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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite Hayate no Gotoku character(s)
Sanzenin Nagi 141 37.50%
Maria 143 38.03%
Ayasaki Hayate 123 32.71%
Katsura Hinagiku 251 66.76%
Nishizawa Ayumu 76 20.21%
Katsura Yukiji 19 5.05%
Segawa Izumi 38 10.11%
Hanabishi Miki 13 3.46%
Asakaze Risa 4 1.06%
Aizawa Sakuya 47 12.50%
Kijima Saki 50 13.30%
Tachibana Wataru 21 5.59%
Saginomiya Isumi 93 24.73%
Klaus 17 4.52%
Tama 46 12.23%
Sanzenin Mikado 5 1.33%
Nonohara Kaede 14 3.72%
Himuro Saeki 13 3.46%
Okouchi Taiga 10 2.66%
Ten no Koe (Narrator) 110 29.26%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 376. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-11-09, 21:36   Link #81
Join Date: Jun 2007
Nagi def. looks like a younger version of Eri from school rumble
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Old 2007-11-10, 05:10   Link #82
Ha ha ha ha ha...
*Graphic Designer
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I vote for Ten no Koe. I can't help cracking up at how he speaks every episode. His slang is hilarious, as is the way he makes fun of the characters (and argues with them, lol)

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Old 2007-11-10, 21:55   Link #83
Mahjong Triple Pro
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I don't care for Hinagiku, the butlers or maids for the most part. So, my votes toward those types went solely to Hayate, Klaus, and Saki. Voted Wataru because I like the idea of a Wataru x Saki pairing, also voted Mikado because he's one crazy old dude. Our resident Narrator Norio Wakamoto is, of course, another favourite of mine.

Ayumu got my vote because I sympathize for her since the aura of the nouveau riche that Nagi eminates is offensive to me. Repugnant, even.
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Old 2007-11-10, 21:57   Link #84
~Power of the King~
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Location: The Far North
My votes went to:

Hayate (for his ability to wield any weapon in any place at any time with extreme competence)
Maria (for keeping this anime/manga funny)
Himuro (I like these two, especially the parody with the vines, that was priceless)
Nonohara (for his "training" of his master)
Geass is offline  
Old 2007-11-12, 00:48   Link #85
Join Date: Dec 2006
I picked:

Ten no Koe

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Old 2007-11-12, 08:13   Link #86
AnImE fAnAtIc
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: somewhere in hell ^_^
Hinagiku all the way~~ =D
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Old 2007-11-12, 10:28   Link #87
nana-chan fangirl
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Australia
Maria~ Nagi~ Hina~ Isumi~ Saki~ can never get enough of them xD
jouttex is offline  
Old 2007-11-12, 11:23   Link #88
Long time lurker
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Hinagiku, Ayumu, Wataru, Isumi, and Ten no Koe ^^
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Old 2007-11-12, 12:23   Link #89
Lord Ryo
Noblesse Oblige
Join Date: Jul 2007
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Saki for the win, she totally satisfies my uniform/glasses fetish! What a combo! ^^
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Old 2008-01-08, 01:15   Link #90
Senior Member
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Location: Austin, Tx
Age: 31
Nishizawa & Sakuya are the best. Sakuya is the funniest!
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Old 2008-01-08, 05:56   Link #91
Inactive Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Er....~Hinagiku all the way?~

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Old 2008-01-09, 12:40   Link #92
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Poor Maria is just 2 steps from the 100 barrier...
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Old 2008-01-09, 16:21   Link #93
Revealing the truth
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Singapore
Age: 36
Originally Posted by Claymore_Obsessed View Post
Poor Maria is just 2 steps from the 100 barrier...
And with my vote, Maria crosses the 100 barrier.

Hina is definitely my most favourite character and I am worried that we might never get to see her arc.

I also voted for:

Ayumu, Saki, Isumi and Izumi as well. All of which are cute and lovable.
Forever is offline  
Old 2008-01-10, 08:54   Link #94
Join Date: Aug 2007
All hail Hina

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Old 2008-01-11, 00:10   Link #95
ho hee~
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hehe hina is way up there@@
hayate maria isumi and ayumu...^^
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Old 2008-01-30, 10:44   Link #96
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Tama and Isumi. Tama is just too funny and Isumi sense of direction is legendary
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Old 2008-01-31, 16:14   Link #97
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 29
Favorite characters are Nagi very cute and just lover her personality, Maria I like her personality in general and lover her when people think she's over twenty, Hayate very cool character despite his cross dressing moment and I do like his loyalty to Nagi, Sakuya she's just so funny, the Narrator is also funny and probably one of the best part of the show, and there is two of my favorite character Klaus and Tama, these two guys are so funny and really these two deserves much more screen time. In the entire show every time they appeared they made me laugh so much.

And damn Hinagiku has so many votes .
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Old 2008-02-01, 02:24   Link #98
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Hinagiku all the way. I wish the pairing is Hinagiku and Hayate rather than Nagi and Hayate! BTW, Hinagiku also looks very much like Lacus in Gundam Seed.
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Old 2008-02-06, 01:46   Link #99
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
I vote for Nagi. She's very cute
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Old 2008-02-20, 21:09   Link #100
Sin Ansem
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Isumi is one of those girls where you come for the quiet charm and you stay because she's surprisingly powerful.

There are so many good characters it was hard to vote, so I'll also go for Izumi's cute voice and Ayumu's constant eating.
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