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Disc sales are really important for animes?

First = I'm learning English


very well, here in Brazil, there's a blog/youtube channel that make vĂ*deos/posts about ''Chances of second season for animes'', and he bases your analysis in 4 topics

1 - Disc sales
2 - If the studio make second seasons
3 - sales of original content (mangá/novel)
4 - if the publisher make second seasons

and he's very famous in brazil because that, everyone praises him, he's very big.
I was a fan to, but, recently news and searching make me feel questions if that is really simple. and all my searching is leading me for a truth that does not fit what he says.

1 - if the publisher make second seasons/sales of original content = i discovery that the publisher does not always participate in the production of an anime, there's animes that the sales of mangá or novel does not count, because the publisher is not in the production committee, and i learned what is a Production committee, and is not that simple ''if the manga sales grow, we make another season'' but, exists other companies too.

2 - If the studio make second seasons = A crunchyroll guy in twitter said that Madhouse does not have a problema making new seasons, that is a lie (a lie he's spread in Brazil), studios are paid for making animes by the production committe.

3 - Disc sales = well, i searched in ANN, Crunchyroll, twitter, Sakuga blog, and what i found is that disc sales is not that important, it is important, but not the most important, is just one of several sources of income,

i find this article in Sakura blog interesting

but, i want to know more, in Brazil, the vast majority of anime fans think that if an anime does not sell enough discs, goodbye new season, because of him.

Durarara composition write claims disc sales are not that important

And, he's uses the manabi line, for disc sales AND light novel/mangá sales, a table that show how much an anime or manga/novel needs to sell for ''pay yourself'' or ''To be profitable''

Well, i hope i explain well, and I want to understand more and have more sources of information about this before telling my friends that what they pass on to the Brazilian public is not quite this simple thing.

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