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[READ ME FIRST] How do I get this fansub (AVI/MKV/MP4) to play?

How do I get this fansub to play?

You have probably come to this forum because one of the files you downloaded and found through AnimeSuki didn't play right or didn't even play at all on your computer. The purpose of this thread is to give you some quick pointers on how to solve that problem!

Quick Fix

Without getting into any details or any kind of troubleshooting, the following suggestions will likely solve your problem pretty quickly:
  • Install the CCCP codec pack
    To play video, you need to have the proper software installed (called "codecs"). There are various codecs and codec packs that can do this, but only the CCCP will work with virtually any (English) anime fansub. Before you install this, please uninstall any other codecs or codec packs you may have already installed by going to
    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs

  • Be sure the fansub downloaded completely
    It may seem obvious, but video players will have trouble with incomplete or incorrectly downloaded files. Try redownloading or resuming the file in your BitTorrent client to make absolutely certain the file was completely and correctly downloaded! While the cause of some playback issues may lie with the fansub group, it is an extremely rare situation and when it happens a new version is typically released.

What's this file? How do I play it?

Most of you are familiar with video files in AVI format. But recently various other kinds of video files have become popular with fansub groups, such as:
  • .MKV (more info)
  • .MP4
  • XviD
  • h264
  • AAC
  • Vorbis
  • ...and more...
The simple solution to playing all of these is to install CCCP.

A special note on the MP4 format: as at the time of writing QuickTime's implementation of the MP4 format (and required codecs) is a little outdated, it's not recommended to use QuickTime to play MP4 files! Use CCCP and the included video players instead.

A word about VLC

VLC (VideoLan Player) is a nice video player which is popular because you don't need to install any extra codecs. However you should be aware that:
  • VLC does not use external codecs
    This means for example that installing the CCCP will not improve VLC playback in any way! If VLC fails to play a file properly, install the CCCP and included MPC player.

  • VLC used to have extremely poor support for soft-subtitles
    Soft-subtitles are subtitles that are not encoded into the video. There are various groups which prefer to use these "soft" subtitles in their fansubs. Such fansubs are usually in MKV format (though not all MKV files use soft-subtitles).

    VLC used to have very bad support for soft-subtitles. If you have trouble with subtitles in VLC be sure to upgrade to the latest version! If you are still having trouble with soft-subtitles, use CCCP (and included MPC player) to play fansubs with soft-subtitles (or mplayer on Mac OS X or Linux).

But I have a Mac!

See this thread for constantly updated solutions to playing fansubs on your Apple computer.

And what about Linux?

See this thread and/or this post for guides on installing mplayer on Linux (and other varations of Unix).

I still have problems

If you still have problems after reading through and following the tips in this short guide, you can post a thread in this forum and ask for help. But when you do that, please make sure to include the following info:
  • What file(s) you are trying to play (please supply the full filename)
  • What video player you are trying to play it with (i.e. MPC, VLC)
  • What codecs or codec packs you currently have installed (and the version if possible)
  • What exactly is going wrong (video not playing? audio not playing? etc)
If you really want to include as much info as possible, install CCCP Insurgent and run it. Then select File -> Save Log to save a log file of all installed codecs. Then select Tools -> Test Render and select the file that won't play. Include both the contents of the log file and the result of the test render in your post.

Notice! Asking for help for playing licensed anime, anime DVD rips or any other illegal material is not allowed!
The general rule is: if you can find it on AnimeSuki, feel free to ask for playback help about it in this forum.


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Old 2006-08-06, 14:23   Link #2
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Netherlands
Age: 39
The following list are the threads that were "stickied" in the Playback Help forum until 2006/08/06. The reason for "unsticking" them is that some of them are highly outdated, and also having so many sticky threads was confusing.
Use these threads for reference only! Please be warned that some of them might have highly outdated info!


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