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Coming soon.

Description: A Fanfiction crossover of Naruto/Bleach/Greek Mythology.

Part 1: Origins: 15 Arcs, 150 chapters
Story description:
The "elements" are watching closely. These ninja's wield chakra weapons, some are legendary, some are questionable, Ishtar fights to become a top notch ninja while the mysterious Naraku and his shadowy intentions and his partner Hugh who come from an organization form a very far away land. Ishtar listens closely to tales and stories of histories greatest ninja's.

Arc 1: Mugendai Karuto
Arc 2: Pyro Power
Arc 3: Delivery of the sword and the Kami ninja!
Arc 4: The winds of fate
Arc 5: The immortal being
Arc 6: The earth
Arc 7: The surging power of electricity
Arc 8: Chunin Exams
Arc 9: Chunin Exams, Final
Arc 10: The rushing power of water
Arc 11: Dimensions
Arc 12: Edge
Arc 13: Forbidden Power
Arc 14: Naraku
Arc 15: Confrontation

Part 2: Elements: 15 Arcs, 150 Chapters
Story description
The Heaven Warriors are formed. The gods are watching closely. Naraku takes orders from a higher up, to capture five hosts who each possess an elemental affinity each.

Part 3: Fate: 20 Arcs, 200 chapters.
Story descritpion
Ishtar fights old opponents, new enemies, the final act. Defying destiny. The destruction of the five gods and demons of nature means the end of the world. Or is it?
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