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Old 2011-10-27, 10:24   Link #1
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Your top 5-10 anime of 2011

What are some good anime of 2011?

your top 5-10 anime of 2011

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Old 2011-10-27, 12:25   Link #2
Akito Kinomoto
Sekiroad-Idols Sing Twice
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From what I've seen so far,

3. Steins;Gate
2. Usagi Drop
1. Hanasaku Iroha

/doesn't watch much.
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Old 2011-10-27, 12:27   Link #3
Dr. 9001
Join Date: Oct 2011
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0. Steins;Gate
1. Madoka
2. Mirai Nikki
3. Gintama'
4. Kaiji S2
5. Fate/Zero

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Old 2011-10-27, 13:26   Link #4
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Usagi Drop
Natsume Yuujinchou San
Tiger & Bunny

Just started and looks awesome so far: Last Exile: Gin`yoku no Fam
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Old 2011-10-27, 13:30   Link #5
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Age: 73
So far, I've got these:

Hyouge Mono
Usagi Drop
Madoka Magica
Level E

I'll add Kuragehime if last fall qualifies.

jedinat's list reminds me that I need to watch the Natsume Yuujinchou sequels. I keep starting with season two and getting distracted.

Edit: creb's list reminded me that I enjoyed Azazel-san. I'll also suggest Moshidora, though neither of these are as strong as those four at the top. I might have added Showa Monogatari if the subbers hadn't discontinued working on this show.

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Old 2011-10-27, 14:00   Link #6
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Join Date: Jul 2007
If go by my personal taste then I would say:
Madoka Magica
Usagi Drop
Mirai Nikka
Mawaru Penguin Drum
Working!! 2
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2
Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox

Those are the shows I had enjoyed the most.

Sengoku Otome is a bonus which can be enjoyed only if you don't take it seriously and watch it as comedy with some action, not other way around. Otherwise you'll be damn dissapointed.
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Old 2011-10-27, 14:09   Link #7
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For series that I've seen all of (i.e. this list excludes Fall 2011 anime), these are my 5 favorite :

1. Madoka Magica
2. Steins;Gate
3. Hourou Musuko
4. Usagi Drop
5. Tiger and Bunny

Honorable mentions: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Hanasaku Iroha, Fate/Zero, Chihayafuru, Anohana

Two or or more of those honorable mentions might crack my Top 5 at some point, as three of them are still ongoing.
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Old 2011-10-27, 14:34   Link #8
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Excluding anything that hasn't ended, I'll tentatively go with this top 5, not ordered by preference.

Madoka Magica
Ano Hana
Yuru Yuri
Maria-Holic Alive

The list is almost guaranteed to change once this season ends, once I have some more time to think about it, and once I finish the shows I have yet to see, e.g. Hanasaku Iroha. However, all of the shows on the list were fantastically entertaining in the own way, and that fact will never change.

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Old 2011-10-27, 14:43   Link #9
Hiding Under Your Bed
Join Date: May 2008
Excluding Fall anime, since even though I'm fairly confident on a few of them, those two anime I consider list worthy have two cour to go and have lots of time to go bad. I am including the Winter anime of 2010 since they extended into the Spring of 2011:

Tied for #1) Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa - Fall 2011 (Sort of cheating, but this is when the BluRays came out ) - When coupled with part 1, which was released two years ago, just pure AWESOME. Mecha shows haven't done this to me since Do You Remember Love.
Tied for #1) Madoka Magica - Winter 2010 - Probably the best TV show (anime) I've seen in the last few years. All hail Homerun!

2) Mawaru PenguinDrum - Summer 2011 - I may place this below Madoka, but only by a hair's width. Depending on how things unravel in the last few episodes, this is the only thing on my list that has the potential of overthrowing Madoka as #1 in my eyes.

After those three shows, there's a long...long...long drop to the rest of the field. It's like the difference between a Mercedes Benz and a Kia:

3) Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san - Spring 2011 - Funny. Not hilarious, but it's been a weak last year in comedy, and I'm not going to include Gintama, as I consider that more of an ongoing series than one that restarted this year. But, if I was to compare, not as funny as Gintama.
4) Dantalian no Shoka - Summer 2011 - A fairly solid...I don't really know what genre to fit it I love tsunderes, which is probably the main reason I didn't feel completely let down by its completely inconclusive nature. Huey being a competent, confident, young man without the plethora of self-esteem issues 99.99999999999999% of male protagonists in anime seem to have was also a huge plus.

The biggest surprise for me in the last year was Steins;Gate, a show I thought would easily be my #2, but went from the promises of being an epic time travel show to a story that was far smaller and more personal, which when I think of all the plot that could have been covered over two cour and the premises introduced, left me more than a little disappointed. This is the main reason I am not going to list any of this season's shows in this listing. Early impressions aren't infallible.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.

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Old 2011-10-27, 15:07   Link #10
Yuri µ'serator
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Age: 35
let's see top 5 would be:
Madoka Magica
Mawaru Penguindrum
Hourou Musuko
Yuru Yuri

Astarotte no Omacha!
Usagi Drop
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2
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Old 2011-10-28, 03:51   Link #11
Join Date: Sep 2011
0.Urotsukidoji Hell On Earth Saga
1.Wicked City
2.Ninja Ressurection
4.Edan Of The East
5.Apcolypse Zero
6.Demon Warrior Koji
7.Ninja Scroll
10.Big windup
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Old 2011-10-28, 08:03   Link #12
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I do not watch much animes because I am quite a selective person but there are three animes that captured my heart this year:
1) Steins;Gate
Definitely one of the best anime in my life although the anime is a level below the source material: the VN. The anime producers were doing a good job of adapting an excellent story from the VN and it was enough to capture the hearts of many. The ending was very heartwarming and touching as opposed to some who think the ending was not good. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable chase. I loved this series wholeheartedly.

2) Kamisama Dolls
A decent anime which I think was underrated. Maybe some felt that the pacing was too slow in the beginning and had dropped the anime. But believe me, if you have read the story as a whole (despite the manga is still ongoing), you will have a different opinion altogether. I was glad that I chose to read the manga after watching episode 1 and I enjoyed the story. The pace of the storytelling was kind of natural to me and that was what I liked the most from Kamisama Dolls. For the anime part, the anime producers did a good job as well by following closely to the manga. The OP and ED was great enough to keep me following the anime. was an enjoyable ride as a whole.

3) Mirai Nikki
Don't get me wrong. I know that this anime is still ongoing but I had finished reading the manga a few years ago and I know how good the story was. After watching the first three episodes, I had decided to follow the anime until the end because the anime is a good adaptation to the manga. The OP and ED are fantastic as well as some of the BGMs in the anime. The music really brings out the atmosphere of the scenes. Although the anime will only finish next year but to me it was enough to qualify as one of best 3 animes for me.
(PS: I am not watching Mirai Nikki for Yuno because I am not a big Yuno fans. I am indeed a big fan of 9th.)

Ah..I forgot to mention that Steins;Gate's OP was excellent as well. Not though with the ED from the beginning but the exceptions were three different EDs from episode 22-24 which were from the VN.
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Old 2011-10-28, 12:42   Link #13
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Originally Posted by Animeking View Post
0.Urotsukidoji Hell On Earth Saga
1.Wicked City
2.Ninja Ressurection
4.Edan Of The East
5.Apcolypse Zero
6.Demon Warrior Koji
7.Ninja Scroll
10.Big windup
You clearly didn't read the title till the end... I know for the fact that Beck is much older
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Old 2011-10-28, 15:06   Link #14
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^Maybe he watched those shows this year.

Anyway, the year isn't even over yet and is this even a recommendation thread?
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Old 2011-10-28, 22:44   Link #15
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Honorable Mention: PMMM
Honorable Mention2: Usagi Drop

I didn't even watch the Anime. The reason is justified because I played the VN way before watching any series, but the impression of S;G(It was on XBOX360, a console I hated) still was better than any of the series this season even though PMMM was a blast.\

So far: 7 Votes Steins;Gate, 6 Votes Madoka, 5 Vote Usagi Drop. Rest doesn't matter. According to the statistics, I would watch according to that order or the genre preferred.
I love Flandre Scarlet

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Old 2011-10-29, 00:06   Link #16
On a mission
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Madoka Magica
Tiger and Bunny
Usagi Drop
Ano Hana
Kamisama no Memochou
Kaiji II
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Old 2011-10-29, 00:10   Link #17
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Excluding Fall season:

1. Usagi Drop
2. Hourou Musuko
3. Madoka Magica
4. Steins;Gate

Don't have a 5th one, although it would probably be AnoHana. However I found it to not as good as the other 4 though.

If Fate/Zero keeps up its great string of episodes though, it will definitely make it in. Chihayafuru as a dark horse potential too.

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Old 2011-10-29, 00:19   Link #18
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In case is the top 5 / 10 Animes that produced on 2011, here is mine:

1. Steins;Gate
Unique storyline, great voice acting, and good OP + ED.

2. Usagi Drop
Although I haven't watch the last episode, but I think it's also one of the best Anime on this year.

3. Fate/Zero
On-airing series, however everything is fine so far. Prequel of Fate series.

4. Madoka Magica
Kinda overrated in my opinion, however it's a good series nevertheless.

5. Carnival Phantasm
Another on-airing series (suppose is OVA), great comedy, a must-watch series for Tsukihime / Melty Blood or FS/N fans
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Old 2011-10-29, 00:22   Link #19
Bittersweet Distractor
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In no particular order (I mean it depends your tastes anyways).

1. Steins;Gate
2. Madoka Magica
3. Tiger & Bunny
4. Usagi Drop
5. Wandering Son

That's only completed series of course, there are also some fairly good ongoing ones that may bust this list.
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Old 2011-10-29, 00:29   Link #20
Designated facepalmer
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Ima include Fall just for lulz

1. Fate/Zero
2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
3. Tiger & Bunny
4. Steins;Gate
5. Usagi Drop
6. Mawaru Penguin Drum
7. Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
8. Kamisama No Memochou
9. Hunter X Hunter
10. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
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