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Old 2010-10-02, 15:35   Link #61
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Well, I watch it because I want to learn to play an instrument pretty soon, not to mention I already used to play an instrument before so I really love and enjoy music, and K-On was actually a source of inspiration for me iibh
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Old 2010-10-02, 22:45   Link #62
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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
I watch K-ON because it is funny, doesn't stress your mind and is very relaxing.

But I also watch it because I can relate to them, I alsol have several huge dreams but am too lazy to realise them right now -sigh- I need to get over my laziness.
Please don't say you are lazy. =]

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Old 2010-10-03, 16:54   Link #63
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Well I watch it because it's funny. It brightens up my week whenever I get frustrated with homework or some "drama" that's going on between my friends. I like on how it shows they are enjoying their life and that it's telling you to enjoy your's too. That's why now I'm trying to get a lot of experiences so that way I can say to myself later "Hey, I actually did that once.". The songs are pretty good and the characters are relatable and more realistic then any other moe or fanservice show. I'm a bit sad it's over but I'm also excited for the movie.

Btw, 14 years old, first year of high school (9th grade)
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Old 2010-10-04, 01:19   Link #64
Tatiana Razajev
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I'm 31 years old, male, and am caucasian living in the U.S. Although I have the fun of things like being part Russian for example. Not that I study my heritage much as I should. Now on to why I watch K-ON! and K-ON!!

First, I've grown a strong liking 4-Koma. Both because I read comic strips and because of anime like Azumanga Daioh. In general, 4-Koma based anime tends to appeal to me. The same could be said about anime that may not be based on 4-Koma, but have a feel like it.

Second, I am fan of characters (especially if they're pretty girls) interacting in more relaxed settings. Speaking of interaction. The interaction formed from a group finding a common purpose such as err joining a light music club can be appealing.

When I heard that Kyo-Ani was animating K-ON! and found out it was 4-Koma, I just had to try a few chapters. Ritsu's awesomeness from the start sold me on the series. Thus I waited with an even stronger anticipation for the anime to start and kept reading the manga.

The anime didn't disappoint as the cast in general showed themselves to be fun and they worked well together. Sure, there were a few changes, but the anime felt like it would for the most part be a fleshed out version of the manga.

I also liked how they handled the music. The songs were spread out, yes. However they were treated as important events. They didn't pull the obligation song ***** where you hear the same exact song every episode as just background noise. Not that I don't watch series, but it's a nice change.

Episode after episode was enjoyable. Even the weaker episodes were good enough to remind me why K-ON! was a high level favorite for me. It's essentially in the top 4 for me. Currently at number 3, now above Sketchbook. Having three cour kind of gave it the edge.

For the record, I have GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class as the second favorite. The current favorite is Hidamari Sketch. Which got the edge in part due to three seasons. As well as the fact, Yuno is a high level favorite with the advantage of having the screen time to truly make use of her.

That still doesn't change the fact that K-ON! surpassed a lot of series. Thanks to the music, the character interaction, the story, and the awesome girls. The most absolute favorite for me being Tainaka Ritsu herself. The others are nice as well, but Tainaka Ritsu is the main girl for me. Especially since she's the spark character. The spark character being the one that sets things in motion.
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Old 2010-10-04, 04:51   Link #65
Moe Kyun~!
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Wow, I absolutely love this thread especially as you all told your stories...

"It was interesting." (a K-ON quote. lol.)
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Old 2010-10-04, 13:34   Link #66
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Originally Posted by Tatiana Razajev View Post
I also liked how they handled the music. The songs were spread out, yes. However they were treated as important events. They didn't pull the obligation song ***** where you hear the same exact song every episode as just background noise. Not that I don't watch series, but it's a nice change.
I think this, now at the end, is an important note. In another post I made a joking aside about K-On and the old 70's Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Josie & the Pussycats. In many ways, what was so successful about K-On was the way the music played by the cast was handled. The performances and exposure of the songs have been doled out in small and often fleeting amounts. Early on in the Season 1 there was an outcry of how awful and unprofessional, lazy and unfair this practice was. Many members here complained that if there wasn't going to be enough music, there was no point in watching the show. IMHO, we are finally getting the genius of this tactic.

The typical way that U.S. shows LIKE Josie & The Pussycats, The Archie Show, Jem and their imitators used music was a song a week method. Often times, this formula really worked out to 3 -4 weeks of the SAME song played over and over until you got sick of it. As Japan began to introduce music and idols into their shows, they replicated this pattern. Go back and watch the original Macross. How sick of Watashi no Karewa Pilot were you by the 10th time Minmay sang it? I was thankful it was a short song, because much as I loved the show, I wanted to claw my ears out hearing it again! Since then musical shows have pretty much followed the same formula of play one song at every opportunity, sell image albums in the stores that never were played IN the show.

K-On was equally guilty of selling the un-exposed songs in the backchannel, but it never drove a single song into the ground during the showing of the series. We got to see fantasy videos, live performances, snippets of practices, references from other character's point of hearing and even alternate versions done within the context of a talent fair, or played by another pairing of club members. Of all of the songs, (With exception of the OP's and ED's, Fuwa Fuwa Time is the most oft played and identified with the show, but while its the "first" song they performed together and used throughout both seasons, it never gets tiring to hear it. On the contrary Fuwa Fuwa is used sparingly enough that when we hear it at the end of the series, it becomes nostalgic and appreciated, instead of "Oh they cheap'd out and relied on the ONE song they used all season..."

In retrospect, I'm really happy and satisfied that the music in K-On, a show we all THOUGHT was about music, was used just enough to support what the show was REALLY all about: Friendship.
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Old 2010-10-04, 22:56   Link #67
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Originally Posted by Mughi View Post
On the contrary Fuwa Fuwa is used sparingly enough that when we hear it at the end of the series, it becomes nostalgic and appreciated, instead of "Oh they cheap'd out and relied on the ONE song they used all season..."
I disagree.

I was thinking, "Is Fuwa Fuwa Time all they practice?"
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Old 2010-10-05, 08:14   Link #68
Saphira Veera
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O.O Wow...

Sakura Kyouko
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Old 2010-10-05, 12:41   Link #69
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Originally Posted by Recette View Post
I disagree.

I was thinking, "Is Fuwa Fuwa Time all they practice?"
Really? You got that impression? Well, there you go folks! One person's "doing it right" is another person's "too much of that!"
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Old 2010-10-05, 15:13   Link #70
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Ah, but it was the NEW group doing the tune in their personal way. In general, as one of the "where's the new song per week" group in the beginning -- I'm pretty satisfied with the end results. I got a LOT of music to add to my playlist over the two seasons.

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Old 2010-10-06, 10:42   Link #71
Used Can
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I thought it was the sort of show which you could relax while watching it. Something I realised by the final episodes of K-On was that I always had a smile on my face while watching the show. That was something rather interesting.
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Old 2010-10-07, 00:04   Link #72
Yui Is My Wife
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Smile Treatise on why I love My Wife's band.

I watch K-On not because the girls are cute; Becaue they are, especially My Wife and Mugi-chan.

Nor is it because it is gutbustingly funny. Because It is, Ritsu, you the "man!!"

I watched K-On and probably will continue to do so forever and ever because it is a heartwarming and idealized childhood of hopes, dreams that anyone is free to join and be a part of.

I spent my adolesence in an all male private school, where cynicism was our sky, anger the ground we stood upon, callousness our meat and drink, violence and even drugs as natural as the air we breathed.

Yet just like the five angels, for that's what they are, of Afterschool Tea Time, my own circle of five friends were the ray of light and joy that made it all sane. And though, being boys growing up in the 1990's, we were not allowed to say or express it (cos quote Bill and Ted, that would make us "fags"), we really really loved each other.

showed an idealized possibility where you are free to express that most wonderful love between friends, the brothers and sisters you meet in your life, and showed a possiblity of friendship and togetherness being able to conquer anything.

It is for this reason that I am frankly able to relate to the girls better than all the muscleheaded Schwarzeneggers and heartlessly sarcastic Seinfelds that clogs modern western mass media like month old sewage.

Yui, Mio, Mugi, Ritsu and even Azunyan were able to speak to the kind and innocent child inside me that I forgot existed, in spite of the fact I am a twenty nine year old man. They allowed me to be a part of their adventures and feel the joy of being an idealistic and optimistic teenage girl without feeling shame for it. For being able to reach out to the long dead decency inside me, I will love K-ON for the rest of my life.

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Old 2010-10-07, 02:18   Link #73
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saw it on Animax on it's first run. got interested because my guy friend keeps talking about it and the legendary Mio is in it. dub was annoying and so was the name Azu-meow.

*seriously, they could've just used Azu-nyan instead!*

Yui's voice didn't fit her personality and character, so I searched for a stream and got totally hooked with it because it looks fun to watch and I'm really having fun just by watching it. not to mention that I have RL friends who's as wacky as the HTT girls, really. my high school life was just as fun as theirs.

lastly, Keion-bu kept me company during a tragic moment of my life you know, girls tend to be emotional while on their 20-ish
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Old 2010-10-10, 22:35   Link #74
Smile, like HTT Girls
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Well, since everyone's compared their schoolyears to the K-On characters, I might as well, too.

Like I posted in Mio's thread, back in Secondary School, I was friends with these two whacky guys, and was rather burned out by their silliness at first. But then, as time went on, I found them to be quite nice, our friendships bonded, and I was soon influenced by their silliness and joins them as well. College was worse (high school is not a common commodity around here), with more cheesy friends surrounding me, reducing me to being one of them in the end. Heh. It's fun, though.

Ironically, this case, I'll have to admit, have me being more in common with Azusa than Mio. I guess that must be why I look up to S1 Mio as much as Azusa did.
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Old 2010-10-11, 22:58   Link #75
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I watched K-on because it was about music and stuff...
When i 1st talked about it to me friends they all were laughing about at and me.... , but i still talked about it and told them to watch.
Few weeks later they all enjoyed k-on and everyone in my year watches it because of me XP
And everyone is soo sad that k-on ended.......

Soo i watched k-on because it is funny and really good music to play it XP
I even made my own songs listening to K-on (It was for my enrichement task i had to do..)
The song is not anything about k-on, it just helped me understand how to make music by listening to it XP
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Old 2010-10-12, 02:25   Link #76
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Originally Posted by AnimeDK- View Post
The song is not anything about k-on, it just helped me understand how to make music by listening to it XP
I don't want to be a party pooper or anything, but... how? I don't recall much, if anything, about music composition in the show, unless you mean you picked up some stuff from the music or whatnot.
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Old 2010-10-12, 05:46   Link #77
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I started watching K-ON because I didn't have any other show to watch, but it turned out to be just the kind of show I liked watching, so it stuck with me. I think it's funny and the animation is pretty and the music is good.
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Old 2010-10-13, 07:17   Link #78
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I watch K-ON! when I had nothing to watch at that time. I was attracted to the drawing style (the one on the official site) and that it'll be animated by KyoAni. For the first glance, I thought "Whoa, Haruhi-themed with Lucky Star's design". I was expecting that it'll be more music-centric, but apparently that's not the point XD

Still, I like how this anime can influence our emotion.
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Old 2010-10-13, 07:58   Link #79
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Songs and slice of life story.
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Old 2010-10-15, 13:47   Link #80
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Honestly I had watched the first series initial because one of my friends had told me about it and recommended it to me after I had enjoyed Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star which they had also gotten me into.
I enjoyed pretty well while it just dealt with the 4 original girls, then after Azusa appeared the series become one of my favorites and I looked forward to second season purely for more of her, as I would have watched it for just for more Azusa Nakano . Once the second season started though I watched it for Azusa, the relaxing feel it had to the series, humor, potential music, slice of life, and cuteness [and definitely not the possible Yuri subtext ]. And my age see under my avatar .
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