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Old 2014-02-26, 16:57   Link #1
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Can't play MP4

I recently switched from MPC-HC + CCCP into MPC-HC + madVR + LAV Filter + xySubFilter + Haali Filter (for ordered chapter releases. in this case I'm using madVR and not Haali because the MP4 files I'm having problems on aren't ordered chapters)

Everything is working fine except playing MP4 files. Not all MP4 files won't play. Some does and some doesn't and it doesn't seem like it's a matter of bit rate. I mean, some 8bit MP4 files does play and some 10bit MP4 files does too.

I was thinking, maybe I need to change something in the settings (Player > Formats > File extensions) but I'm not really sure if that would fix it and I'm kind of afraid that it would just mess things up so I thought I would ask here before playing around it.

If you need any other info that might help fix this problem, please do let me know.


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Old 2014-02-26, 17:38   Link #2
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You might try SMPlayer. It uses mplayer2 which has good support for ordered chapters. There are builds for Windows and Linux.
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Old 2014-02-27, 05:00   Link #3
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Haali is not needed anymore for Ordered Chapters, LAV can do it as well. The easiest solution would be to uninstall Haali and make sure mp4 and mkv are enabled in LAV Splitter (they are by default). Ordered chapters is an mkv feature and has nothing to do with mp4, btw.
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