
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Old 2012-07-16, 09:32   Link #30
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[shipper] You know, I was almost expecting Houtaro to swipe away one of Eru's pics... [/shipper]

Also, kinda interesting to see that Houtaro knows the exact model of the Glock. Hidden gun nut perhaps?

On Flying: "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."
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Old 2012-07-16, 09:47   Link #31
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
That whole quiz show sequence was pure genius start to finish, but my favorite part was when Satoshi did those spins and his Saturn (with the top-hat) over-rotated a half-turn every time.

Hyouka is so much better without a lot of plot to obscure just how delightfully weird and silly it can be. It's like all that weirdness and silliness are tidepools, and when the plot washes in you can't see all the tidepools and crabs and stuff - you just see a big body of plot.
Yeh I'm seeing that too. Whenever Hyouka decides to go "serious mystery mode" I get really bored, because to be frank the mysteries are mundane and really boring. I rather go watch Un-go or something instead for mysteries. I only managed to enjoy ep 4 and 5 in regards to the mystery centric eps, whilst cool story broing the whole "Eba" arc.

However, last week's ep and this week's ep were superb. I'm going to say this now but I think Kyoani has pretty much done the best culture festival ever to date in the anime medium for the modern era. It was impeccable with detail and full of life. Less [plot] is more!

EDIT: I meant to rate this as 9/10 but I accidently rated it 8. Fail me.

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Old 2012-07-16, 09:53   Link #32
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This is definitely the most lively, diverse, and creative cultural festival I've seen in an anime show. Some of the stuff this school is pulling off is pretty impressive. That game-show, in particular, had excellent production values.

This school is also just teeming with a lot of colorful, eccentric, and high-spirited students. It makes for a very fun and enjoyable watch.

Excellent episode.

I might have more to write on it later, but I'll leave it at this for now.
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Old 2012-07-16, 09:55   Link #33
Version 6.9
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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[shipper] You know, I was almost expecting Houtaro to swipe away one of Eru's pics... [/shipper]
Or do what one does normally these days, use the camera from your cellphone
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Old 2012-07-16, 09:56   Link #34
We're Back
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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[shipper] You know, I was almost expecting Houtaro to swipe away one of Eru's pics... [/shipper]
Who's to say he didn't? Eru never took them out to check
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Old 2012-07-16, 10:11   Link #35
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Mayaka should quit Manken already.
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Old 2012-07-16, 10:35   Link #36
Psycho Falling Deep
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I really do love the visuals in the new opening. But I did like the music more in the first opening
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Old 2012-07-16, 11:27   Link #37
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Screw the mysteries, the plot and what not, this is so much better can't Kyoani just continue with festival till the end of the series?
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Old 2012-07-16, 11:54   Link #38
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this episode kind of peaceful, although there is mention on thief? case, should be for next episode...

and Chitanda reaction still .

i salute to the manga club president, turn the scene to advertising the booth
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Old 2012-07-16, 12:29   Link #39
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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I have to agree Hyouka is much more fun to watch when it doesn't try to do anything more than slice of life. I wouldn't have minded if this arc had remained completely mystery free.
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Old 2012-07-16, 14:32   Link #40
I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Elestia View Post
Oreki is trading his way up, forgot what the name of the tale was called though.
Warashibe Chouja. I mentioned it in the previous episode thread.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
[shipper] You know, I was almost expecting Houtaro to swipe away one of Eru's pics... [/shipper]

Also, kinda interesting to see that Houtaro knows the exact model of the Glock. Hidden gun nut perhaps?
Or it's written on it.

Poor Tani. Unknown rival.
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