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9 out of 10 : Excellent 22 36.67%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 18 30.00%
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Old 2007-10-28, 02:04   Link #61
do you know ベアトリーチェ様?
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He was joking.
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Old 2007-10-28, 12:49   Link #62
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv168
*Graphic Designer
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*ugh* after a long while... finally done with it
Episode 16 : Analysis

references, timeframes for the pieces etc.
For your curiosity, i also added the KAKERA MUSUBI, Game Version. (well, only explanations/screenshots, as pieces are translated from a long time so ^^)

Last edited by Klashikari; 2007-10-28 at 20:57.
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Old 2007-10-28, 20:47   Link #63
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Nice analysis. It was very detailed indeed, not to mention that it was rather insightful. You wrote that Hanyuu had actually rebooted back in time while Rika has not arrived yet. So does that mean the Rika of this time has not lived through Minagoroshi-hen? For me, I just thought that Hanyuu was thinking back about one of the many times they had rebooted instead of physically going back because it seemed like her powers won't allow for going back so much.
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Old 2007-10-28, 20:53   Link #64
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv168
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Belgium, Brussels
Age: 32
No, basically, what I tried to imply is: we don't know if Rika (or rather Frederica?) already rebooted as well, so the Rika we saw in this episode doesn't exactly prove it is the very last one, the "present" from Minagoroshi-hen. That doesn't mean she won't show up, but even after what Rika said, it doesn't prove much that she is the one after minagoroshi, especially if Hanyuu talked to her. So, what i imply is: "consciouness of Rika - Minagoroshi-hen -" wasn't transferred yet.

That said, it is obviously not a simple retelling of the past, since hanyuu proved that she has knowledge of Minagoroshi-hen. (as she finally realized that she has to believe in it as well) and has a direct "interaction" with the past we saw (be it her confrontation with Takano, or her discussion with Rika).
that is still only an observation and deduction from how the loop worked until now.

It is only pure speculation/observation for the moment, as any of the wild guess should be confirmed in episode 19.
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Old 2007-10-28, 23:05   Link #65
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Join Date: Oct 2007

Ah...I see. Thanks for the clarification. So the clip of Takano against Hanyuu links to the current reboot? Hmm...I really look forward to seeing how the anime will connect the pieces to Matsuribayashi-hen then. I wonder why Takano was able to see Hanyuu in the first place while she is invisible to everybody else.
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Old 2007-10-29, 00:01   Link #66
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She was very determined
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Old 2007-10-29, 04:52   Link #67
Nemesis Zone
No Escape
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its the beginning of the seson END

i really want a Happy ending this time

this EP make me knows what happen to the last arm poor old man

what about the next EP any details?
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Old 2007-10-29, 05:12   Link #68
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Age: 33
Next episode is about Rika's parents.
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Old 2007-10-29, 05:43   Link #69
Higurashi fan.
Join Date: Dec 2005
the problem with the last few episodes is that they make it seem that their retelling the past. Then they add moments where it isnt just 'telling' it.

But i think i understand what is their plan already :

Spoiler for the past few episodes:
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Old 2007-10-29, 11:20   Link #70
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So I finally watched the episode. It is again extremely violent (apart from brains splashed on the walls now we have trepanation of the skull without drugs) but the authors still have that wicked sense of humor.

personal page at
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Old 2007-10-29, 19:34   Link #71
I misspelled, it's toast
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Wow... I loved this episode. We finally get to see Mion after all this time^^
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Old 2007-10-29, 21:09   Link #72
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It's nice to see the main crew alive again.

We'll be getting into a tough final round. It's a bit easier than I imagined since they don't have to beat the government per say. Just stop Takano which is a monumental challenge itself. Sort of going from impossible to incredibly difficult. She's got a private army guarding her so lot of problems. At least Rika knows who she is up against and has to plan accordingly.
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