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I hope the manga soon reaches a point where it says 5 years later and all the characters are well into their teenage years.
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Originally Posted by aznkoodies
Originally Posted by Dranz
Kishimoto is eager to work on another project, but I say if he's smart he should stick with Naruto. But if he wants to follow his dreams then so be it.
Where you got that from and what does he plan on doing besides Naruto?
At the top of the manga, chapter 97

Not sure if it counts as licensed, but seeing as how it communicates NO story and will probably not be printed by Viz, I think it would be okay.

And, Kishimoto should continue this as long as he wants to, no longer and no shorter.

In my experience, shows/series either go too long or not long enough. There IS no magic stopping point.

Hikaru no Go: Abrupt ending, everyone wanted more. The show, though, could really have gone on forever. Wins titles, loses titles, beats Akira, suffers losses, etc. etc. There is no ending point.

Ranma : Went on FOREVER. Pretty much everyone I know said that by a certain point, they had lost interest. Not one person continued to love the show until it ended.
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