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Old 2013-02-26, 13:05   Link #161
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Will there be any genjutsu during that battle between Hashirama and Madara?
If that is really sage-mode, I suppose that he learned it from the slugs, since Tsunade was also friend with slugs. Looks also like the release techniques of Tsunade. I remember Madara saying that Tsunade's heal/release techniques was nothing compared to Hashirama's.
I wonder if Hashirama used any tailed beast during the fight. I think it was said that he distributed tailed beasts to different villages, so maybe he still had some during the fight.
It was said as well his wife helped him to capture Kyuubi. I wonder what excatly will happen on that matter. Hard to imagine she will arrive on the battlefield.

When the manga is over I hope to read a version of the manga in the chronological order. Not too complicated, but very long to sort the pages and edit some. It would certainly put a different perspective on the story.
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Chapter 622 thread has been started. Please move all relevant discusions to the new thread.
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